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  1. Loki Nakor

    Loki NakorDay ago

    -9 after 3 rounds... I am feeling confident in being able to compete in this division... get ready for Loki to come take your lunch money!

  2. Box Score Media

    Box Score Media2 days ago

    I would have thrown down a roller

  3. Box Score Media

    Box Score Media2 days ago


  4. Andrew Choate

    Andrew Choate3 days ago

    i love "stroke-swapping holes"

  5. Andrew H

    Andrew H3 days ago

    Hole 16, what disc is ulibarri driving with?

  6. Jobson

    Jobson4 days ago

    felt so bad for brodie with so many unlucky putts

  7. c b

    c b5 days ago

    Don’t think the scores are right

  8. James bond

    James bond7 days ago this real....smugglers snotch lol...o gosh tell me this goofy ish iznt real...all i hear are crickets

  9. KP

    KP7 days ago

    I had Justin the whole way ... I love disc golf thanks to your channel.. thank you for showing me this culture & beautiful commentary & I loved Trevor as a guest , he’s awesome as well 🎯🙏🏾

  10. Evan Pham

    Evan Pham8 days ago

    That’s my sculpture teacher

  11. gottabehigh24

    gottabehigh2410 days ago

    In the thumbnail I thought Terry was fondling that cardboard cutout girl

  12. Bradley Bonham

    Bradley Bonham12 days ago

    "5 more years and its going to be mandatory up the middle" - Yeah, thats just about right lol. Theres still an overhead line, but its not the easiest thing to pull off. I have never been a huge fan of cedar alley to be honest

  13. Black Rifle

    Black Rifle12 days ago

    I’ve been playing for 2 years and rolling up on 52 years old. I’m stuck at 300’ to 340’ with a Mamba. I hit 410’ with a good tail wind ONCE. Anyone have the correct angle to gain another 60’ consistently?

  14. Mars OMG

    Mars OMG13 days ago

    Thank you !

  15. Joona keitaanranta

    Joona keitaanranta15 days ago

    22:11 birds gotta watch out for GG

  16. DailyDoseOfFunk

    DailyDoseOfFunk15 days ago

    Just came here to say, Fuck Josh Anthon and shame on anyone that gives this white supremacist screen time.

  17. chapii win

    chapii win15 days ago

    : )

  18. chapii win

    chapii win15 days ago

    : )

  19. Ryan Kapoor

    Ryan Kapoor16 days ago

    Can anyone tell me why they spray the chains?


    SIMPLE SPIN16 days ago

    Very hard sport. Congratulations to them all.

  21. Matthew Heminger

    Matthew Heminger18 days ago

    I don't see Paul losing.

  22. Tommy O

    Tommy O18 days ago

    The most exciting 11 minutes of golf I’ve seen on the USlikess. As I’ve been in sudden death playoffs, it made watching this more visceral for me.

  23. Matthew Heminger

    Matthew Heminger18 days ago

    I've gotta order some of that jerky.

  24. Wolf Pack Discs

    Wolf Pack Discs18 days ago

    Thanks for putting great material out

  25. Matthew Heminger

    Matthew Heminger19 days ago

    More than I can count LOL.

  26. Matthew Heminger

    Matthew Heminger19 days ago

    I wouldn't want to practice this course often either!

  27. jswezey11

    jswezey1120 days ago

    you could tell Paul was staring those scorecards down at the end like an eagle haha

  28. R Herbert

    R Herbert23 days ago

    Really nice, knowledgeable commentators. Some great shots, fun to watch.

  29. Yes sir

    Yes sir23 days ago

    I want some Jerkies daddies!

  30. lasse skarpengland

    lasse skarpengland23 days ago

    Anniken has stunning technique! Stand still and to watch her play!

  31. Ricky V

    Ricky V23 days ago

    Weird girl

  32. Troy Dunn

    Troy Dunn24 days ago

    Played here for the first time this year, great course and great footage to watch. Great job.

  33. Justin Fenningsdorf

    Justin Fenningsdorf24 days ago

    i know i lost few disc at one park in my state because of the hole location next to the river its how heck attack this hole

  34. Danny Hollis

    Danny Hollis25 days ago

    I recognized Matt's voice instantly from the Nick and Matt show. Thanks for putting commentary in the description Terry! I may have missed the intro...

  35. Chris Point Blank

    Chris Point Blank26 days ago

    Very nice coverage.. Justin was on fire on this one :)

  36. Jeff Abercrombie

    Jeff Abercrombie26 days ago

    Awesome ravin Tim and Brandon...congrats

  37. CrippyClips

    CrippyClips28 days ago

    Steve is smooth on the course and on the mic. Thanks guys 🍻

  38. WHATtheSPORTS!

    WHATtheSPORTS!28 days ago

    This is brutal to watch 😬 it’s like I’m playing a round with ULI with a 7 stroke gap 🤣😎

  39. Terry Mead

    Terry Mead29 days ago

    Westside harp is my favorite putter

  40. Patrick Mehal

    Patrick Mehal29 days ago


  41. Lance Beckman

    Lance BeckmanMonth ago

    6 ads lol no thanks

  42. Micah Smiley

    Micah SmileyMonth ago

    One of my favorite tournaments. Just some fun holes. Also one of the first tournaments I watched coverage of maybe 3 years ago. Thanks for covering! I love Kasta and love to see Charlie play

  43. Jack Thrasher

    Jack ThrasherMonth ago


  44. Chug Olympics

    Chug OlympicsMonth ago

    There is an in the bag video with Charlie on Gatekeeper channel that would maybe help you out a bit with what he is throwing. 😉

  45. Ken Sherlock

    Ken SherlockMonth ago

    Just discovered this video today. Was unable to defend my 2019 MA50 win there as I was having arm issues and had to limit my tournament play the later half of the year. Thank you for stating that 15 & 17 in the long position are a par 4 as I have had that discussion with others.

