2021 Love at First Sting • R1B9 • Paul Ulibarri finds the Angry Beaver • Charlotte's Toughest Course

2021 Love at First Sting
MPO • Round 1 • Back 9
Featuring: Paul Ulibarri, David Weaver, Kyle Deck, Devin Grady
Commentary: The Disc Golf Guy
Camera: The Disc Golf Guy
Edit: The Disc Golf Guy
Location: Angry Beaver DGC, Elon Park in Charlotte, NC.
Date: Sunday, February 7th, 2021
Is Paul Ulibarri right? Is this really the toughest course in Charlotte? North Carolina? The World? David, Kyle and Devin will join Paul for the quest to tame the beast known as the Angry Beaver.
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  1. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguy16 days ago

    You can win a set of 3 discs simply by liking and commenting? I know I like that action!

  2. JAM McGuire

    JAM McGuire5 days ago

    Forehand !

  3. Rachel H

    Rachel H9 days ago

    Hardest course I've played was probably Dorsey's Knob in WV. So. Many. Hills.

  4. discgolf94

    discgolf9410 days ago

    Ox bo park South bend Indiana area in the 90s a true poke and hope course.

  5. Alex Rodriguez

    Alex Rodriguez10 days ago

    So dope to see 2021 footage again! Working on my BH this year is mandatory as a predominately FH player


    MURDERED X10 days ago

    The most challenging I have played is eagles nest in Lancaster Ohio a tough long day on the course

  7. Wren373

    Wren3732 days ago

    Hole 13, turnover forehand vs gentile backhand hyzer: For me the turnover forehand (I'll use a zone for that shot) will sit with a higher consistency closer to the basket as you are using the turnover to get around the tree and the natural fade brings it back to the basket. Doing a gentile backhand hyzer tends to be a lot more touchy on power and aim as the fade is going to take it further away from the basket if you goof it up at all.

  8. Edward Powell

    Edward Powell2 days ago

    Par looks good to me

  9. tyler finney

    tyler finney3 days ago

    The hardest local course for me is rotary park in olney IL. It not a long course, but a lot of the tight wooded fairways, you have to hit the gap, or there is n o recovery. Miss a little and its no man's land lol

  10. Erik Bies

    Erik Bies4 days ago

    Rolling Ridge, Reedsville, wi

  11. Per From

    Per From4 days ago

    Ale sweden

  12. Matt Kilian

    Matt Kilian5 days ago

    Definitely beavers ranch outside denver. Mountain course and challenging shots at every hole

  13. Ricky penley

    Ricky penley5 days ago

    Fort benning ga is one hard course

  14. Dean Lisonbee

    Dean Lisonbee5 days ago

    Hardest course I’ve played is the gold layout of the Fort in Utah. It’s going to be sweet for worlds

  15. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguy5 days ago

    Looking forward to that for sure this year!

  16. Daniel Fintoski

    Daniel Fintoski6 days ago

    Most challenging course I've played is Cameron Park East (The Beast) in Waco Texas

  17. Ken Riddleberger

    Ken Riddleberger7 days ago

    I played 2 of the 3 courses at the IDGC. After those, I skipped WR Jackson. I was humiliated enough already. Love the vid!

  18. Chris SH

    Chris SH7 days ago

    Richmond Hill in Asheville, NC

  19. Chandler Automotive Repair

    Chandler Automotive Repair7 days ago

    So who wins the disc package?

  20. Doug Courbat

    Doug Courbat7 days ago

    So many holes that play left to right and or finish to the right. Maybe just me but, not well balanced overall with lefty, righty or multiple line holes.

  21. Dan Price

    Dan Price7 days ago

    Thanks DiscGolfGuy for all of your years and efforts as a pioneer in disc golf broadcasting. I consider you the founding father of commentary. The sport would be nowhere near its popularity without your efforts early on.

  22. Dan Price

    Dan Price8 days ago

    Hardest course I’ve played is the new layout at Sportsman Hill in Clearwater Mn. I didn’t even F*** with the OB rules when I saw it. I was impressed buy the pure lines needed for birds.

  23. Keith

    Keith8 days ago

    Hardest course by far is Silver Fox.

  24. Jared Fletcher

    Jared Fletcher8 days ago

    How about a sub too! Great content! First time watcher of your channel. I really enjoy the casual and almost conversation-like commentary. For being a solo act, the video does not feel lonely or under-commentated at all!

  25. Ben

    Ben9 days ago

    Clarks Run Disc Golf Course. Extremly wooded and longer than this course.

