2021 Love at First Sting • R2B9 • Michael Johansen • Paul Ulibarri • Alex Ziros • Tal Wambeke

2021 Love at First Sting
MPO • Round 2 • Back 9
Featuring: Michael Johansen, Paul Ulibarri, Alex Ziros, Tal Wambeke
Commentary: The Disc Golf Guy
Camera: The Disc Golf Guy
Edit: The Disc Golf Guy
Location: Eager Beaver DGC, Elon Park in Charlotte, NC.
Date: Sunday, February 7th, 2021
Can either Angry OR Eager Beavers wear SuperBowl rings?
Not sure we'll find out but there is an "x" on MJ's back as he takes his first round, Angry Beaver lead into the much easier, more birdie-friendly, Eager Beaver Course. Alex, Tal and Uli all know the title is in their grasp because with this course playing thousands of feet shorter, stringing together birdies is much more obtainable. The question will be - will MJ's Eager Beaver aggression be enough to place a dam in front of them? Let's find out!
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  1. Michael Impson

    Michael Impson2 days ago

    White is my favorite putter color...currently.

  2. zztechnomanzz

    zztechnomanzz2 days ago

    Anything but a white disc. Makes winter golf very difficult.

  3. Per From

    Per From3 days ago

    Neon orange disc , easy for me to find in the woods

  4. tyler finney

    tyler finney3 days ago

    My entire bag is almost all purple. Its my favorite color. The only two that aren't are a cryztal vulture thays yellow, and a black luna that is my main putter

  5. PaNzErgsp

    PaNzErgsp4 days ago

    Nothing like a Lime Green disc!

  6. Dean Lisonbee

    Dean Lisonbee5 days ago

    I avoid legit anything with a brown/auburn color. Currently my Buzzz SS have been my disc recently

  7. Dean Lisonbee

    Dean Lisonbee5 days ago

    You know, I love watching Paul Ulibarri play. He is literally the everyday kinda pro. Sometimes plays really well, but when he doesn’t, all disc golfers can relate

  8. Don Jones

    Don Jones5 days ago

    I typically like the bright greens and orange for fairway disks, but for my putter I like the pastel colors like a blue, purple or off-white.

  9. Art Garba

    Art Garba6 days ago

    Great to see MJ master class this courses. The guy is a beast in the woods .

  10. Chris SH

    Chris SH6 days ago

    light blue

  11. Ken Riddleberger

    Ken Riddleberger7 days ago

    I like the bright colors like orange and neon green. I avoid dark colors like black and dark green. Hate losing discs!

  12. Crystal Furr

    Crystal Furr8 days ago

    Alex out here repin the cdga! My man! Glad the knee is feeling better brotha!

  13. Blacklisted87

    Blacklisted878 days ago

    I think bright discs in general, but especially green is my favorite color disc! The colors I avoid are red and white.

  14. Jared Fletcher

    Jared Fletcher8 days ago

    Light blue, least favourite is white.

  15. Keith

    Keith8 days ago

    I go with neon pink when I can, as I have the least chance of losing it. I avoid hunter green, brown, and black. I still have no problem losing discs though.

  16. Chad Austin

    Chad Austin8 days ago

    I like greens and blues

  17. William Bottger

    William Bottger9 days ago

    Gold colored putters are best!

  18. Baysinger's Disc Golf Channel

    Baysinger's Disc Golf Channel9 days ago

    I #throwpink for Breast Cancer Awareness and #puttpurple for March of Dimes

  19. filoIII

    filoIII9 days ago

    You say this is a C-tier? If so, how are top pros allowed in?

  20. filoIII

    filoIII8 days ago

    @thediscgolfguy I realize they're ALLOWED, but I've never thought that was fair. If you are an A-tier player, that's your tier. I've had a top pro come to our rinky dink course tournament. I didn't care for that at ALL. Similar in NASCAR, many don't like how the top league guys go race in the lower leagues, taking up spots and winning THEIR $.

  21. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguy9 days ago

    There isn't a ratings ceiling for Pros to have at PDGA sanctioned events. Meaning, if 10 players that were all rated 1040 wanted to play in a PDGA C-Tier (or B-Tier) they most certainly can.

