1081 Rated Round • Adam Hammes • 2021 Shelly Sharpe Memorial Disc Golf Tournament • Discraft

Adam Hammes decided to put on a clinic during the final round of the 2021 Shelly Sharpe Memorial in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Hammes started the final round down four strokes to leader, Drew Gibson. He opted to lay up two of his final three holes to secure the win but I figured this stellar play was worth watching again with a solo video.
Let me know if you like this type of breakout video and I can consider doing some like this in the future. Also, would you prefer to have a fresh commentary track over it all or just let it play with the native sounds?
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Original Footage from:
2021 Shelly Sharpe Memorial presented by Spinners on the Green
MPO • Round 3
Featuring: Drew Gibson, Adam Hammes, Anthony Barela, Henry Manahan
Commentary: Gary to the Oh & The Disc Golf Guy
Camera: Gary to the Oh & The Disc Golf Guy
Edit: Gary to the Oh & The Disc Golf Guy
Location: Vista del Camino Park, Scottsdale, AZ
Date: Sunday, January 17 2021


  1. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguyMonth ago

    Please make sure you are subscribed and ready for more 2021 action. Like and leave a comment about what you think of Adam's final round at the Shelly Sharpe. You could win a sweet Discraft disc just for playing along!

  2. Chad Solberg

    Chad SolbergMonth ago

    That final round that Hammes put together was SICK!!!

  3. David Wellman

    David WellmanMonth ago

    It was super sweet. I don't know if I speak for myself only but I would love to see more videos just like this one but mic'ed up. Would be cool to hear some of the in round dialogue.

  4. Warren Cooke

    Warren Cooke26 days ago

    Living in northeastern Maryland, I'm super jealous of these guys wearing shorts playing this time of year.

  5. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguy7 days ago

    Hey Warren - please reach out to me via my 'about' page here on USlikes. Seems like I have a free item for ya!

  6. Steve Hoffman

    Steve HoffmanMonth ago

    Great round. Great coverage. Thanks Terry!!

  7. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguyMonth ago

    Thanks - glad you liked it.

  8. Jason Liebgott

    Jason LiebgottMonth ago

    I’ve had a lot of rounds with better tee-shots that I was shooting par!! Dude’s putt was fire.

  9. Michael Yahner

    Michael YahnerMonth ago

    you could tell he entered the putting zone at some point, I wouldn’t say his routine broke down, but it wasn’t as methodical as the first couple putts and then you could tell he wasn’t going to miss. probably the best feeling on earth. great win mr hammes!

  10. JockOfTheBushveld

    JockOfTheBushveldMonth ago

    adjusted to a 1063 rated but man what a round still!

  11. Shadowfly91

    Shadowfly91Month ago

    Amazing clip! Thank you for everything you do for the sport!

  12. Ryan Vincent

    Ryan VincentMonth ago

    Awesome to see him playing well early. I would like to see him playing on top cards all year 😎😎😎😎 Keep it up young man..... Great work as always disc golf guy 💥👑🇺🇸

  13. David Koerte

    David KoerteMonth ago

    The dudes a robot sent from the future..

  14. Jake Rasmussen

    Jake RasmussenMonth ago

    It’s amazing how well you can shoot even when your tee shots aren’t perfect 👀

  15. Cory Mueller

    Cory MuellerMonth ago

    He almost hit that plane! 10:40

  16. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguyMonth ago

    That's no way to earn frequent flyer miles.

  17. Chad Solberg

    Chad SolbergMonth ago

    That was an insane round!

  18. Gregory Reynard Jr

    Gregory Reynard JrMonth ago

    Remeber kids don't do drugs. Well if you do just not in the pdga. Lmao

  19. Mat Laneville

    Mat LanevilleMonth ago

    I dont want to discredit Adam because this is obviously amazing play. But im sure I've seen him play this course 100 times with Anthony on instagram

  20. Bohemen

    BohemenMonth ago

    Adam is incredible! It will be nice to watch him the rest of this season.

  21. arklave

    arklaveMonth ago

    Great way to start my Monday watching Adam start off his 2021 season with a bang! Wonderful job by the production crew as well!! Thanks for helping to grow the sport!