  26. Tyler Lerew

    Tyler Lerew9 days ago

    the hardest course I have played is called McPherson Park in Flagstaff, AZ

  27. Clint Froderman

    Clint Froderman9 days ago

    Cedar Creek Central in Fairmont, MN. One of 3 Championship courses in Fairmont and by far the funniest n most challenging also is the toughest just to walk with big elevation changes.

  28. Andy Woodhead

    Andy Woodhead9 days ago

    Two Rivers near nixa and highland missouri

  29. Jason Hennard

    Jason Hennard9 days ago

    Blackjack in the mountains of NC. It is so beautiful. But if you are not winded by hole two. Then you will be by hole 3. Oh, then you got the other mountain to climb.

  30. Christopher Veseth Nalum

    Christopher Veseth Nalum9 days ago

    Krokhol disc course in Norway. Insanely challenging, Insanely beautiful

  31. Christopher Sheldon

    Christopher Sheldon9 days ago

    Course I played in Costa Rica was the hardest. Mostly because all of the baskets were homemade and it was super long!

  32. Abraham Gould

    Abraham Gould9 days ago

    Maple Hill Gold hardest I've tried. Some of the drives are just insane.

  33. Blacklisted87

    Blacklisted879 days ago

    I’ve not played many but so far for me the hardest is The Monty in Monitcello, GA

  34. Kevin Beaudry

    Kevin Beaudry10 days ago

    Wilderness montello wi

  35. Team Sanchez

    Team Sanchez10 days ago

    Played - Gleneagles (aka San Francisco Open). Beautiful. technical fairways, bombers and the unforgiving wind. Watched - Maple Hill. Looks deliciously amazing and frustrating.

  36. Jim R

    Jim R10 days ago

    Hardest course I played was Gold at Highbridge Hills in Wisconsin

  37. Jud Martin

    Jud Martin10 days ago

    Locally, the hardest for me is probably Langley Pond Longs near Aiken SC.

  38. DionVandi

    DionVandi10 days ago

    Angry beaver is tough but I had a harder time with solitude in Utah. The elevation changes are rough for us flat earthers in Florida

  39. Jacob Bodai

    Jacob Bodai10 days ago

    toughest course near me that ive played is a course called Little Lehigh... its anything but "little" lmaoooo as an intermediate player i cant score better than 10 over haha

  40. Janus Hajslund

    Janus Hajslund10 days ago

    Angry Beaver at Pro/Am Worlds 2012

  41. Theis Tronholm

    Theis Tronholm10 days ago

    Svinninge in Denmark is no joke

  42. John Cook

    John Cook10 days ago

    Greystone Woods in Parsippany Nj. Good luck in the woods!

  43. lkjsdf1

    lkjsdf110 days ago

    Roy G in Austin is the hardest in my area. Nothing super tight, but the fairways are just soooooo long. Hard to keep control over the full flight.

  44. snbosler

    snbosler10 days ago

    Cedar Hill here in Nashville, TN is the hardest course I’ve played to date!

  45. Chandler Automotive Repair

    Chandler Automotive Repair10 days ago

    Poli Poli on Maui----far and away the most challenging course

  46. Randy Strickland

    Randy Strickland10 days ago

    Toughest course I've played is in Greenville, NC at Covenant Methodist Church. 18 holes, lots of really tight shots. Plenty of places to lose discs. But this one looks pretty crazy.

  47. Alek Anderson

    Alek Anderson10 days ago

    Hardest course I've played is Blue Ribbon Pines in MN and I've been trying all kinds of discs, but my favorite lately has been the Buzzz in the z-line plastic! This course looks like one that I would like to try even if it destroys me!

  48. John Bailey

    John Bailey10 days ago

    The Jarinator,you must sign a waiver before playing, some place 's thier are steep drops, private, they have riding carts sometimes 😉

  49. Mike Schroeder

    Mike Schroeder10 days ago

    I find it hard to judge courses i havent actually played. That being said i have walked through part of northwood gold in Morton, IL and it looks TOUGH. But the hardest course ive played has to be Silver Fox in Silver Lake, Wisconsin. I know I dont have to tell you how brutal that course can be Terry. Thanks again for the great coverage!

  50. John Bailey

    John Bailey10 days ago

    Hard course hay,try Founders Park (Zang Blvd)!!!Dallas Texas 😁😛

  51. richard allberry

    richard allberry10 days ago

    Most difficult course to me is The Sasquatch in Marietta Oh. Heavy heavy woods tons of elevation.