  22. Thomas Ladjanszki

    Thomas Ladjanszki9 days ago


  23. lkjsdf1

    lkjsdf19 days ago

    Dunno if I have a favorite but I definitely avoid green. Not a problem on every texas course, but the thought always scares me off.

  24. Tommy O

    Tommy O9 days ago

    Blue! It’s such a rare color in nature that our eyes are naturally drawn to it. Even Bluejays aren’t really blue, the science to it is pretty interesting.

  25. NYQPI

    NYQPI9 days ago

    I love a light blue for drivers so i can find them easiest. Just by chance i have always had a yellow putter though.

  26. Scott Lee

    Scott Lee9 days ago

    Yellow is my favorite color disc, although my cart isn't predominantly yellow. I prefer to have a mixed cart of colors to make it easier for me to quickly grab the disc I want/need. But the one color you will NEVER see in my cart (with the exception of a putting putter) is RED. I'm red/green color blind, so I can't see a red disc on a green background.

  27. skiking1163

    skiking11639 days ago

    Blue discs for life.

  28. Marko Alakylmänen

    Marko Alakylmänen9 days ago

    Have you been able to throw this year? Also great coverage as usual!

  29. Dominic T

    Dominic T9 days ago

    Orange is the best during the summer where I'm at, but it's horrendous during the fall. Pink might prevail as the easiest to see all year round so I'll go with that!

  30. Kyle Motz

    Kyle Motz9 days ago

    I like to use bright colors. They tend to be easier to find

  31. Weston Whitney

    Weston Whitney10 days ago

    Favorite color is green, but only for putters. I stick to pink and orange for drivers.

  32. Jonathan Murphree

    Jonathan Murphree10 days ago

    I like orange & yellow for drivers

  33. Paul B

    Paul B10 days ago

    Mvp/Axiom's day-glow green in neutron plastic is my color.

  34. Jud Martin

    Jud Martin10 days ago

    Purple all day long.

  35. Jay Bowser

    Jay Bowser10 days ago

    I avoid anything fly-dye or tye-dye. They’re just wayyyy too easy to lose when they aren’t a nice solid bright color

  36. Jen Moore

    Jen Moore10 days ago

    Pink is definitely the best disc color, though highlighter yellow has been looking pretty great on the snow these days.

  37. Mike Schroeder

    Mike Schroeder10 days ago

    Im so happy to see Uli & MJ playing this event. It seems like a ton of pros completely avoid C, and even A or B tiers because they're worried about their rating. But not these guys. You have to give em props for that

  38. Mike Schroeder

    Mike Schroeder10 days ago

    I'm a very practical guy. I love bright orange discs. Not much in nature can hide them. For the same reason i hate really dark colored/black discs. If they go into shadowy brush or even a foot of water they can be a nightmare to find.

  39. snbosler

    snbosler10 days ago

    My entire bag consists of pinks and blues! My fave!

  40. Tyler W

    Tyler W10 days ago

    Definitely would say my favorite color discs are green swirly discraft esp or some grey mvp proton plastics

  41. Darrin Troyer

    Darrin Troyer10 days ago

    My favorite color is teal or any swirl ,😎🥏

  42. Kurtis VanLeeuwen

    Kurtis VanLeeuwen10 days ago

    I love bright orange discs

  43. Christopher Spear

    Christopher Spear10 days ago

    My favorite is blue, but I also like pink. Those are generally pretty easy to find

  44. Jacob Cain

    Jacob Cain10 days ago

    My favorite color for discs has to be pink or orange.

  45. Gary Nelson

    Gary Nelson10 days ago

    Pink for the win!

  46. Korey Johnson

    Korey Johnson10 days ago

    Light grey.

  47. Lucas Mcpherron

    Lucas Mcpherron10 days ago

    I’ve just completed an all blue bag!! Blue is indubitably my favorite

  48. MrSnowboard15

    MrSnowboard1510 days ago

    I avoid green, brown, and dark colors. I need to be able to find it after I chuck it off of the fairway...

  49. David Hedstrom

    David Hedstrom10 days ago

    @ 10:31 MJ and Terry talking about Coldbrook! One of my old home courses!

