2020 Ledgestone • R3F9 • Paul McBeth • James Conrad • Cale Leiviska • Paul Oman (Bonus Footage)

2020 Ledgestone Insurance Open presented by Grip
MPO6 • Round 3 • Front 9
Featuring: Paul McBeth, James Conrad, Cale Leiviska, Paul Oman
Commentary: Paul Ulibarri & The Disc Golf Guy
Camera: Dustin Skorupinski & Paul Bowen
Edit: The Disc Golf Guy
Location: Lake Eureka Gold Disc Golf Course, Eureka, IL
Date: Saturday, August 15, 2020
The Ledgestone Insurance Open presented by Grip changes up venues for the MPO field for the last two rounds of competition. Players move from the long, wooded, technical course found in Morton to the much more open (but still long) course in Eurkea.
Crazy to believe it but we are watching the 5th card featuring the likes of McBeth, Conrad, Leiviska and Oman. Let's see who can make a push here on Saturday afternoon's moving day.
Big shout out to Paul Ulibarri for also jumping on doing commentary with me (remotely).
If you wish to look at the event's FULL RESULTS and spoil the outcome you can click here:
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  1. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguy10 days ago

    Yes, it is BONUS FOOTAGE from 2020. My buddies grabbed some cameras and we got some extra action for rounds 2, 3 and 4. Also FPO chase for rounds 3 and 4. Leave a comment and a like and maybe, just maybe, you'll win something.

  2. Chad Solberg

    Chad Solberg10 days ago

    More content is always good content!

  3. Sean Lynch

    Sean Lynch4 days ago

    Weird to see James straddle putting when he doesn't absolutely have to;.

  4. Kris Jackson

    Kris Jackson5 days ago

    (30:51) Uli: "If that's any judge of Oman's putt... he still has the minivan." - nailed it homey.

  5. Jimmy Crackcorn

    Jimmy Crackcorn6 days ago

    MVP doesn’t have anything like an aviar

  6. John Krzyzanowski

    John Krzyzanowski6 days ago


  7. Tony Looper

    Tony Looper6 days ago

    Great to see this bonus coverage at this time of year!

  8. Tanner Allen

    Tanner Allen6 days ago

    Can’t wait to see Conrad throwing new plastic this year. It’ll be interesting to see him with new discs.

  9. Aaron Galvan

    Aaron Galvan7 days ago

    Thank you for the coverage. It looks like Conrad and Oman’s cards are crossed. You had Oman reflect OB when it was Conrad. Their scoring is crossed as well.

  10. Mark Magoc

    Mark Magoc7 days ago

    jc gonna be ripping those mvp putters..

  11. Rusty Denton

    Rusty Denton8 days ago

    @thediscgolfguy it's steely dan

  12. Daniel Bellmer

    Daniel Bellmer8 days ago

    Great job terry..this was great

  13. 2ply guy

    2ply guy8 days ago

    How about some steely dan backing track on this commentary

  14. donavon burden

    donavon burden8 days ago

    Did someone say discraft giveaway, if I ever win anything let it be now

  15. carlos saldivar

    carlos saldivar8 days ago

    Sweet this was unexpected but very nice of a surprise thanks!

  16. lkjsdf1

    lkjsdf18 days ago

    Loving this card

  17. Jens Hveding Øvstebø

    Jens Hveding Øvstebø8 days ago

    can anyone tell me what the lefties do at hole 1?? since imo the distance seems a bit daunting for a fh, and the slope doesent really give much room for a turnover??

  18. Kyle Motz

    Kyle Motz8 days ago

    Uli on 8: "Shank job". Great bonus coverage

  19. Ashton gade

    Ashton gade8 days ago

    i would think hole 1 would be the easiest. for thier level ofcourse ;)

  20. Adam Hyland

    Adam Hyland8 days ago

    This was great. Thank you

  21. Jonathan Peterson

    Jonathan Peterson8 days ago

    So good to see these guys get some coverage and exposure. Love the bonus in the off season.