  52. Chase Hayes

    Chase Hayes10 days ago

    Northwoods gold in mortin il

  53. Gary Nelson

    Gary Nelson10 days ago

    Paul McBeth’s new course sounds pretty crazy.

  54. Clifford Hoggatt

    Clifford Hoggatt10 days ago

    I like putting with the Shark

  55. Sean Nichols

    Sean Nichols10 days ago

    I've only played my local courses so far, but that Angry Beaver looks dang hard

  56. Colton and Kayla Bruns

    Colton and Kayla Bruns10 days ago

    The Beast

  57. Jørgen Madslien

    Jørgen Madslien11 days ago

    Most difficult I’ve played is Krokhol (Norway 🇳🇴), but I think Northwoods Gold is even tougher from watched coverage!

  58. UrMasterTablet

    UrMasterTablet11 days ago

    Mahr Park Madisonville KY

  59. Knoxiclean

    Knoxiclean11 days ago

    Whitetail at Lake Claiborne has to be the toughest course I've played. Easily the nicest, most difficult, and longest course of north Louisiana.

  60. marquis

    marquis11 days ago

    P Model s, us, os are solid

  61. Paul B

    Paul B11 days ago

    My first play through of De La was probably the hardest course to date for me. I was trying to go at it alone and had no clue where I was going. Ended up joining a trip of locals for a killer round of fun.

  62. Coolhandluke Jr

    Coolhandluke Jr11 days ago

    I would say the most difficult I have played is the fort brevanue course in Ogden Utah home of 2021 worlds! Hole three and five are nuts!

  63. Baysinger's Disc Golf Channel

    Baysinger's Disc Golf Channel11 days ago

    Harmon Hills DGC is definitely the most difficult course I've played. Panther Creek is a close second

  64. NzSw4t

    NzSw4t11 days ago

    Christchurch Fling 2020 (Ascot Disc Golf Course), New Zealand + very very high winds (zones turning to throwlers if thrown flat) - the hardest course I've played so far!

  65. Jay Bowser

    Jay Bowser11 days ago

    According to my uDisc- my consistently hardest course is Sycamore Trails in Miamisburg, OH. I can’t seem to ever play it well

  66. Lyle Witt

    Lyle Witt11 days ago

    Most difficult course for me? Idlewild. It's brutal but beautiful.

  67. Trent Vander Kuyl

    Trent Vander Kuyl11 days ago

    One of the more challenging courses I’ve played is Shore Acres in Saugatuck, MI. It’s a mix of long, short, wooded and wide open holes that requires just about every shot!

  68. MrSnowboard15

    MrSnowboard1511 days ago

    My home course, Seneca Creek State Park is quite challenging.

  69. Kyle Motz

    Kyle Motz11 days ago

    Idlewild looks to be one of the toughest courses I've seen

  70. BRYCE N

    BRYCE N11 days ago

    As a Coloradan, Beaver Ranch is the hardest course in CO, especially when in long position, +17 personal best on that bad boy.

  71. Joseph Browning

    Joseph Browning11 days ago

    I've always wanted to play the Iron Hill, looks so incredibly hard and incredible to watch the pros play.

  72. Sergiy Kramesh

    Sergiy Kramesh11 days ago

    my home corse is not as challenging as this one, but it's challenging enough for a beginner like me. There are lakes and channels with murky water and steep shores everywhere . one erant throw - and no way you can retrieve your disk

  73. Ricky T

    Ricky T11 days ago

    Not near me, but Fritchie Park in Slidell, LA is super fun and pretty hard. short 9-hole.

  74. Matthew Yanta

    Matthew Yanta11 days ago

    The hardest course in my area is Sportsman Park in Clearwater MN. Very wooded and technical course just like this one.

  75. ahotguysomewhere

    ahotguysomewhere11 days ago

    Vista in North Lake Tahoe

  76. Chad Austin

    Chad Austin11 days ago

    Link 3 its in California in the mountain of toulumne county

  77. Ilkka Kiviranta

    Ilkka Kiviranta11 days ago

    Hiittenharju, Harjavalta in Finland

  78. BH DiscDesigns

    BH DiscDesigns11 days ago

    Castle Hayne DGC in Castle Hayne NC.

  79. skiking1163

    skiking116311 days ago

    Most difficult course has got to be the DDGC course at Iron Hill. Woods golf at its finest.

  80. Corey Bell

    Corey Bell11 days ago

    Toughest course I've played in my short career is definitely Eagle's Landing in Lumberton, MS. Great course.