  50. Jørgen Madslien

    Jørgen Madslien11 days ago

    There’s something special about clear or white discs, although pink is sooo good for finding them, especially this snowy time of year...

  51. Randy Hill

    Randy Hill11 days ago

    I wouldn't say it's my favorite color, but my Axiom Virus is clear with an orange rim. I must have lost it 87 times last fall. Every time I reach for it I say to myself: I should really dye this thing red! And then I don't. It's one of my "get out of jail" discs and I don't want to mess with it's mojo!

  52. Joseph Garcia

    Joseph Garcia11 days ago

    pink and blue discs are my favorite and thanks for the great vids

  53. Patrik Kivekäs

    Patrik Kivekäs11 days ago

    The contents of my bag is mostly blue. Green is a color I intentionally avoid.

  54. Noah Capello

    Noah Capello11 days ago

    I try to avoid grass green for obvious reasons but as for my favorite I love transparent discs of any color. They always loos so cool especially on camera

  55. Jacob Taylor

    Jacob Taylor11 days ago

    My favorite color disc is orange. Not coincidentally my best disc currently is orange too, my Starfire DX. 😃

  56. Allen Weed

    Allen Weed11 days ago

    My favorite color of disc would be Orange. Just because I can see it better unless it's Fall. There was a disc found recently, it was mostly clear. I can't imagine that someone would make a clear disc, that is about as easy to find as a contact lens. Anyway, good coverage, thanks.

  57. Royalcityfeelix

    Royalcityfeelix11 days ago

    Love white discs, but it's biting me in the ass as I play more in the winter.

  58. Mountian Mike

    Mountian Mike11 days ago

    Any color you can find easily!

  59. Hayden Fletcher

    Hayden Fletcher11 days ago

    Colors I love blue, red and black Colors I try to avoid green and brown

  60. smokey joe

    smokey joe11 days ago

    Pale yellow 1st run whale

  61. Joel Leonard

    Joel Leonard11 days ago

    Favorite color is cyan or deep blue, very easy to find. Followup with orange, my second favorite color and also easy to find, then I like neons; yellow, green, pink. I avoid red and dark green as they are easily lost in NC pine straw and dead oak leaves

  62. Ryan Holland

    Ryan Holland11 days ago

    I like green... I hate that I like green, but I do.

  63. Erik Chetelat

    Erik Chetelat11 days ago

    Orange is my favorite, in the fall it doesn't work but I avoid green unless I play in snow.

  64. Mitch Lowe

    Mitch Lowe11 days ago

    I am drawn towards bright green

  65. Dave Tackett

    Dave Tackett11 days ago

    Favorite color, sky blue or pink. Neither found much in nature.

  66. Bubba Hall

    Bubba Hall11 days ago

    I always use orange putters.

  67. Ricky T

    Ricky T11 days ago

    I have a lot of pinks and purples. one, they are easy to find, and Two, my daughters like to pick them out

  68. Joseph Browning

    Joseph Browning11 days ago

    Pinks and Blues are the best for my bad eyes, but as long as I'm paying attention I can find anything except brown, gold, and light orange.

  69. Caley Allen

    Caley Allen11 days ago

    favorite disc color....the BRIGHTER THE BETTER! Pinks are great!

  70. Matthew Yanta

    Matthew Yanta11 days ago

    Purple is the way to go. I avoid Green and Yellow discs like the plague.

  71. Springy Sloth11

    Springy Sloth1111 days ago

    My favorite color of disc is any color that isn’t white. Lots of snow where I play, and it’s very hard to track white discs in the air. Almost lost my favorite white driver 2 times in one round yesterday.

  72. Owen Powers

    Owen Powers11 days ago

    Orange discs as orange is my favourite colour and conveniently one of the easiest colours to spot! Although I will say I love the look of my purple swirled enigma!

  73. Sami Sanssi

    Sami Sanssi11 days ago


  74. stich21

    stich2111 days ago

    I like the neon green discs. Stay away from white in winter and anything tie dye I can’t see well.

  75. Richard Hetzel

    Richard Hetzel11 days ago

    I like several colors, but I definitely avoid the orange!

