2020 Ledgestone • R4F9 • Cale Leiviska • Austin Hannum • Alex Russell • Gavin Rathbun (Bonus)

2020 Ledgestone Insurance Open presented by Grip
MPO5 • Round 4 • Front 9
Featuring: Cale Leiviska, Austin Hannum, Alex Russell, Gavin Rathbun
Commentary: Paul Ulibarri & The Disc Golf Guy
Camera: Dustin Skorupinski & Paul Bowen
Edit: The Disc Golf Guy
Location: Lake Eureka Gold Disc Golf Course, Eureka, IL
Date: Sunday, August 16, 2020
The Ledgestone Insurance Open presented by Grip changes up venues for the MPO field for the last two rounds of competition. Players move from the long, wooded, technical course found in Morton to the much more open (but still long) course in Eurkea.
Crazy to believe it but we are watching the 5th card featuring the likes of McBeth, Conrad, Leiviska and Oman. Let's see who can make a push here on Saturday afternoon's moving day.
Big shout out to Paul Ulibarri for also jumping on doing commentary with me (remotely).
If you wish to look at the event's FULL RESULTS and spoil the outcome you can click here:
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  1. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguy9 days ago

    You might be sick and tired of the 2020 BONUS COVERAGE of the Ledgestone Insurance Open presented by Grip but Uli and I cannot get enough of it. So ... leave a comment and a like and you just might win something from the ole Ter Bear stack of goodies! Also - thank you to everyone watching and even more so to anyone that supports our efforts via Patreon. This footage was all brought to you because of Patreon support. www.patreon.com/thediscgolfguy

  2. Robert Soliz

    Robert Soliz6 days ago

    Not tired of it at all!! Keep it coming!! 😁

  3. Phil Johnson

    Phil Johnson8 days ago

    I like watching golf on this layout Challenging but pretty fair, and easy to follow the disc and know what's going on. Much better than the crazy woods courses or the boring golf courses.

  4. discgolf94

    discgolf949 days ago

    Before a good A teir a Siamese kitten is the best kick. Anything less than an A teir any random cat will do.

  5. Joseph Johnson

    Joseph Johnson2 days ago

    My favorite cat is gonna be the four I own lol. Ranging from 10 months old to 19 years old.

  6. Matt Kilian

    Matt Kilian3 days ago

    Favorite is definitely a dog! Always happy and great disc golf partners

  7. Kyle Motz

    Kyle Motz4 days ago

    My favorite pet is our painted turtle, Myrtle

  8. On the Go with Pastor Mo

    On the Go with Pastor Mo5 days ago

    Like pets you can keep in a tank. Right now we have a fish named hawkfin!

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  10. Normunds84

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    I love cats ! :)

  11. John Krzyzanowski

    John Krzyzanowski6 days ago

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  12. red oso

    red oso6 days ago

    Had cats growing up. Outdoor and feral, lol. One minute they were your buddy the next you were getting clawed and bloody.

  13. Tanner Allen

    Tanner Allen6 days ago

    I don’t have any pets but I guess you could draw some similarities between pets and my discs. When I get bored I often go hold them and pet them.

  14. Chris P

    Chris P7 days ago

    My favourite pets are called "disconcerting" and "susceptible" ;P

  15. Harris Clayman

    Harris Clayman7 days ago

    Thanks for the bonus disc golf! Uli is great 👍 my favorite pet is my 6 year old mutt named Oy :)

  16. lkjsdf1

    lkjsdf17 days ago

    I'm a big cat-guy. Love a cat. Mean, loving, lazy, loud, playful. Don't matter.

  17. Kagan Hopkins

    Kagan Hopkins8 days ago

    I like a big fluffy puppy

  18. Kendra Ellis

    Kendra Ellis8 days ago

    Best doggie in the world!! Golden lab. Thanks for rhe coverage!!

  19. Daniel Weiss

    Daniel Weiss8 days ago

    Love my two shihtzus!

  20. Brian Andrew Parker

    Brian Andrew Parker8 days ago

    We all understand you Uli, but just in case anyone missed it: sus·cep·ti·ble [adjective] likely or liable to be influenced or harmed by a particular thing. "An overstable disc, thrown in a crosswind, is susceptible to being pushed off course once the flight plate is exposed."

  21. Daniel Bellmer

    Daniel Bellmer8 days ago

    My black cat

  22. Biz

    Biz8 days ago

    My favorite pet is a Liger.

  23. The Adventure Clinic

    The Adventure Clinic8 days ago

    I would say my pet squirt, he was a diamond back terrapin! Loving the coverage!

  24. Simon Smith

    Simon Smith8 days ago

    Did Uli call it "Body English" ??

  25. Guillaume Figuié

    Guillaume Figuié8 days ago

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    david gimber8 days ago

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    John H8 days ago

    Bonus coverage is holding me over!

  28. Jared Borum

    Jared Borum8 days ago

    Favorite pet I have ever had was my leopard gecko named Teeto. He lived to be 18 years old after adoption from my buddy who died a few weeks after he got it.