  81. robthepope86

    robthepope8611 days ago

    The most difficult courses Ive played were featured in Maine States 2020: Pineland Patriot (New Glauster, ME) and Bittersweet Ridge North (North Yarmouth, ME).

  82. Sami Sanssi

    Sami Sanssi11 days ago

    Tampere discgolf center!!

  83. Avery Wolfe

    Avery Wolfe11 days ago

    Stafford Lake in Novato, CA. Perfect combo of long shots, huge hills, blind shots and 100ft+ roll away potentials. Awesome course but very difficult!

  84. Springy Sloth11

    Springy Sloth1111 days ago

    The most challenging course for myself is Sekanj Jamboree Park in Spokane, WA. This course is a great hike and really hard to navigate the narrow fairways. Great coverage as always!

  85. Aren Lane

    Aren Lane11 days ago

    pro course at Hornings Hideout, Portland Oregon.

  86. Trym Overrein Lunde

    Trym Overrein Lunde11 days ago

    The hardest course Ive had the pleasure of playing is Krokhol in norway. Really cool place.

  87. K Dubz

    K Dubz11 days ago

    I've only played 3 courses but Quarry Park in Leamington Spa was the hardest

  88. Joseph Garcia

    Joseph Garcia12 days ago

    oh the hardest course for sure that ive played is Red Feather in Colorado

  89. Weston Whitney

    Weston Whitney12 days ago

    This is the hardest course I've watched on video. Olpe Lake is the toughest one I've played.

  90. Robb C

    Robb C12 days ago

    I haven't been playing very long, so not a lot of courses to talk about being the hardest. Here in southern Wisconsin, the toughest course I have played would be Carlin Weld Park in Palmyra, WI. The fairways are tight, with a lot of thick bushes and thorns off the fairway throughout. I lost 3 discs in one round there and came out bloody from the thorns looking for the discs.

  91. Roofeed

    Roofeed12 days ago

    Trace Gold in Pontotoc, Mississippi

  92. Juan Sanchez

    Juan Sanchez12 days ago

    By far the hardest course Ive played has been DeLaveaga in Santa Cruz, even got poison oak for the first time while playing there because of how often ended up out the fairway. the most difficult course Ive seen has to be The Tobbogan where Paul shot his 18 under round at the Great Lakes Open

  93. Owen Powers

    Owen Powers12 days ago

    Thanks for providing this great coverage! I enjoyed getting to see a more local styled tournament for a change! Also, I'm fairly new to the sport but so far the hardest course I've played was Raptors Knoll in BC. If you don't control your discs the OB is unforgiving!

  94. Peter Skjøtt Thorup

    Peter Skjøtt Thorup12 days ago

    I'll watch anything with Paul Ulibarri in it!

  95. Bubba Hall

    Bubba Hall12 days ago

    I know there is much harder courses but wild horse in vegas for me.

  96. Phil Cronin

    Phil Cronin12 days ago

    In my area, the toughest course for me is Wildcat in Centerpoint Iowa.

  97. Andrew Choate

    Andrew Choate12 days ago

    for me the hardest was a temp course in christchurch new zealand in 2016 - so temp and rarely played that you could lose a disc everywhere. plus relentless wind. even in the fairway there was plenty chance of lost disc. Terry, I need more discs. i subscribed long ago, please consider

  98. Ichthus Disc Golf

    Ichthus Disc Golf12 days ago

    I have three that I've played at... Idlewild: fun but a bit challenging... De Lavega: just straight out fun (still really challenging - but REALLY fun)... and then Toboggan (DGLO) in Milford - don't like it, straight out hard!

  99. Cullin Philip

    Cullin Philip12 days ago

    Castle hayne North Carolina course is near impossible for me

  100. Nathan Berens

    Nathan Berens12 days ago

    I don't know about seen, but the long tees are Punderson are brutal to play.

  101. Jaime Miranda

    Jaime Miranda12 days ago

    Morley field San Diego 😂

  102. Casey Zobell

    Casey Zobell12 days ago

    Hardest course I've played is probably Northwood Gold. I live about 30 minutes away.

  103. discNkayakfishN

    discNkayakfishN12 days ago

    Tower Ridge

  104. Randall York

    Randall York12 days ago

    The Eagles Nest in Circleville, OH is a very technically challenging course. It is still a little rough around the edges, but the Lancaster Disc Golf Club is really dedicated to developing it into a championship level course.

  105. toobie

    toobie12 days ago

    Richmond Hill, Asheville NC

  106. Matthew Bacon

    Matthew Bacon12 days ago

    This course looks like a nightmare to me. So many trees and small gaps to hit.