2021 Maricopa Open • Round 1 • Front 9 • Adam Hammes • Anthony Barela • Cat Allen • Jennifer Allen

2021 Maricopa Open presented by Infinite Discs
Mixed • Round 1 • Front 9
Featuring: Adam Hammes, Anthony Barela, Catrina Allen, Jennifer Allen
Commentary: Mike Jewel & The Disc Golf Guy
Cameras: Curtis Van Slyke & The Disc Golf Guy
Edit: The Disc Golf Guy
Location: Copper Sky Rec Complex, Maricopa, AZ
Date: Saturday January 30, 2021
The Disc Golf Guy Channel is back in Arizona for the second time in three weekends. This is also my 7th trip to Maricopa for the Maricopa Open presented by Infinite Discs.
A few weeks ago we watched both Adam Hammes and Anthony Barela battle hard where Hammes came out on top but this place does hold a special place in history as it's also the event where AB accepted his first ever cash and became a pro.
The card also features Arizona's own Jennifer Allen along with off-season resident, Catrina Allen. Everyone was asked about being on this card first round and we are all expecting to see some great golf at Marciopa's Copper Sky Recreation Complex.
Huge shout out to both Pete Ulibarri (Maricopa Meadows) and Mike Jewel (Copper Sky) for helping with some drone previews along with all of my Patreon subscribers and supporters. Sam and Chuck Russ have again hired me to cover this event and I'm honored to do so. Thank you to them and all of the coverage sponsors and anyone else that helps with the production.
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  1. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguy26 days ago

    Oh - you know what to do ... like, share, and subscribe. By doing so, you are eligible to win something from the DG Guy vault of random goodies.

  2. Austen

    Austen5 days ago

    The dogs playing was my favorite background activity

  3. HDTV Guys

    HDTV Guys5 days ago

    Just an FYI: AB lost a bet so he had to sport his girlfriends shorts and an 80's olympic t-shirt.

  4. Justin Choi

    Justin Choi17 days ago

    I hope mixed cards hsppen more often. At least for 1st round of events

  5. ColdToiletSeats

    ColdToiletSeats19 days ago

    Jennifer has the worst putting style I've ever seen in my life ... 15:48 is pathetic .. change your form you putt like a ma4 kid with a 3 disc starter pack

  6. Matt McGovern

    Matt McGovern20 days ago

    The best non disc golf thing in the park was the dog park!

  7. Graham Fox

    Graham Fox21 day ago

    favorite sport in the park - playing with puppies!

  8. benagoh74

    benagoh7421 day ago


  9. Victor Galvan

    Victor Galvan22 days ago

    Man, is it just me or Jen smokin' hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. Outdoor Enthusiast

    Outdoor Enthusiast22 days ago

    It’s cool to watch the MPO’s and FPO’s play together. The course is kind of a dump though

  11. Josh Jones

    Josh Jones22 days ago

    The sport of people watching

  12. Patrick Gollhofer

    Patrick Gollhofer23 days ago

    Anyone else notice the Disc left on hole 7?

  13. agetori77

    agetori7723 days ago

    omg the putting... start over from scratch with the basics... anything better than some of these :/ yikes

  14. Louis Brownell

    Louis Brownell23 days ago


  15. Louis Brownell

    Louis Brownell23 days ago

    Go cat

  16. ShadowFire

    ShadowFire23 days ago

    This course was built with the same graphics engine as Fallout 4

  17. raiderrob672

    raiderrob67223 days ago

    So many of the female players have really crazy putting styles. I would say if they fixed that part of their game their scores would go way down.

  18. raiderrob672

    raiderrob67223 days ago

    Jen Allen hole 5 inside 10 feet does that strange start at the left shoulder ani, curveball putt and hits high right. FIX IT!

  19. Joseph Johnson

    Joseph Johnson23 days ago

    Seeing some of the 2021 season starting to air makes me so excited. It needs to be spring I'm tired of playing in the cold!!

  20. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguy23 days ago

    Yeah - a little sunshine and 70 degree temps will do that. Well, if you can't be there at least watching it can get you excited and make you feel like you're there.

  21. Zachary Wilderman

    Zachary Wilderman24 days ago

    Soccer is my second favorite for sure!

  22. Tucker Gamble

    Tucker Gamble24 days ago

    Lacrosse is my favorite

  23. Derek Cooper

    Derek Cooper24 days ago


  24. Chaser 90EK

    Chaser 90EK24 days ago

    Lacrosse! I wasn't good at it but it was fun to play.

  25. Corey Hoffman

    Corey Hoffman24 days ago

    Favorite sport would be baseball. Thanks for the awesome coverage

  26. Brian Norris

    Brian Norris24 days ago

    Two of the most beautiful women in sports! Playing on a card with them two wow. The butterflies in my stomach would make me feel like a kid again!

  27. Robbie Miles

    Robbie Miles24 days ago

    Awesome body on Jennifer, wow. On a serious note, her entire putting motion and release is so goofy, surprised she doesn't switch to something more orthodox. Final thought... this course looks like it was something that was setup in 1 day flat, basically a temp course, ha.