  76. Nathaniel Zirkle

    Nathaniel Zirkle11 days ago

    White with a nice dye job.

  77. Cameron Someliana-Lauer

    Cameron Someliana-Lauer11 days ago

    No greens of any kind

  78. Devin Cleary

    Devin Cleary11 days ago

    Orange and red are always my go to

  79. Gunslinger Pikachu

    Gunslinger Pikachu11 days ago

    Gotta say I love that pink swirly discs... love the content!

  80. Scott Byne

    Scott Byne11 days ago

    Pink ..... easy find when I throw it into the woods.

  81. Scott Vallejo

    Scott Vallejo11 days ago

    I love white discs because then I can dye them. I avoid green and brown/tan discs as I tend to struggle to find them out here in the SoCal dirt and grass lol

  82. Josh A

    Josh A11 days ago

    I love orange, but after 2 weeks of having an all orange bag I switched. Way too hard to pick out whatcha want. So right now its probably streamlines cosmic neutron pattern

  83. Chaser 90EK

    Chaser 90EK11 days ago

    I try to avoid earth tones... No idea why they even make brown discs. I like nice white discs, especially since I can see them age.

  84. Adam Haggerty

    Adam Haggerty11 days ago

    Favorite color is orange but like anything bright that stands out. Although I have plenty of grass/leaves colored discs I've had since I started that I somehow haven't lost yet!

  85. HOLLYWOODxx5

    HOLLYWOODxx511 days ago

    I find myself getting a lot of Orange discs

  86. Clint Kimbrell

    Clint Kimbrell11 days ago

    I avoid dyed discs. They’re basically camouflage

  87. mark humphrey

    mark humphrey11 days ago

    pink, then bright neon green, bright orange.

  88. Joe Johnson

    Joe Johnson11 days ago

    I like bright discs since they are easier to find I.e. bright orange. I sometimes grab the wrong disc when I have too many of the same color, so I try to diversify colors.

  89. Ben Wood

    Ben Wood11 days ago

    I usually try to avoid brown discs. When they get into the underbrush it’s a pain to find them.

  90. Makers Telemark

    Makers Telemark11 days ago

    Pink, or yellow.

  91. Blaine Wood

    Blaine Wood11 days ago

    Always go for the bright blues, purples, and pinks. As someone who is colorblind those seem to be the easiest to find!

  92. Matty Wake

    Matty Wake11 days ago

    Got to say pink, no other bright color that doesn't blend in in some season here in New England.

  93. Justin Baucom

    Justin Baucom11 days ago

    In order for my disc favorite colors Neon: Green,Pink,Orange. Loved the Anger Beaver coverage!

  94. Justin Balcome

    Justin Balcome12 days ago

    White is my favorite color of disc White is the worst color to have your disc

  95. Juan Sanchez

    Juan Sanchez12 days ago

    I feel like my favorite color disc is constantly changing, its usually the color i have the least of or none of though, so at one point i didnt have any pink discs so that was my favorite color when I finally got one, didn't have a many green discs, so that was my favortie color disc when i got one, right now im on the hunt for my first black disc so it will definitely be my favorite color disc when i get one haha

  96. Clay Smith

    Clay Smith12 days ago

    I live in south carolina so any bright colors and stay away from dark colors cause you will never find them

  97. Darin Ladd

    Darin Ladd12 days ago

    Crystal Z Blue (Buzzz). I just like it for sentimental reasons....

  98. Czizes Gonti

    Czizes Gonti12 days ago

    This back 9 is very similar to the only course I have in my hometown. nice. btw I do have my P model S putter which is also light pink and I like it very much especially in the winter. As a noob just avoid colors which are blending with the environment :P

  99. Ichthus Disc Golf

    Ichthus Disc Golf12 days ago

    favorite colors: pink / blue / yellow... I try to stay away from green / orange

  100. Curtis Rinehart

    Curtis Rinehart12 days ago

    Blue for overstable disc. Chartreuse day glo star plastic

  101. agetori77

    agetori7712 days ago

    Bright colors. Pink, yellow, white with some dye. I hope Uli's charlie horse is OK ;)

  102. BMFJ

    BMFJ12 days ago

    I go with red or orange for drivers so I can find them.