2021 Maricopa Open • MPO • R2 • Front • Adam Hammes • Nick Newton • Henry Manahan • Mike Lassuy

2021 Maricopa Open presented by Infinite Discs
MPO • Round 2 • Front Half
Featuring: Adam Hammes, Nick Newton, Henry Manahan, Michael Lussay
Commentary: Pete Ulibarri & The Disc Golf Guy
Camera: The Disc Golf Guy
Edit: The Disc Golf Guy
Location: Maricopa Meadows, Maricopa, AZ
Date: Sunday, January 31, 2021
Buckle up for a wild ride here on Championship Sunday at the 27 hole track, Maricopa Meadows. Considerably different look, feel and play can be found at Maricopa's original disc golf course and we're sure it will perfectly set the stage for us to crown our 2021 Maricopa Open Champion.
More than $1k is on the line for the first place podium position and three of the four players featured this round were here on the lead card during the 2020 iteration of this event. Hammes was able to best the field last year but he starts out tied with Nick Newton and plenty of talented players all lurking around that leaderboard with similar scores.
I promise this action is something you don't want to miss.
Huge shout out to both Pete Ulibarri (Maricopa Meadows) and Mike Jewel (Copper Sky) for helping with some drone previews along with all of my Patreon subscribers and supporters. Sam and Chuck Russ have again hired me to cover this event and I'm honored to do so. Thank you to them and all of the coverage sponsors and anyone else that helps with the production.
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  1. thediscgolfguy

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    If this round doesn't get you jacked about tournament disc golf then I'm not sure what will. I'd really appreciate it if you'd at least 'like' the video but if you do that and comment (and subscribe) you become eligible for something free from me. #LikeAway #Duh

  2. Chris S. Cobb

    Chris S. Cobb22 days ago

    @Terry, years ago I had a conversation with Feldberg, Ricky, and Devan about AZ’s best unknown player. We split between Lassuy and Gailey.

  3. discgolf94

    discgolf9424 days ago

    Looks warm compared to the midwest, keep the chase card in the video as you have done in this one.

  4. Brian Priefer

    Brian Priefer7 days ago

    Awesome coverage! I really dig seeing some players I'm not familiar with on coverage and hearing what you guys know about them. The bonus AB coverage on the chase was great too! Fully subscribed!

  5. Avery Donoho

    Avery Donoho8 days ago

    4:15 i hate this rule... happened to GG last season too, he submitted a score worse than what he actually shot so he got penalized... ridiculous rule

  6. Rec to Death Disc Golf

    Rec to Death Disc Golf14 days ago

    Tournament coverage!

  7. Larry Wagner

    Larry Wagner16 days ago

    I like to see the chase coverage. I'm sure the card we're watching knows what's happening so it informs us to some decisions. Thanks for all you do!

  8. Jeremy Green

    Jeremy Green16 days ago

    I think it would have been more fun to have the Chase Card check-in after each hole was completed. So if you show the chase card, show the hole that was just done on the main video.

  9. Jeremy Willis

    Jeremy Willis17 days ago

    Love the check ins

  10. Kody K

    Kody K17 days ago

    I enjoy the chase card check ins! Keep them coming!

  11. Kevin Cheek

    Kevin Cheek17 days ago

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  12. Matt McGovern

    Matt McGovern18 days ago

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  13. Here We Throw

    Here We Throw19 days ago

    what camera do you use if i may ask?

  14. Here We Throw

    Here We Throw19 days ago

    @thediscgolfguy thanks 👍

  15. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguy19 days ago

    I use a pair of Sony HXR-NX80s.

  16. sean griffin

    sean griffin19 days ago

    Yeah I love the chase card check ins.

  17. Chandler Automotive Repair

    Chandler Automotive Repair19 days ago

    didnt Hammas have a score of 11 under at the conclusion of round 1?

  18. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguy19 days ago

    I score it as -11 (which was correct) but the live scoring had been turned in as -10 so once that was discovered he gets his correct score plus a 2 stroke penalty which results in him being at -9 to open round 2.

  19. Jeromy Caballero

    Jeromy Caballero19 days ago

    Definitely add the chase card if someone is making a charge and it's getting interesting! Thanks for this coverage, Terry!

  20. cosmo Blanchette

    cosmo Blanchette20 days ago

    Love the chase card footage!

