2020 Ledgestone • R2B9 • Paul McBeth • Chris Dickerson • Andrew Marwede • Trevor Harbolt (Bonus)

2020 Ledgestone Insurance Open presented by Grip
MPO4 • Round 2 • Back 9
Featuring: Paul McBeth, Chris Dickerson, Andrew Marwede, Trevor Harbolt
Commentary: Paul Ulibarri & The Disc Golf Guy
Camera: Dustin Skorupinski & Paul Bowen
Edit: The Disc Golf Guy
Location: Northwood Gold DGC, Morton, IL
Date: Friday, August 14, 2020
Bonus footage from one of the toughest courses in the world featuring some of our sport's best players. It's crazy to believe that this is the fourth card in MPO but Dustin and Paul headed out to take a whack at covering Northwood Gold.
Big shout out to Paul Ulibarri for also jumping on doing commentary with me (remotely).
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  1. NorthXNorthWestServices Davison

    NorthXNorthWestServices Davison3 days ago

    It’s a gender reveal.

  2. John Krzyzanowski

    John Krzyzanowski4 days ago

    thanks. uli

  3. Stuart Schwenke

    Stuart Schwenke4 days ago

    Just a little something to ride us over. Great commentary by Uli, unless he is wrong, and then we chuckle!

  4. Clint Nickeson

    Clint Nickeson8 days ago

    Northwood gold! Making the best look bad!! Wow what a course!😫🥺😭

  5. Jonathan Peterson

    Jonathan Peterson8 days ago

    Loving the Uli commentary of course along with the prodding to get some juicy sound bite like the McBaby rumor controversy. I don't know if it would be funnier if true or false.

  6. Andy Madison

    Andy Madison9 days ago

    One of the things I like about disc golf is that it is not a team sport (I am solidly an introvert). For that reason, you aren't relying on others for a good game, but you are really battling yourself (and the course). I have to wonder, though, how the performance of others in a group game affects your performance. Obviously during a tournament you can get nervous and that can throw off your game, but it seems quite often that when I am watching these disc golf tournaments that when they are playing well, they are all playing well. And when they are playing poorly, they all are playing poorly. This isn't always the case, but I wonder how much of another person's performance rubs off on your game.

  7. lkjsdf1

    lkjsdf19 days ago

    Great video and commentary!

  8. Tyler Bruce

    Tyler Bruce9 days ago

    17:30 I couldn’t stop laughing! That is good for the soul

  9. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguy9 days ago

    Funny because I forgot about that and then just clicked on it. Watched it 2 or 3 times and I'm still smiling about it. #OhUli

  10. Josh Fitts

    Josh Fitts9 days ago

    Harbolt is a hyzerflip machine!

  11. awhislyle

    awhislyle9 days ago

    Hole 7 - only 275ft, the easiest hole, and there's a peaceful little creek, what's not to like?

  12. Just Mike

    Just Mike9 days ago

    My fave Uli commentary is when we played T-Bird Paseo 10-15 years ago. He was just as hilarious back then.

  13. Ashton gade

    Ashton gade9 days ago

    uli is #1 in commentary

  14. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguy9 days ago

    Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves here ;)

  15. Michael Myers

    Michael Myers9 days ago

    Great stuff as always! Great commentary on a tough round.

  16. Derek Cooper

    Derek Cooper9 days ago

    Uli needs a breans catchphrase

  17. Robert Hansen

    Robert Hansen9 days ago

    just a forehanders take on hole 13 since Uli didn't seem to like the play... I also like to go backhand then forehand. While the shot "seems" to set up for back-to-back forehand hyzers, with the hole being 650, tight, and not much ceiling the second half, it's hard to get clearance to throw a 400+' second forehand, especially with the stability needed at the end to hook upo and skip up near the pin. What works better is getting as far as you can with something flippy enough backhand that you still can forget the OB but maybe push straight a bit further off the tee, so you're left with a 3-350' second shot that you can go as OS as you want.

  18. Messinaexe

    Messinaexe9 days ago

    This course is a mix of random trees and general difficulty to the point that I am not even sure if it is entertaining to play for anyone

  19. Daniel Weiss

    Daniel Weiss9 days ago

    Thanks for the bonus coverage!

  20. Matthew Allen

    Matthew Allen9 days ago

    There's a reason McBeth is 5x! Always battles back.

  21. Blake Ogilvie

    Blake Ogilvie9 days ago

    I was able to meet Trevor in Houston for a tournament last weekend and play a practice round with him. He was so cool. I also then played really well, for me and took 2nd place in novice division. Appreciate the coverage and commentary!