  22. Naeda Thoms

    Naeda ThomsMonth ago

    Nice edit. Would've been interesting to hear Hammes voice over / commentary on it. I watched a similar one of Brodie's he did from Waco i think that i liked.

  23. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguyMonth ago

    That's a thought for the future for sure. It's just a quick edit and I knew it would be odd or rushed if I tried to get him over the top of it without physically being near him to knock it out. However, I do like the idea so something like that could be done on other upcoming edits! Thanks for watching.

  24. Zach Montgomery

    Zach MontgomeryMonth ago

    Everyone congratulating him after he pulled so far ahead is what I hope disc golf never loses. Best sports culture by far!

  25. Keith Allen

    Keith AllenMonth ago

    It was nice seeing this edited down. Worth watching for a second time.

  26. Volsfan7

    Volsfan7Month ago

    Love the coverage. This guy.... Hammes.... he's going places

  27. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguyMonth ago

    Glad to hear you liked it. Adam's ceiling is limitless.

  28. T. Noel Trudell-Kays

    T. Noel Trudell-KaysMonth ago

    He really could be the best putter on tour right now, like he said. Many of those 10 to 13 meter putts were dead center.

  29. Joseph Forrest

    Joseph ForrestMonth ago

    Adam is amazing! Course is weak.

  30. Matt Dahlem

    Matt DahlemMonth ago

    Really loved this style of video!! Will definitely be tuning in for more if you decide to make more!

  31. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguyMonth ago

    Good to hear Matt. I guess if I have a really hot round that gets covered it only makes sense to break it out as a separate video for people to enjoy.

  32. Dan Harbeck

    Dan HarbeckMonth ago

    Had the putter working!

  33. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguyMonth ago

    Yeah - he sure did Dan. I hope you're well my man.

  34. Nick George

    Nick GeorgeMonth ago

    It's so crazy that the first hole(one of the easiest on the course) was one of his worst shots. I sure hope he can keep up that putting game this season. I'm sure we will see him on quite a few lead cards this year! Good luck man 🙌🙌🙌

  35. Nick George

    Nick GeorgeMonth ago

    @thediscgolfguy right!

  36. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguyMonth ago

    @Nick George - funny because for as short and 'easy' as the hole looks - our top players often struggle with it!

  37. Nick George

    Nick GeorgeMonth ago

    @thediscgolfguy hey I sure as heck ain't making it!!! 🤣

  38. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguyMonth ago

    Hole 1 seems pretty unassuming but with that triple mando, it certainly add some pressure to everyone's first tee shot of the round!

  39. Disc Blaster

    Disc BlasterMonth ago

    Terry has been a very bad little backwoods bastard. He’s lucky Hammes The Hammer didn’t set him and gary straight again

  40. @disccombobulated

    @disccombobulatedMonth ago

    Interesting course. Total long range darts. Fun

  41. Kallibur

    KalliburMonth ago

    New to game since Septembe 2020. What i saw is he gave himself a look for a put and capitalized on it. I've been learning with discraft just to simplify the learning process. So many molds, plastics, lines, throw styles, ect. I hope one day I can pull off that type of game. Very cool indeed!

  42. Max Pleune

    Max PleuneMonth ago

    Sweet video!! lucky u get to play in the warm weather. Watch my video in snow please

  43. Johnny Bigfoot

    Johnny BigfootMonth ago

    Adam's sidearm is a thing of beauty..

  44. Sean Streck

    Sean StreckMonth ago

    @thediscgolfguy I'm...confused/surprised that he does the pendulum before his release. It almost looks like he has to reset/pivot his delivery halfway through. It seems like it comes out of his hand like Big Jerm's or maybe Eagle's but the walkup is like PMB or Simon. I wonder if he could get even more distance if he "loaded the gun" all in one plane, maybe like Ryan Sheldon.

  45. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguyMonth ago

    Yeah - not sure anyone would complain about having a sidearm that rivals Adam's. I know I sure would love one.

  46. Unsilenced Dissenter

    Unsilenced DissenterMonth ago

    MIGHTY STRONG Putting game!

  47. ZakaryLee

    ZakaryLeeMonth ago

    I just kept counting... 1 down thru 1. 2 down thru 2. 3 down thru 3. And so on and so on and so on... Well done Mr. Hammes, can't wait to see you hitting the final round lead card on the broadcasts this year.