  21. Brian Stokes

    Brian Stokes20 days ago

    Love the chase card check in

  22. Kirk Barr Young

    Kirk Barr Young20 days ago

    Like the chase card checking!!!

  23. MisterC

    MisterC21 day ago

    Loved the check-ins! Keep doing what you do!

  24. Josh Taylor

    Josh Taylor21 day ago

    the "live" chase card footage is awesome!

  25. Owen Hamilton

    Owen Hamilton21 day ago

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  26. Justin Martinez

    Justin Martinez21 day ago

    These girls need to work on there putting.

  27. Adam S

    Adam S21 day ago

    Love the Chase Check!

  28. Everett McDonald

    Everett McDonald22 days ago

    Yes I like the check in from the chase card. Especially if it coincides with the hole the lead card is playing. “ And here’s how AB played this hole.”

  29. Kendall LaFavor

    Kendall LaFavor22 days ago

    The Ulibarri's are the greatest disc golf brothers of all time. Hands down.

  30. Just G

    Just G22 days ago

    Outstanding work Terry again. Would you consider a 4 hole recap HUD like CCDG? It changes the way we watch the game. I know it’s a lot more work but would love to see it in the future.

  31. Adam Embrey

    Adam Embrey22 days ago

    Love the chase card check in, great job!

  32. Kyle Wiedwald

    Kyle Wiedwald22 days ago

    Chase card checkin is sweet!!! Especially if no one else is filming.. Builds suspense IMO

  33. NzSw4t

    NzSw4t22 days ago

    Love the AB check ins throughout this footage Terry! Makin moves 🤙

  34. outwildest

    outwildest22 days ago

    Definitely keep the chase card check ins!

  35. Cannon Dees

    Cannon Dees22 days ago

    Love the chase card just how you have it in this one!

  36. danny whittaker

    danny whittaker22 days ago

    Good video, better able to follow the disc flight than most. I'd love to see a few seconds of a bio about each player (photo, age, where they are from, disc golf experience, sponsorship, and even possibly a video greeting from each). It's also fun to know what discs they're throwing. Thanks for breaking up the winter blues!

  37. Jesse D

    Jesse D22 days ago

    The improvements that you have made to your coverage really take it to the next level! Keep growing the sport you are great at it!!

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    Eddie Pisghetti22 days ago

    Love the check-in any time you are able.

  39. alex beeson

    alex beeson22 days ago

    Thanks for the coverage Terry. We need as much wintertime coverage as we can get here in Iowa. Seeing green grass and discs flying can really boost the morale.

  40. Joseph Johnson

    Joseph Johnson22 days ago

    I love the chase card check-in! The extra work I'm sure it took was well worth it. Keep up the great work Terry and friends!

  41. Jill Rafferty

    Jill Rafferty22 days ago

    Chase card coverage is awesome makes it more like live and tells the story of a round better

  42. Ryan P

    Ryan P22 days ago

    Chase card check ins were a nice feature. They are quick and tell the story but bring the tournament as a hole together well.

  43. Robert Coon

    Robert Coon22 days ago

    The chase card check-ins look good! I now regret not playing Maricopa Meadows in 2017.

  44. Ken Tew

    Ken Tew22 days ago

    Love the check-ins. Almost wish it was played out at a bit of a real time order so that we would get a feel for what the leaders might have known (or could have know if the looked) at the time they were playing.

  45. Paul Goudfrooij

    Paul Goudfrooij23 days ago

    I like the chase card check in like this if there is only one person on the chase card doing so well and challenging the lead. If more than one person is doing that well on the chase card, perhaps the chase card deserves its own video.

  46. Philip Astolfi

    Philip Astolfi23 days ago

    Love the chase card check in!! Gotta know what's going on with the other guys at the top!

  47. 1 up

    1 up23 days ago

    Let's go 2021 !!

  48. G6stock

    G6stock23 days ago

    Drone footage looks a lot better this week. Great tournament and great coverage

  49. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguy23 days ago

    That was all my fault. I didn't do any color correcting on the Shelly Sharpe stuff. I take the blame on that one. BTW - glad you liked it. It was all Pete Ulibarri that filmed the Shelly Sharpe and Maricopa Meadows course. Mike Jewel of Pin Deep Disc Golf filmed Copper Sky for me.

  50. andball

    andball23 days ago

    definitely enjoying the chase card check ins 👍

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    Daniel Alverio23 days ago

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    Say it with me Canada Goose... . Canada Geese don't always come from Canada. Learn how to use the word Canadian.