  22. Kyle Miller

    Kyle Miller9 days ago

    Thanks for the great coverage terry!

  23. Clayton Coffman

    Clayton Coffman9 days ago

    Jokes about McBeth pregnancy is a little low class.

  24. Mike W

    Mike W9 days ago

    Thanks for transporting us to summer vibes Terry & Uli - looking forward to the next round!

  25. C Johnson

    C Johnson9 days ago

    The only good thing which would happen if I played this course is beating in my new discs.

  26. Kyle Motz

    Kyle Motz9 days ago

    This course is tough my score would be ridiculous. Thank you for the extra coverage. Uli is great

  27. Steven Kornmuller

    Steven Kornmuller9 days ago

    Terry works well with anyone it seems and meshes seamlessly with grizzled veterans like Uli as well!!! Thx fellas!!!

  28. Steven Kornmuller

    Steven Kornmuller9 days ago

    @thediscgolfguy its true dude, its TRUE!!

  29. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguy9 days ago

    This might be one of my favorite compliments. Thank you.

  30. Caleb Starr

    Caleb Starr9 days ago

    Someday I would like to play hole 12 just to feel the absolute worst about my game.

  31. Ablinkon time

    Ablinkon time10 days ago

    Gotta work on the commentary a bit still. Uli keeps this together

  32. Matt G

    Matt G10 days ago

    good stuff guys! love the look in on the guys deeper in the field and you guys played off each other well!

  33. 608TT TV

    608TT TV10 days ago

    I love Paul. He is such a goofy guy, everyone can get along with!!! Anything he says is funny. He could do stand up if the golf doesn’t work out or he’s great commentators skills fail. Haha 😂

  34. wayne johnson

    wayne johnson10 days ago

    awesome stuff

  35. Bryce Northcutt

    Bryce Northcutt10 days ago

    Well I know what course I never want to play lol if I did I guarantee I’d be coming home with less disc

  36. Alex Atterbury

    Alex Atterbury10 days ago

    Thanks for the bonus content, dudes.

  37. Jeremy Tolmich

    Jeremy Tolmich10 days ago

    Hook it up Terry. I love to win stuff

  38. Steve Tarlton

    Steve Tarlton10 days ago

    10" of snow here, so this coverage is great to remind me of beautiful summer days playing golf! Keep it up!

  39. St. James

    St. James10 days ago

    Starving for content. Thanks!

  40. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguy10 days ago

    Round 3 comes tonight!

  41. Guillaume Figuié

    Guillaume Figuié10 days ago

    Loving Uli's jokes as always ...

  42. Ralph Glenz

    Ralph Glenz10 days ago

    Uli is great....Congrats to Hannah and Paul!!!! lol

  43. Jerry Becker

    Jerry Becker10 days ago

    I love watching the pros do godly things on a disc golf course. But every once in a while, I need to watch the pros struggle to remind me they are human. Thanks for the coverage and commentary!

  44. GQ Disc Golf

    GQ Disc Golf10 days ago

    Uli is entertainment gold 🥇

  45. Paul Greiten

    Paul Greiten10 days ago

    Can't stop consuming disc golf content. More more more.

  46. Tanner Allen

    Tanner Allen10 days ago

    Uli commentary is fantastic. It’s a wonder why it took so long to get him on the mic.

  47. Tyler Brickley And Friends

    Tyler Brickley And Friends10 days ago

    That face from Chris on Hole 11 "I just threw a perfect shot and got a terrible break" = all of us.

  48. VampMN

    VampMN10 days ago

    This course would eat me alive. It's impressive to see the pros tackle it. Thanks for the bonus coverage.

  49. Jacob Berger

    Jacob Berger10 days ago

    Hole 12... Wht a dumb hole.

  50. Jeremy Anderson

    Jeremy Anderson10 days ago

    Great late look at Ledgestone! It's good to see these guys be human sometimes ;)

  51. Judas Blewit

    Judas Blewit10 days ago

    I would be +27 on this course.

  52. Judas Blewit

    Judas Blewit10 days ago

    @thediscgolfguy hahaha so true!

  53. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguy10 days ago

    Then you'd head to the back 9! Imma' right? :)

  54. hotmustardseed

    hotmustardseed10 days ago

    Great coverage, the play in this round warms my heart.

  55. Zachary Wilderman

    Zachary Wilderman10 days ago

    One day I will play this course. At 30 over, sure, but I will play it.

