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  1. Kyle Motz

    Kyle MotzDay ago

    Great to see chase card FPO coverage. Awesome work. Holly is great on commentary

  2. Kyle Motz

    Kyle MotzDay ago

    Holly did a great job on commentary and your camera guys are doing great. Keep up the great work

  3. Craig Clingan

    Craig ClinganDay ago

    You keep killing the bonus footage! Thank you and I love Holly's "feels" during her commentating.

  4. Joseph Johnson

    Joseph Johnson2 days ago

    My favorite cat is gonna be the four I own lol. Ranging from 10 months old to 19 years old.

  5. Stephen Shannon

    Stephen Shannon2 days ago

    Nasty spit out. I putt with warlocks

  6. Michael Impson

    Michael Impson2 days ago

    White is my favorite putter color...currently.

  7. David Geckle

    David Geckle2 days ago

    Why trees?

  8. Wren373

    Wren3732 days ago

    Hole 13, turnover forehand vs gentile backhand hyzer: For me the turnover forehand (I'll use a zone for that shot) will sit with a higher consistency closer to the basket as you are using the turnover to get around the tree and the natural fade brings it back to the basket. Doing a gentile backhand hyzer tends to be a lot more touchy on power and aim as the fade is going to take it further away from the basket if you goof it up at all.

  9. Joseph Johnson

    Joseph Johnson2 days ago

    Favorite hole is going to be hole 17. As getable as it seems it can still bite you. Looks like a fun hole.

  10. zztechnomanzz

    zztechnomanzz2 days ago

    Anything but a white disc. Makes winter golf very difficult.

  11. bob anderson

    bob anderson2 days ago

    "I'm a pro but I throw thumber every time" Takes literally no skill to do this.

  12. Felix Vega

    Felix Vega2 days ago

    Holly on commentary made my day. Love it. Thanks Terry and Holly.

  13. Edward Powell

    Edward Powell2 days ago

    Par looks good to me

  14. NorthXNorthWestServices Davison

    NorthXNorthWestServices Davison3 days ago

    It’s a gender reveal.

  15. Makers Telemark

    Makers Telemark3 days ago

    I just can't deal with the church lady commentary. Sorry.

  16. Per From

    Per From3 days ago

    Neon orange disc , easy for me to find in the woods

  17. Makers Telemark

    Makers Telemark3 days ago

    Terry, hope Vegas isn't hitting you too hard in the ass so early. Big day tomorrow. Thanks for the coverage.

  18. Nathan Finley

    Nathan Finley3 days ago

    Yeti Pro Aviar for me - just switched to heavier putters and liking them!

  19. Mars OMG

    Mars OMG3 days ago

    Thank You !

  20. averkamp03

    averkamp033 days ago

    Wizard SS

  21. Blake Ivey

    Blake Ivey3 days ago

    Hole 12 for sure. Small island shot and the water tower makes it a fun one to watch.

  22. Chad Solberg

    Chad Solberg3 days ago

    My favorite putter is a tie between banger-gts and axiom envy

  23. Chad Solberg

    Chad Solberg3 days ago

    Oh noooooo! I missed it :(

  24. Tbone C

    Tbone C3 days ago

    I'm so late a luna ^^

  25. Matt Kilian

    Matt Kilian3 days ago

    Favorite is definitely a dog! Always happy and great disc golf partners

  26. zafotbeeb

    zafotbeeb3 days ago

    My favorite putter is the Kastaplast Reko K-3.

  27. Robbie Miles

    Robbie Miles3 days ago

    Wow AB is aggressive.

  28. Alexandra Ferrgusok

    Alexandra Ferrgusok3 days ago

    Holly is awesome! Great entertaining commentary 👏

  29. tyler finney

    tyler finney3 days ago

    My entire bag is almost all purple. Its my favorite color. The only two that aren't are a cryztal vulture thays yellow, and a black luna that is my main putter

  30. Kyle Motz

    Kyle Motz3 days ago

    The coverage and commentary were great. Thanks for the bonus Ledgestone coverage

  31. tyler finney

    tyler finney3 days ago

    My favorite was hole one. Always nice to have a great shot at starting the round out with a bird

  32. BrewMonkey Video

    BrewMonkey Video3 days ago


  33. tyler finney

    tyler finney3 days ago

    The hardest local course for me is rotary park in olney IL. It not a long course, but a lot of the tight wooded fairways, you have to hit the gap, or there is n o recovery. Miss a little and its no man's land lol

  34. Julian Molina

    Julian Molina3 days ago

    Definitely hole 8. You have that left and right fairway option

  35. tyler finney

    tyler finney3 days ago

    My go to putting putter is the luna, but I also have a fierce that I like for longer, or anny putts

  36. Echo Li

    Echo Li4 days ago

    Great coverage, very entertaining! Love it!

  37. Erik Bies

    Erik Bies4 days ago

    Rolling Ridge, Reedsville, wi

  38. Matt G

    Matt G4 days ago

    Hole 13, everything over the water! Although from this footage the park job OB next to the trash can was my favorite throw!

  39. Disc_Golf_Wisco

    Disc_Golf_Wisco4 days ago

    How could you miss that putt like that?? I was asking myself that same question to him through my screen. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 #GreatJob🤙🏽 #AB🏆

  40. Mitch baker

    Mitch baker4 days ago

    More bonus coverage! Thanks, Terry!!

  41. Sean Lynch

    Sean Lynch4 days ago

    Weird to see James straddle putting when he doesn't absolutely have to;.