  22. Alex Nicastro

    Alex Nicastro8 days ago

    Bonus coverage getting me through being snowed in

  23. Dgettify

    Dgettify8 days ago

    It was very hot and humid this day. I had just finished my AM round on the permanent course and got to spectate while this card played hole 6.

  24. Daniel Klingelsmith

    Daniel Klingelsmith9 days ago


  25. Sacramentoidioto

    Sacramentoidioto9 days ago

    I was thinking like, "wow has McBeth advanced som far that he's on the first card?" Humbling to see that the best player in the world can struggle to perform at his best.

  26. Makers Telemark

    Makers Telemark9 days ago

    Sad James is sad.

  27. Patrick Gaines

    Patrick Gaines9 days ago

    If Oman incorporated the body energy of Conrad's run-up, he'd throw 700 feet.

  28. Patrick Gaines

    Patrick Gaines9 days ago

    James Conrad moves like a slinky.

  29. marshie1337

    marshie13379 days ago

    cale has the smoothest form in the game imo. i've tried to emulate it for years. cale always gonna be one of my all-time favs.

  30. Wes Stirewalt

    Wes Stirewalt9 days ago

    Paul Oman is legit the nicest dude on tour.

  31. Wes Stirewalt

    Wes Stirewalt6 days ago

    @thediscgolfguy I’ve never seen him not smiling.

  32. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguy9 days ago

    Don't even get me started about his smile!

  33. wayne johnson

    wayne johnson9 days ago

    im loving this coverage. you and uli have a good vibe together

  34. John Bell

    John Bell9 days ago

    I really appreciate the coverage. With the extreme cold and other problems we're having, a nice enjoyable break watching disc golf and listening to two great commentators is a pleasant way to relax at the end of the day.

  35. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguy9 days ago

    Thanks John - glad to help ya out during this slow time!

  36. Trent Vander Kuyl

    Trent Vander Kuyl9 days ago

    Love the bonus coverage at this time of the year, I had run out of old videos to watch again!

  37. Tony Spartz

    Tony Spartz9 days ago

    Always love bonus coverage

  38. Daniel Weiss

    Daniel Weiss9 days ago

    Appreciate the bonus!

  39. 608TT TV

    608TT TV9 days ago

    It’s great to see Paul working with you and someone else other than JomezPro. It shows he’s willing to help the sport grow every chance he gets and that shows how he really is as a person

  40. Zachary Wilderman

    Zachary Wilderman9 days ago

    Paul Oman is from my area, Evansville. Yet to play with the guy, but he seems like a super chill dude.

  41. Bob Johnson

    Bob Johnson9 days ago

    Thanks for the coverage Ter-bear. Great to see Paulie Mac shreading!!!!

  42. Just Mike

    Just Mike9 days ago

    I would probably shoot infinity over on this course. Much more fun watching the pros take it on!

  43. Guillaume Figuié

    Guillaume Figuié9 days ago

    Strange round, but, enjoyable still !

  44. ToothFairyRetributionManifesto

    ToothFairyRetributionManifesto9 days ago

    This bonus coverage is a good enough "giveaway" for me ;-)

  45. Derek Cooper

    Derek Cooper9 days ago

    Discraft you say?

  46. Keith Allen

    Keith Allen9 days ago

    I'm enjoying the 6th card.

  47. VIDEOsverigeNU

    VIDEOsverigeNU9 days ago

    Gr8 coverage

  48. Thomas Hurrell

    Thomas Hurrell9 days ago

    9:31 Steely Dan fans are triggered now Terry lol. I think he should change his name to Kneely Dan ;)

  49. 2naphish

    2naphish8 days ago

    Dan isn't a person. it's an U.K. nickname for a marital aid. FWIW

  50. THE Hayride Driver

    THE Hayride Driver9 days ago

    Bonus coverage to get me hyped before the start of the 2021 season

  51. Mike W

    Mike W9 days ago

    Excellent card & coverage - thank you!!!

  52. Jeremy Tolmich

    Jeremy Tolmich9 days ago

    I haven’t owned a Discraft disc since I was throwing basically a bag of Cyclones, Cyclone 2’s and X-Clones back in the day in the 90’s. Would love to win something new from Discraft...wink wink. Thanks for the content and opportunity Terry. Appreciate all your doing for the sport.