  46. Filip Lillevars

    Filip LillevarsMonth ago

    Nice to see Charlie play so well! Kastaplast don't have all the discs yet, but the ones the do have are great... Best glow plastic in the world 👌 fantastic play by Justin the whole way!

  47. Filip Lillevars

    Filip LillevarsMonth ago

    More, with his great focus 👍

  48. Jason Horgan

    Jason HorganMonth ago

    Hands down my favorite putter is the Luna

  49. Blair S.

    Blair S.Month ago

    Favorite putter is the 4s voodoo

  50. Calvin

    CalvinMonth ago

    Justin Bunnell absolute gem of a human on tour. Love love love to see him back!

  51. R M Signor

    R M SignorMonth ago

    Had a skip ace, saw a roller ace off a root, and witnessed Rock Searle's two-in-a-row aces at Worlds; and one that I didn't think was an ace: serious downhill shot with nothing but woods, somewhat open to left; and hill directly behind basket, sidewalk and then street; I went a high over-the-woods hyzer to right but it looked like it landed on the side of the hill long, seeing it vaguely through the trees and the basket; but then I was mobbed and told I'd aced. I didn't really believe it until we got off the steep hill.

  52. Jr 07foto

    Jr 07fotoMonth ago

    Highest place was South Lake Tahoe, CA. 6700+? I live on the Coast of Central Cal. the disc definitely flow abit diffrent?? but was a fun course to play !!!

  53. Tyler Bruce

    Tyler BruceMonth ago

    “Luder Chris”? LoL! Don’t miss Loo Dah Cris... Pee, like the treat, rice on my feet for fungus and meat This is neat Terry take a seat Commentate on the fleet of the disc golf elite

  54. Filip Lillevars

    Filip LillevarsMonth ago

    It's impressive work doing the commentary all by yourself. Doing a great job at it too!

  55. Todd Fuller

    Todd FullerMonth ago

    Thanks for the great coverage of this tourney. I throw a Hummingbird putter from Wild Discs.

  56. lkjsdf1

    lkjsdf1Month ago

    Totally wild course. Some of those hills/burns look way scary.

  57. lkjsdf1

    lkjsdf1Month ago

    Love watching Sarah. She just plays her own game and it's awesome!

  58. Filip Lillevars

    Filip LillevarsMonth ago

    Favorite putter, PA2 500 plastic, Manabu signature disc. Love it!

  59. Disc_Golf_Wisco

    Disc_Golf_WiscoMonth ago

    Do you mean Brandon Brown and not Tim has that for a possible birdie look? 🤣😂🤙🏽🥏⛓

  60. Chad Austin

    Chad AustinMonth ago

    This is a really nice course but lots of tough shots. I like the Gateway eraser wizard

  61. Larry Rigsbee

    Larry RigsbeeMonth ago

    I really would like to throw this course. Great coverage love to watch your content. Great job

  62. Ablinkon time

    Ablinkon timeMonth ago

    Need more fpo players.

  63. j9virge

    j9virgeMonth ago

    Bonus Coverage 👍! Many thanks!

  64. Richard Petzoldt

    Richard PetzoldtMonth ago

    Incredible to see Justin win again after 14 years. He does seem really likable.

  65. Lucas moreault

    Lucas moreaultMonth ago

    You're the man! Great coverage!

  66. Richard Petzoldt

    Richard PetzoldtMonth ago

    Good golfers, but I doubt if any of these guys are a threat to win USDGC.

  67. Andre Garcia

    Andre GarciaMonth ago

    OG Jawbreaker Roaches are my go to putters

  68. Jason Sidler

    Jason SidlerMonth ago

    I'm also going to guess more, dude is a G!

  69. Jack Thrasher

    Jack ThrasherMonth ago


  70. Jacob Schwartz

    Jacob SchwartzMonth ago


  71. Brian Badershall

    Brian BadershallMonth ago

    I think it's funny when anybody it's a tree that close more funny animal in Pro desert LOL I done it many times

  72. Alec Knopf

    Alec KnopfMonth ago


  73. Jason Ratliff

    Jason RatliffMonth ago

    Thanks for this - very exciting and found myself nervous for them like i was trying to qualify 😂 Keep up the good work.

  74. Charles Leonard

    Charles LeonardMonth ago

    When is the USDGC?

  75. Brad Fregger

    Brad FreggerMonth ago


  76. Brad Fregger

    Brad FreggerMonth ago

    My highest place was Strawberry Lake California 8996feet; July 1961. That was the day we invented disk (frisbee) golf for ourselves. A nine hole forest course.