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    Ricky H8 days ago

    Cats are my fav pets cause they just taste so good

  30. wayne johnson

    wayne johnson8 days ago

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  31. Pedro Diaz

    Pedro Diaz8 days ago

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    Austin Morehead8 days ago

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  33. Ephrain Cortez

    Ephrain Cortez8 days ago

    I don’t have pets at the moment but , it seems I have a habit of going squirrel hunting while throwing some discs

  34. Brent Hannu

    Brent Hannu8 days ago

    Favorite pet was definitely an old fiesty squirrel I had when I was a kid thing would eat whatever you gave it

  35. Ryan Jewesak

    Ryan Jewesak8 days ago

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  36. Oh Ok

    Oh Ok8 days ago

    Haven't ever thought about kicking kittens while on the course but there have been a few dogs I've wanted to Mason Crosby

  37. Jonathan Peterson

    Jonathan Peterson8 days ago

    several people I know say cats are only good for target practice. Dogs are by far better as a pet.

  38. Steven Duncan

    Steven Duncan8 days ago

    My dog Sadie, she loves watching disc golf with me. Especially putting, she can easily track the disc :)

  39. nate lane

    nate lane8 days ago

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  40. Matthew Allen

    Matthew Allen8 days ago

    Dogs! I want to get my own, an Aussie

  41. Brian Dulli

    Brian Dulli8 days ago

    I know it’s bonus coverage but maybe you could have cut out all the footage between 24:40 and 25:55. Just embarrassing for a young man to be crying over something so unimportant now. I don’t think that needed to be documented in perpetuity. Thanks for the coverage.

  42. Mark Russell

    Mark Russell8 days ago

    That's the gut punch of any sport, it should be documented. The work they put in on tour and during these bigger events is intense and stressful. I like the passion that goes in to it.

  43. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguy8 days ago

    I hear ya. FWIW - I receive comments and messages all the time about how positive people feel when I leave some extra stuff in my videos. Sometimes I really think it helps tell the stories and complete the vibe. Your comment asking for less of "that" is outnumbered about 100 to 1. Please realize my tone isn't aggressive here, I'm just relaying feedback I typically get. Now if someone received news via a mid round text that their grandma had passed, I'm certainly not panning to them and holding for a reaction.

  44. Brian Dulli

    Brian Dulli8 days ago

    @thediscgolfguy fair enough. I’m more interested in the scoring decision itself, which I think you and Uli could explain on the coverage even without the footage of the chat. I guess I’m just a little bit old school in not being super comfortable with that show of emotion. But I do agree that the guys handled it well.

  45. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguy8 days ago

    I appreciate your opinion but I largely disagree. It was a very unique situation and seeing this type of mistake and subsequently how it was handled by the group was a huge teachable moment. I feel it was very important and relevant for everyone. I'm sorry it happened to anyone of course and Gavin knows I'm not picking on him by leaving it in there but again, it's a moment we call learn from.

  46. jbbbrown10

    jbbbrown108 days ago

    Austin “no caffeine allowed” Hannum

  47. Mike W

    Mike W8 days ago

    My vote is a horse - companionship & transportation! Cheers Terry & Uli!

  48. Tyler Bruce

    Tyler Bruce8 days ago

    Susceptible Uli. I think Cale is cooling his disc down because it’s HOT 🥵

  49. Stephen Admire

    Stephen Admire8 days ago

    I'm a dog person, I've had quite a few through my life!

  50. Zach Yerrick

    Zach Yerrick8 days ago

    "Unfortunately not the picnic he was hoping for." LOL I don't care who's playing on it, I love watching ledgestone, but watching Cale makes it all the better. Way to go Minnesota.

  51. sinsyder

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  52. Bryce Northcutt

    Bryce Northcutt8 days ago

    I’ll have to go with an odd one but one of my bucking bulls named Hey Bud lol

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  54. Graham Jennings

    Graham Jennings8 days ago

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  55. Ralph Glenz

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  56. VampMN

    VampMN8 days ago

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  57. scott c

    scott c8 days ago

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  58. Timothy Schreiber

    Timothy Schreiber8 days ago

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  59. hotmustardseed

    hotmustardseed8 days ago

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  60. hotmustardseed

    hotmustardseed8 days ago

    Through 7 in round 4, not one star frame? Yikes

  61. Mitch baker

    Mitch baker8 days ago

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  62. Jeremy Tolmich

    Jeremy Tolmich8 days ago

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    Elliot Boutell8 days ago

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  65. Jeremy Tolmich

    Jeremy Tolmich8 days ago

    Keep the content coming Terry. Haven’t heard a giveaway yet through hole 3 but I know it will come. I have faith in you terry. Lol.

  66. Edward Schenkenfelder

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    Great coverage and commentary! Thanks Terry!

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    A black cat in remembrance of my childhood kitty Junior! Excellent content as always guys

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