  53. yvoscha

    yvoscha9 days ago

    That hooks me up for upcomming seasion:). Thanks!

  54. yvoscha

    yvoscha9 days ago

    Disc golf guy at his best:)!!!!!

  55. Bill Mecha

    Bill Mecha9 days ago

    Bonus footage getting me amped up for the 2021 season to start.

  56. Bradley Billeaudeaux

    Bradley Billeaudeaux9 days ago

    Thanks from frozen Texas

  57. Ben Wood

    Ben Wood9 days ago

    I just wanna know how Oman can have such a slow run up and still throw as far as he does

  58. Vincent Wagner

    Vincent Wagner9 days ago

    This is a very fun course to play, hole two was my favorite to throw!

  59. Christopher Fehl

    Christopher Fehl9 days ago

    Thanks for this, Terry! Maybe you are just too busy the rest of the year to get it out "on time", but this bonus coverage in Jan/Feb is gold! Great to watch coverage of Paul Oman, too. I have a similar build and his driving style might be easier for me to emulate than any of the 'young guns'.

  60. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguy9 days ago

    Like Paul Oman's drive - timing is everything!

  61. Wendell Eggers

    Wendell Eggers9 days ago

    I'm excited to be playing in the 2021Ledgestone AM tournament. Thanks for dropping this footage.

  62. Steven Duncan

    Steven Duncan9 days ago

    What I love about your coverage is anytime the group is talking/debating you show us, really feels like I’m there. So cool! Hole 17 of course, ace run or bogey, gotta love it

  63. hotmustardseed

    hotmustardseed9 days ago

    thanks again for coverage.

  64. Matthew Allen

    Matthew Allen9 days ago

    Gotta love the Bonus coverage, Terry. Something to tide us over through the winter storms coming through!

  65. Ephrain Cortez

    Ephrain Cortez9 days ago

    The score card is confusing

  66. Nehpets Ttocs Nosirrag

    Nehpets Ttocs Nosirrag9 days ago

    Thnx for the bonus footage! Great 👍 commentary as usual with P.U. riding shotgun..looking foward to the back! Peace ✌🏼 ☮️

  67. Austin Texas Law

    Austin Texas Law9 days ago

    Why am I so scared of Paul Oman breaking his knees/legs when he runs up? Lol

  68. Ralph Glenz

    Ralph Glenz9 days ago

    Great Coverage Terry!!!!! Thanks for the entertainment

  69. Blake Ogilvie

    Blake Ogilvie9 days ago

    Bonus Footage!! Always a treat. Down here in Houston we are freezing with power cutting off and on and water not guaranteed during this artic blast. It is great to get to see some unseen footage and the great commentary of Terry and Uli! Warms my heart!

  70. Blake Ogilvie

    Blake Ogilvie9 days ago

    @Mark Russell Yeah It has been pretty crazy. We have been one of the lucky ones honestly. We have had a gas fireplace to help when the power goes out and a gas stove to still be able to cook. I hope they get the power grid under control for future events. Best of luck to you as well up in Dallas. Stay warm.

  71. Mark Russell

    Mark Russell9 days ago

    Hope you guys make it through alright. I'm hoping we start to thaw soon, I've never seen so much snow and cold weather up here in Dallas.

  72. Gary Dayton

    Gary Dayton9 days ago

    really enjoying the coverage!

  73. kenny wheeler

    kenny wheeler9 days ago

    I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Oman on coverage, but man he’s fun to watch. Has one of those Tristan Tanner style slow but powerful swings.

  74. Jared Borum

    Jared Borum9 days ago

    Thank you for the coverage! Love the commentary.

  75. Steven Kornmuller

    Steven Kornmuller9 days ago

    loving this coverage to gear up for the new season!!!

  76. Jason Pawlik

    Jason Pawlik9 days ago

    Thank you for bonus content!

  77. Larry Knowles

    Larry Knowles9 days ago

    I can’t wait for Spring weather and disc golf!!