  56. Maxwell Stayton

    Maxwell Stayton10 days ago

    Loving the Uli commentary and the bonus coverage - Thanks Terry!

  57. Ben Wood

    Ben Wood10 days ago

    Uli’s commentary was kinda like my disc golf game, always calling the wrong shots.

  58. Shawn Dunn

    Shawn Dunn10 days ago

    Loved seeing coverage of Trever!! Good stuff but some hard to watch play. This course is crazy tough.

  59. prattacaster

    prattacaster11 days ago

    Dickerson with some of the worst tree kicks. Inches from being great. Thanks for the coverage.

  60. tobblerone

    tobblerone11 days ago

    Great Coverage. Thanks

  61. brett ursprung

    brett ursprung11 days ago

    Tough course our there

  62. Life is fleeting

    Life is fleeting11 days ago

    Loved it.

  63. stich21

    stich2111 days ago

    Always love the Uli commentary! Good luck this year to the both of you.

  64. JNichols xXx

    JNichols xXx11 days ago

    Thanks for the bonus, Terry. Hard to watch, but great footage to see. Even the best have rough days.

  65. Brian Gibeault

    Brian Gibeault11 days ago

    Always love Uli on commentary! Thank you for the sweet coverage, as always! People say Trevor can't flick, but every forehand looked clean to me.

  66. David Nauss

    David Nauss11 days ago

    Always love Uli. And love the bonus coverage.

  67. Mitchell Gould

    Mitchell Gould11 days ago

    Great commentary

  68. Mark McAlister

    Mark McAlister11 days ago

    ULI should be a Weatherman.. Always wrong but we still love him!

  69. Jujitsu Majors

    Jujitsu Majors11 days ago

    This is definitely a difficult course. I'd be losing my mind with all the trees and trying to hit a line and Boom a 🌳

  70. dustman

    dustman11 days ago

    Gosh, even spoiling babies. Is there no end to the spoilers? (My spoiler comments end when I get my spoiler stamped wraith). Nice bonus coverage, especially with Uli in the booth. Thanks!

  71. luke hesse

    luke hesse11 days ago

    Uli the goat!! And terry is pretty cool too

  72. Eddie Nylund

    Eddie Nylund11 days ago

    cant wait for the season to start. thanks for the bonus round

  73. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguy11 days ago

    Don't go too far ... I got more coming!

  74. Hunter Bancroft

    Hunter Bancroft11 days ago

    I love Uli. Such a good commentator even when he is wrong about everything.

  75. Kendall LaFavor

    Kendall LaFavor9 days ago


  76. Just G

    Just G10 days ago


  77. 2naphish

    2naphish11 days ago

    it looks and feels like Michigan in January outside, which really sux if you live in the South. this footage really brightened my day! thanks Terry (and Uli :-)

  78. Aaron Relentless

    Aaron Relentless11 days ago

    I thought Trevor's tee shot on 15 was money.

  79. poondogxx

    poondogxx11 days ago

    Love seeing new content in the off season

  80. Zach juggler

    Zach juggler11 days ago

    GeeeT iIIIT!!!

  81. Colin Treinen

    Colin Treinen11 days ago

    Go Andrew hope to see you playing well in the 2021 season 👍

  82. Jose Salas

    Jose Salas11 days ago

    I loved how Paul battled through and fought back but give it up to Andrew Marwede for staying on top of the card!

  83. Berky

    Berky11 days ago

    I wouldn't even want to know what my score would be here haha

  84. Jujitsu Majors

    Jujitsu Majors11 days ago

    Exactly I'd triple boogie on hole 11. Lbvs

  85. Steve Holland

    Steve Holland11 days ago

    loved hearing you be able to talk to someone other then yourself lol

  86. John Bell

    John Bell11 days ago

    Ulibarri is great on commentary, I think he's the easiest to listen to and breaks down a hole as good or better than anybody else. The offseason extra coverage is fantastic.

  87. dustman

    dustman11 days ago

    I'm with you, Uli does a great job and works in some good humor while he's at it.

  88. Gail Muller

    Gail Muller11 days ago

    Wouldnt mind playing uli in a friendly match lol I could beat him lol I think 😂

  89. Biz

    Biz11 days ago

    That long putt from Marwede was awesome!

  90. Gail Muller

    Gail Muller11 days ago

    Let's go mcbeth and uli not ur fault 🤣 great commentary

  91. 77 Nizzova

    77 Nizzova11 days ago


  92. Noah Mulligan

    Noah Mulligan11 days ago

    Let’s go!