  28. David Anfenson

    David Anfenson24 days ago

    Am I missing something, why in the world is Jennifer Allen putting with that form?

  29. Ashton gade

    Ashton gade24 days ago


  30. Ken Tew

    Ken Tew24 days ago

    soccer is my other obsession. between disc golf and soccer, I am usually watching, playing or coaching one of them.

  31. Tim Kiester

    Tim Kiester24 days ago

    I love watching a mixed card! If I couldn't be watching disc golf, it would be soccer.

  32. Von Hyzerberg

    Von Hyzerberg24 days ago

    Sitting on the arse in the grass🤙🏼

  33. Tyler Grady

    Tyler Grady24 days ago

    What’s the reason for the mixed card? Digging it but curious as to why?

  34. Bryan Jenshak

    Bryan Jenshak24 days ago

    21:47 He seems to have a pretty strong head game... ;)

  35. Jeremy Mcdonough

    Jeremy Mcdonough24 days ago

    I will add this to the list of course I don't want to play. I would rather play soccer here.

  36. Federico Sorenson

    Federico Sorenson25 days ago

    You did it!! +50k subs! congrats!!

  37. Jeremy Cashen

    Jeremy Cashen25 days ago

    My favorite thing happening in the park is probably birding. It's really fun and I bet there are some people out there lookin at some birds.

  38. Sammyofather `

    Sammyofather `25 days ago

    When I’m putting I tell myself “just throw the disc in the basket it’s not hard” or “throw it in the basket.. just throw it in the basket”

  39. T Chambers

    T Chambers25 days ago

    wait, they're not related...? is that a job? they're built the same and throw the same way. you cannot convince me they're not related.....

  40. L L

    L L25 days ago

    It's great to see MPO & FPO on the same card! Thanks for the coverage, DG guy!

  41. Joey G

    Joey G25 days ago


  42. Flippin Discs

    Flippin Discs25 days ago

    My favorite thing going on in the park is disc golf. Before that, I played in the local Adult Soccer League and before that, the City Softball League, so it's a very real progression for me...in that order. Really loved watching the women throw, especially Jen getting to AB's spot on 9. I understand they were different power level throws, but it's nice to see good results.

  43. Mike Aucoin

    Mike Aucoin25 days ago

    Softball's pretty fun to watch.

  44. Matt H

    Matt H25 days ago

    Hockey and baseball are the two sports I follow besides disc golf

  45. Adrian

    Adrian25 days ago

    Basketball, or Football

  46. Micheal Grzywinski

    Micheal Grzywinski25 days ago

    Great coverage and commentary Terry

  47. Jesse Diller

    Jesse Diller25 days ago

    a minute in, and got my first question...MPO/FPO on the same card? all one division?

  48. Stevie B Comics

    Stevie B Comics25 days ago

    I'm a little confused as to why the men and women are on the same card. But I love it! Thanks!

  49. Phil Johnson

    Phil Johnson25 days ago

    You're both saying hole six isn't really 380, so AB throwing a mid is not really anything noteworthy, is it?

  50. casey gardner

    casey gardner25 days ago

    Peewee football... love watching those little dudes play the game the right way still lol

  51. Michael Yahner

    Michael Yahner25 days ago

    J Allen. That was going on, in a non disc golf related way.

  52. hassonk9276

    hassonk927625 days ago

    Played baseball from T-ball through high school. I'd def be over watching softball.

  53. J.R. Gordon

    J.R. Gordon25 days ago

    Didnt see anyone doing it, but id love to skateboard in that ditch

  54. wayne johnson

    wayne johnson25 days ago

    softball. when i was younger. great coverage. thanks

  55. Justin TheBasket

    Justin TheBasket25 days ago

    What's the rule on moving rocks? Never thought twice about kicking small loose stones out from under my foot. Is there a size or distinction when it becomes illegal? Not that I saw someone do it in this video but hole 5 had me wondering.

  56. Jonathan Peterson

    Jonathan Peterson25 days ago

    Great coverage as usual, before too long you'll be giving Smashboxx a run for their money. Love seeing other activity in the park regardless of what it is unless they're walking across the fairway disturbing play.

  57. Brett Rosso

    Brett Rosso25 days ago

    Played with Mike at the Memorial 3-4 years ago. Good dude!

  58. SmashBoxxTV

    SmashBoxxTV25 days ago

    This is neato. Good job.

  59. Jon Horgan

    Jon Horgan25 days ago

    my favorite sport was the guy on the scooter who apparently was the reason adam missed his one par putt early on. That, or AB’s girlfriend

  60. revpgesqredux

    revpgesqredux25 days ago

    I haven't seen Jen in a long time. The tour misses her when she isn't there... Be so great to have her and the top few Euros at every event....

  61. lowelltedesco

    lowelltedesco25 days ago

    AB rockin the skirt

  62. ToothFairyRetributionManifesto

    ToothFairyRetributionManifesto25 days ago

    Favorite activity at the park? Besides disc golf? Hmmmm, we'll go with soccer, since my 5 year old daughter just started this year.