  78. Michael Goodman

    Michael Goodman9 days ago

    It's a different perspective to see some of the greats struggle at times. Makes them human

  79. Tyler Bruce

    Tyler Bruce9 days ago

    Just had an epiphany.... I’ll never be the best player from California as long as PMcB is alive. Not that I ever would be anyways lol!

  80. aklevin

    aklevin9 days ago

    Thanks for the bonus footage!

  81. Car Guys Anonymous

    Car Guys Anonymous9 days ago

    I think safe to say if your first name is Paul, you're just good at disc golf automatically.

  82. scott c

    scott c9 days ago

    Great coverage Terry... I’m getting ready for the 2021 disc golf season... Let’s Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 👍👍👍

  83. VampMN

    VampMN9 days ago

    Thanks for the bonus coverage Terry. I'm looking forward to the FPO cards.

  84. Ryan Jewesak

    Ryan Jewesak9 days ago

    Love the coverage! New subscriber here!

  85. Tera Townsend

    Tera Townsend9 days ago

    Awesome didn't expect this to come out. and yeah obviously Paul has been struggling with his putting the whole year: he said so himself that its just really bad. Hope he cleans it up for next season. Thanks for the bonus coverage!

  86. Mitch baker

    Mitch baker9 days ago

    Bonus coverage! Thanks for something new to watch on my 4th day snowed in at home!!

  87. Wetlawnmulch

    Wetlawnmulch10 days ago

    this is just a collection of some of the nicest guys in DG

  88. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguy9 days ago


  89. mickywulla

    mickywulla10 days ago

    Cale piping that pavilion gap at 8:23 was just ridiculous. Replayed that one 5 times at x0.25 speed ooooooft

  90. Paul Goudfrooij

    Paul Goudfrooij10 days ago

    First time I see Oman playing. Good stuff!

  91. Chip Chad

    Chip Chad10 days ago

    Go Oman!

  92. Biz

    Biz10 days ago

    Appreciate the footage Terry! Need the sounds of chains due to the weather in my AO. Thanks!

  93. roflbuzzy

    roflbuzzy10 days ago

    Love the bonus content, especially Peoria!

  94. cheliman1

    cheliman110 days ago

    I like that we get to see a little further back in the field. Normally you only get lead, or occasionally, chase card footage, and just rely on seeing the leader board at the end of a round. It does seem more stress free, not only for the players on the card, but also for me watching! lol

  95. stich21

    stich2110 days ago

    I would love to play this course. Thanks for the coverage.

  96. BugaBuga815

    BugaBuga81510 days ago

    This is superb :)

  97. Kai Benjaminsen

    Kai Benjaminsen10 days ago

    This is one of my favorite courses to watch. I wish that I once will be able to travel to the US and play some of the NT/DGPT courses. The score will be horrible, but what an experience. :)

  98. John Poynter

    John Poynter10 days ago

    Great video with great commentary

  99. Tristan Crump

    Tristan Crump10 days ago

    I didn’t know I needed it but I did

  100. Von Hyzerberg

    Von Hyzerberg10 days ago

    Always raising the bar Terry!

  101. flooppy1

    flooppy110 days ago

    Makes me so pumped for the coming year!

  102. Aidan Whitcomb

    Aidan Whitcomb10 days ago

    Best 5th card you will probably ever see!

  103. Elijah Bickel

    Elijah Bickel10 days ago

    Nice coverage!

  104. Drew Oetgen

    Drew Oetgen10 days ago

    Any time there is bonus footage I'm all in!


    BRANDON PEREZ10 days ago

    Thanks for the the great throws and commentary

  106. Jerry Becker

    Jerry Becker10 days ago

    My first time seeing Paul Oman. I dig his style! Dude's a sniper!

  107. Tall Void

    Tall Void10 days ago

    Fella this is incredible

  108. Pizza Fest

    Pizza Fest10 days ago

    Enjoying the bonus coverage and timeframe. Alot of times I don't follow the coverage from the chase cards and with nothing to watch and this being so long ago, it keeps me interested cause I can't even remember what happened.

  109. farmfam 317

    farmfam 31710 days ago

    This bonus coverage is so awesome. Thank you so much.