  55. Pete Ulibarri

    Pete Ulibarri23 days ago

    I apologize for the improper use of the language, I do strive to continue learning and I see what you mean, however, we are so far south that although these geese bare the markings and license plates of the queens land, our geese down here have ceased migrating and now speak with a Spanish accent....thus, we have mistaken them for Canadian Geese.

  56. Kendall Cordova

    Kendall Cordova23 days ago

    Chase card check in is awesome 👌 thanks disc golf guy!

  57. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguy7 days ago

    Hey Kendall - please reach out to me via my 'about' page here on USlikes. Seems like I have a free item for ya!

  58. Joe Mcin

    Joe Mcin23 days ago

    Love the Chase card footage that’s a keeper nice job wit it I love it

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  63. wacky295

    wacky29523 days ago

    yes . . . 41:20 - the "framing" of the shot is spot on !

  64. Pete Ulibarri

    Pete Ulibarri23 days ago


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    Theron Hobbs23 days ago

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  66. Taylor Ebeling

    Taylor Ebeling23 days ago

    I was really confused for a second to see new tournament coverage until i realized this was in Arizona and not somewhere up north with a foot of snow...

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    Nick Vacca23 days ago

    Killing the game with this coverage, Terry! Keep it up

  68. Zachary Wilderman

    Zachary Wilderman23 days ago

    Another course that looks so deceptively simple... if you hit your lines, avoid the OB, miss the water, make the putt uphill, ignore the wind, and prevent the rollaways on the short grass. Ah, the joys of disc golf.

  69. hassonk9276

    hassonk927623 days ago

    Luv the chase card check in.

  70. A Thompson

    A Thompson23 days ago

    Terry. I Like the chase card action but maybe make it consistent. Like every third or 4th hole

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    Love the chase check in especially if it matters at the end

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  86. Tommy O

    Tommy O23 days ago

    Re: 2nd Card Action. Just fine every few holes. Until the last 2 or 3 holes, then edit for Drama. Re: Javier Kowalsky, and Alan “Sugar” Schack, (grand)Fathers of Form here in Michigan. Both of them smooth, worthy of emulation. - #11109

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  90. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguy23 days ago

    Fair statement but in the same light, the other players were not pushing anything like the way AB was. Had AB not been pushing so hard, he wouldn't have been included either but he was making a run at the "W".

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  97. Ben Seiss

    Ben Seiss23 days ago

    Loved the chase chard coverage. I'd recommend doing it more regularly through the round at even intervals (maybe every 3 holes). It felt weird having three holes once and then like six holes at the very end.

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  105. Lloyd Schultz

    Lloyd Schultz23 days ago

    Check ins are really cool. I like to see how the rest of the field is doing in relation to the lead card. Awesome coverage.

  106. Alex Martishius

    Alex Martishius23 days ago

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    Taylor Glover23 days ago

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  108. Andy Madison

    Andy Madison23 days ago

    Are you sure this was in Arizona? Looks too green with too much water! Beautiful course. When I first started watching disc golf coverage, I found it to be very refreshing compared to "normal" golf, where they are constantly jumping around and showing different players on different holes, focusing a bit more on putting on the green. Sometimes following a professional stick golf game can be challenging, because all that jumping around breaks up the continuity of the game, and I would have liked to have seen some shots that they skip over. So, overall, I've really liked following one group through a whole round like is done in disc golf. There have been some rare instances, though, where I've watched the video following the lead card of a disc golf game where at the very end, the commentator has to say, "But, he's not the winner, because such-and-such pulled from behind on the chase card and won the tournament". Having no coverage of that individual and not seeing what he (or she) did on various holes is a little annoying. (Of course, with there being A LOT more money in professional stick golf, they can afford many cameras and personnel; so I understand why footage of other groups cannot always be done.) All this to say: Yes, I enjoyed seeing the chase card as it is obvious that he is in contention. (With all of this being pre-recorded, though, there is this nagging feeling in the back of my mind, "Is this foreshadowing? Did they go back to show him because he won the tournament?" I'll guess I'll find out after I watch the Back footage!)

  109. Gavin Gibson

    Gavin Gibson23 days ago

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  110. Samuel Duckworth

    Samuel Duckworth23 days ago

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  111. James Turner

    James Turner23 days ago

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