  48. Jonathan Tyree

    Jonathan TyreeMonth ago

    Mathew the term drive for show putt for dough says it all

  49. Martin Scholz

    Martin ScholzMonth ago


  50. brian6speed

    brian6speedMonth ago

    Tom Brady is the GOAT

  51. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguyMonth ago

    He is pretty damn good. I don't know how anyone could argue against that at this point.

  52. Tyler Valentine

    Tyler ValentineMonth ago

    nice cut! great round.

  53. cody wenzel

    cody wenzelMonth ago

    What’s the blue disc he throws on hole 6?

  54. Joseph DeVictoria

    Joseph DeVictoriaMonth ago

    I really like this format! If you catch any more hot rounds, please do this again!

  55. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguyMonth ago

    Yeah, I like that idea. Especially with so many solid putts.

  56. Daniel Adderley

    Daniel AdderleyMonth ago

    Looks to me like he needs to get his shots more accurate, he's putting himself out of trouble fro bad drives and upshots to my eye. But, maybe the course is harder than it looks on camera

  57. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguyMonth ago

    I mean, if your initial shots are going exactly where you want and aren't right next to the basket then I guess it's ok to just bang a nice long putt to make up for it. I wouldn't recommend everyone attempts this strategy necessarily but it looks like it worked for Adam during this final round.

  58. Mathew Melendez

    Mathew MelendezMonth ago

    Anyone who thinks distance is the best way to get high rated rounds needs to watch this. Yeah distance helps, but putting and approach is the biggest part of the game that everyone needs. He missed 1 putt outside the circle and had 2 lay ups. Everything else within about 40 feet was in the basket. Great round.

  59. Mathew Melendez

    Mathew MelendezMonth ago

    @william werber I get what you're saying and agree with you. The way I see it though is not everyone can throw 300-400ft+ shots and when they put full power, their accuracy goes down. Most people, if not everyone, can hit a 30-40 ft putt. You get more bang for your buck practicing putts than you do practicing distance. Ideally if you have a good combination of both you'll be having rounds like Adam. But most of the highly rated rounds happen because of hot putting, not because of extra distance.

  60. william werber

    william werberMonth ago

    Greater potential distance = less effort for 300 400 ft shots. greater accuracy + distance = easier approaches and putting. I think people overlook the advantage of being able to throw at 50 - 70 percent power.

  61. SoyBoyGaming

    SoyBoyGamingMonth ago

    i dont know, there are camera cuts between the throwws, this could be fake. i trust it when im see it

  62. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguyMonth ago


  63. hellocollegejason198

    hellocollegejason198Month ago

    These holes are short and wide open

  64. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguyMonth ago

    I wouldn't call them exactly 'short'. Of course there are a few but at least one hole on every course has to be the shortest. As for wide open - I feel the only ones that are really 'wide open' are holes 2 and 3. They have the least amount of danger off the tee but literally every single holes has OB on either the driver, the approach, or the putt. They course doesn't have a ton of trees but the additional OBs and mandos sure make it tougher than it usually plays.

  65. Bjoern nice69

    Bjoern nice69Month ago

    great round, elite forehand, good putting. only mistake on hole 13, bad roll on 16

  66. Alli Bosak

    Alli BosakMonth ago

    Putting clinic! Great stuff

  67. Patrik

    PatrikMonth ago

    What putter he i using? And plastic?

  68. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguyMonth ago

    I think it's a CT Jawbreaker Focus.

  69. Patrik

    PatrikMonth ago

    And that putting tho🔥

  70. Tyler Howard

    Tyler HowardMonth ago

    Just shows how important putting is!

  71. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguyMonth ago


  72. Neon Kitty

    Neon KittyMonth ago

    Adam rounds out my top 3 favorite players. Eagle, Seppo, and Adam are incredible. I wish I was able to get one of the AH glow zones though :(


    WARP STEVEMonth ago

    The first 3 holes played identically hahaha

  74. quixotic1x

    quixotic1xMonth ago

    Little known fact Minocqua Wisconsin has a decent Sushi place and it's not just undercooked perch.

  75. ryan haggerty

    ryan haggertyMonth ago

    That round was hot fire