  42. Teresa Tafelmeyer

    Teresa Tafelmeyer4 days ago

    4 minutes in and I have to comment that I am loving Holly’s commentary!

  43. Mylan Blosser

    Mylan Blosser4 days ago

    Why are these clowns wearing masks outside!!???

  44. John Krzyzanowski

    John Krzyzanowski4 days ago

    thanks. uli

  45. John Newkirk

    John Newkirk4 days ago

    You do a great job with the commentary, and I could listen to Holly talk all day with her energy and that accent.

  46. Sofa Queen

    Sofa Queen4 days ago

    This is so great. I love these players and the super cool commentary by Terry&Holly! Entertainment at its finest.

  47. Sofa Queen

    Sofa Queen4 days ago

    Thanks so much for this coverage! Beautiful course, fantastic golf, great players and delightful commentary. Nothing missing from this. Except for one thing maybe - Terry, Have you ever thought about adding the hole length in meters as well as feet? Your international fans would appreciate it :) Here are some things that I dream of when watching this: * Playing a round with Holly - she is so frickin' cool. * Holly&Kona commentary (of course Terry&Holly are a great team as well) * Putting clinic from all the women on this card <3

  48. NorthXNorthWestServices Davison

    NorthXNorthWestServices Davison4 days ago

    ESP Challenger

  49. Kyle Motz

    Kyle Motz4 days ago

    My favorite pet is our painted turtle, Myrtle

  50. Per From

    Per From4 days ago

    Ale sweden

  51. Jamie Craighead

    Jamie Craighead4 days ago

    I'll take any unseen footage at this point!

  52. Stuart Schwenke

    Stuart Schwenke4 days ago

    Just a little something to ride us over. Great commentary by Uli, unless he is wrong, and then we chuckle!

  53. Stuart Schwenke

    Stuart Schwenke4 days ago

    Just a little something to ride us over. Great commentary by Uli, unless he is wrong, and then we chuckle!

  54. Noah Serafin

    Noah Serafin4 days ago

    You just got my sub, jerm and you. Great commentary !

  55. PaNzErgsp

    PaNzErgsp4 days ago

    Nothing like a Lime Green disc!

  56. Cole Trouberman

    Cole Trouberman4 days ago

    My favorite is the judge!

  57. Tony Looper

    Tony Looper4 days ago

    My favorite hole is 18

  58. Noah Serafin

    Noah Serafin4 days ago

    Your commentary is where it’s at

  59. Austen

    Austen5 days ago

    The dogs playing was my favorite background activity

  60. Everett McDonald

    Everett McDonald5 days ago

    Hole 17. What I enjoyed most was watching Paul Oman on the tee box, sloooow motion then boom.

  61. HDTV Guys

    HDTV Guys5 days ago

    In The Bag: sandpaper and snake bite kit.

  62. HDTV Guys

    HDTV Guys5 days ago

    Just an FYI: AB lost a bet so he had to sport his girlfriends shorts and an 80's olympic t-shirt.

  63. DjDATZ

    DjDATZ5 days ago

    Definitely a P2. Luna in close second!

  64. Kevin Chernenkoff

    Kevin Chernenkoff5 days ago

    Excellent balance on the chase coverage. The perfect amount of looking back at Anthony Barela to give some additional excitement on the tournament.

  65. On the Go with Pastor Mo

    On the Go with Pastor Mo5 days ago

    Like pets you can keep in a tank. Right now we have a fish named hawkfin!

  66. outwildest

    outwildest5 days ago


  67. Zach Dorsett

    Zach Dorsett5 days ago

    James Conrad @ 6:48 breaks OB rope and then plays it off or starts pondering about quantum mechanics. lol

  68. Matt Kilian

    Matt Kilian5 days ago

    Hole 8 love the forehand or backhand option off the tee

  69. Jeff Morrison

    Jeff Morrison5 days ago


  70. Matt Kilian

    Matt Kilian5 days ago

    Definitely beavers ranch outside denver. Mountain course and challenging shots at every hole

  71. Sean Nichols

    Sean Nichols5 days ago

    Hole 4, the ULI - Basket staredown

  72. Mike Gieseke

    Mike Gieseke5 days ago

    Solid review, thanks for going over the whole thing and suggested uses. I'm interested in one of these to use as a "putter pouch" / valuables storage on my upcoming DIY disc golf cart. I think it's the right size to keep my go-to discs as well as good storage for keys/phone/mini/chalk bag/golden retriever/random stuff. I have had 3 Grip bags and their quality and design keeps me coming back.

  73. Ricky penley

    Ricky penley5 days ago

    Fort benning ga is one hard course

  74. Aaron Jeong

    Aaron Jeong5 days ago

    philo CLINIC

  75. Matt Kilian

    Matt Kilian5 days ago

    Love my anode from MVP, soft and true lines

  76. Andy Berg

    Andy Berg5 days ago

    Water tower hole, seems so simple, but dang it's tough

  77. Normunds84

    Normunds845 days ago

    I love cats ! :)

  78. Kris Jackson

    Kris Jackson5 days ago

    (30:51) Uli: "If that's any judge of Oman's putt... he still has the minivan." - nailed it homey.

  79. Ricky penley

    Ricky penley5 days ago

    I like my prodigy PA3. It’s stable to get good putts

  80. Dean Lisonbee

    Dean Lisonbee5 days ago

    I avoid legit anything with a brown/auburn color. Currently my Buzzz SS have been my disc recently