2021 Shelly Sharpe • Rnd 2 • Front 9 • Drew Gibson • Anthony Barela • Garrett Tapken • Levi Hancock

2021 Shelly Sharpe Memorial presented by Spinners on the Green
MPO • Round 2 • Front 9
Featuring: Drew Gibson, Anthony Barela, Garrett Tapken, Levi Hancock
Commentary: Gary to the Oh & The Disc Golf Guy
Camera: Gary to the Oh & The Disc Golf Guy
Edit: The Disc Golf Guy
Location: Vista del Camino Park, Scottsdale, AZ
Date: Saturday, January 16 2021
Drew Gibson carries a one stroke lead into the second of three rounds here at the Vista del Camino XL layout. However, Garrett Tapken, Levi Hancock and Anthony Barela loom within a few strokes and with the amount of OB found on that course, a few strokes means nothing.
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    @Keene Inafuku that overhand on 14 was astonishing.

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    Hole 8. Thumber, 11X Ken Climo Firebird. Keep up the great work! Y’all make sure to hit that 👍🏻 for Terry!

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    Dang, I wish JC Kester made the card :’( I would love to watch more coverage of him throwing He makes disc golf super fun to watch!

  6. James Fahey

    James Fahey21 day ago

    I love sconnie disc golf! Silver lake, Silver creek, Dretzka (to name a few)... solid courses. Also good to stock up on beer/cheese/fireworks/meat in tube form... not a sconnie myself (F.I.B.) but I love y'all

  7. Tyler Bruce

    Tyler Bruce21 day ago

    I think the water bottle kept James Conrad’s shot from coming back in bounds if I remember correctly. I remember thinking that I would be so embarrassed and bummed if that was my water bottle

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    Tjader acres up in siren is a great course.

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    Justin Trails & Standing Rocks. They can’t be beat for top DGCs #ONWISCONSIN 🦡 🧀 🐮 🍺

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    I've only played ultimate in Wisco - DG next time

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    Hi, guys. You know, I mean, it looks the commentary could, like, be tightened up in, um, some spots. But it looks like you guys have it mostly under control. Should be able to bang it home in two -- ooos, well, par is still a great outcome. That's, well, just....

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    I am from Wisconsin. BEP is my home corse

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    Moved to Wisconsin this year! I've played 14 courses in the state since. Big Brother at Justin Trails is my favorite here.

  15. Adam Embrey

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    I bumped into Terry playing at the Rollin Ridge Open 2013. The snow was packed on the ground and footing was poor. In MA1 someone from 3rd card shot a 1018 rated 2nd round robbing me of a playoff, so tied for 2nd, was a great day!

  16. James Ehlenz

    James EhlenzMonth ago

    I’m from MN, but I played at the NADGT on Jan 2-3 at Vista! I can tell you I threw a flippy driver on the hole you mentioned, and overturned both times. 🙄 I will be going with a Buzzz next time for sure. Regarding WI disc golf, I love playing at Tjader Acres! Great coverage! Cheers! Please give me a prize! 🤩

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    I would throw my Prodigy X1 thumber shot.

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    Haven’t played in Wisconsin, but have been to Montello before. Beautiful part of the country

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    I used to drive to Wisco to camp/play Highbridge near Ashland and Mellen with a huge group up there in the north, eh?

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    On hole 8, depending on the wind and as an advanced player I would probably throw a speed 10-11 disc

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    Solid game

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    I really enjoyed playing at Yulga.

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    Thanks for the coverage. I went frame by frame on Levi's form those first drives were perfect! I was wondering what the heck was up with the perfect release angles when I didn't see a whole lot of lower or upper body motion, but then you said he was an ultimate player that makes so much sense. those guys have a ton of touch, but you usually don't see a full reach-back like Levi has.

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    Silver cup was fun to watch. I'm from Wisconsin and silver creek is easily my favorite course. Let's get some coverage at valley view eh? Haha

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    If only I would have filmed either of my -18 rounds at Valley View back in the day. #OhWell

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    I actually live in Milwaukee, Dretzka, Brown Deer, and Estabrook are the courses I play the most. Wish the weather here was like what their playing in right now ):

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    Assuming Kade “fill oh ma holla” Excellent young pro out of Utah. Hope to see him in more coverage!

  32. Dan Shane

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    He is playing as an amature.

  33. Brandon Reynolds

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    Played a little 9 hole course in Oostburg Wi. It was a fun course.

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    Anthony's forehand is insane. Crazy distance!

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    Good coverage. I like what you guys are doing

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    Seeing pros miss mandos on my local course makes me feel so much better about my trash game

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    If theres any coverage of brown deer Id love to watch that

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    Thank you for all of your hard work. It's great to see the sun shining on all of these holes.

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    I can’t get a Buzzz to 300’. Hole 8 needs at least a 9 speed for me. FD3.

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    Great video, thanks!!

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    Hole 8: I'm not very good so a disc I don't like probably because its gonna be in the water lol

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    Sometimes you just have to sacrifice one to the Disc Golf Gods!

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    Gary - No, the water bottle hurt James and made him stay OB. P-McB was saved by the dog.

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    That woman don’t know how close she was to getting decapitated by disc...

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    TDawg is killin' it with the puns in 2021!

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    Hole 8... depending on how the disc is coming out of my hand; I am tossing a buzz or an fd

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    I'de throw a roc right at hole 8. Thanks for coverage.

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    Silver cup on coverage!

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    I recently watched an event at Mont du Lac Resort. That was some of the coolest coverage I've ever watched. Couldn't imagine navigating that though.

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    I need to get up there yet because I hear it is beautiful!

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    I wanna see some discgolfguy footage from the Silver Fox course. I mean, you're the guy to make it happen right?

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    @thediscgolfguyOh yeah, Grey Fox is great too. :) Already watched that footage haha.

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    Oh sorry - you said "Silver Fox" and instead I have Grey Fox. Ok, ok, maybe next year we can get some Silver Fox footage possibly.

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    There is some out there. In fact, I just ran the Cold Turkey XV out there a few months ago and final round footage IS posted! I give you want you want now go get it :)

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    Thanks for the coverage. Some meter measurements would be great for those of us outside 'Murica =]

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    Rollin Ridge is my only WI course. Loved it.

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    I played yahara hills in Madison Saturday. First time playing in that much snow! Fun winter course.

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    as in round 1, still a FH destroyer.

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