  63. Ron Jones

    Ron Jones24 days ago

    Nothing more fun than watching the herds of little soccer players stumble from one end of the field to the other.

  64. DG GOD

    DG GOD25 days ago

    I love Jenifer Allen!! ❤️❤️

  65. Jaakko A

    Jaakko A25 days ago

    Allens not related??? 😳😳😳😳 I thought they were sisters 🤯

  66. Alan Comeau

    Alan Comeau25 days ago

    Holy crap. Second tourney in a row watching Jennifer Allen implode when putting. Hard to see a pro with the yips. She’s such a strong player otherwise, but if you can’t putt at the pro level, you’re not going to win.

  67. Joseph Handy

    Joseph Handy25 days ago

    Nice video, thanks for the footage. I'd have to say depending on the park playing some horseshoes takes me back. That's be my go to if there's no disc golf. Thanks again keep'm coming. 🥏🥏🥏💪

  68. Michael Myers

    Michael Myers25 days ago

    Good stuff Terry! Keep pumping out content! Miss playing fatmans baseball :)

  69. Ulrich Von Stomp

    Ulrich Von Stomp25 days ago

    A.B.'s shirt had basically the same color scheme as Jeremy Koling's bag in a recent video! :)

  70. sfincione2000

    sfincione200025 days ago

    Wow, what a horrible course. Disc golf relegated to the storm drains and around the "real" sports eh?

  71. sjs626

    sjs62625 days ago

    Thanks for covering. These events are fun to watch. My daughter is AB's "fan". Greetings from your home state.

  72. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguy7 days ago

    You're from Wisconsin? That's awesome.

  73. Rick Hansen

    Rick Hansen25 days ago

    is this course in the pit from parks and rec? Wow

  74. Brian Scovern

    Brian Scovern25 days ago

    That is one ugly course.

  75. ToothFairyRetributionManifesto

    ToothFairyRetributionManifesto25 days ago


  76. Daniel Klingelsmith

    Daniel Klingelsmith25 days ago

    This is borderline, a urban alternative dg course, what do the players have to say about it Terry? Who gives a thumbs-down, for real?

  77. Mike Wagner

    Mike Wagner25 days ago

    OMG!!! Cant wait to get out again!!!!

  78. Marty Coplea

    Marty Coplea25 days ago

    Great coverage and always awesome to see you out here in AZ!

  79. Alexander Rolfs

    Alexander Rolfs25 days ago

    Wtf pdga? That course is ratfucked.

  80. Dave Ross

    Dave Ross25 days ago


  81. M _

    M _25 days ago

    The rocks hurt my soul.

  82. Tyler Bruce

    Tyler Bruce25 days ago

    it's amazing how Jen gets any power on her putt at all with such a short pull back. She obviously has some serious power because she throws a mile farther than I can lol!

  83. Scott Vallejo

    Scott Vallejo25 days ago

    Only thing as fun as disc golf is Beer League Softball! Love it!

  84. Alex Martishius

    Alex Martishius25 days ago

    favorite OTHER activity is pickup basketball

  85. Lucas Dick

    Lucas Dick25 days ago

    small post note, you should put a Lut on it to make it pop little more.

  86. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguy7 days ago

    If I was more talented, I'd totally do that. Could I pay you to make me a nice one? I'd love for my footage to look more consistent and a little deeper and richer.

  87. Nod L

    Nod L25 days ago

    Kite Flying :). That`s my favourite park pastime besides Disc Golf.

  88. Swarllie

    Swarllie25 days ago

    Thanks for the coverage!! It's too cold and snowy by me right now to get out. Appreciate the fresh 2021 start.

  89. WC 'Strawberry' Fields

    WC 'Strawberry' Fields25 days ago

    Jen's putt looks awfully rushed.

  90. Daniel Klever

    Daniel Klever25 days ago

    I'd like to do some combat juggling in the park. (It's real I promise)

  91. outwildest

    outwildest25 days ago

    Soccer for sure. I played for years growing up and still have great love for the game. I’d probably get distracted watching soccer as well.

  92. larry weaver

    larry weaver25 days ago

    Professional picnicking!

  93. Tim Pascale

    Tim Pascale25 days ago

    I just love all the people out doing things. So much different than allowed in Massachusetts!

  94. Joshua Walker

    Joshua Walker25 days ago

    Terry makes me laugh so hard😂😂

  95. PhilGeissler

    PhilGeissler25 days ago

    I think this is the first tournament I've watched where the guys and the gals play together. Very cool!

  96. Ken Sherlock

    Ken Sherlock25 days ago

    Thank you for the coverage. Jealous of those who can play in shorts this time of year.

  97. Solomonster1 Solomonster1

    Solomonster1 Solomonster125 days ago

    Soccer %1000!!!

  98. Dominic T

    Dominic T25 days ago

    Gotta be baseball. Missing college ball every day!

  99. aklevin

    aklevin25 days ago

    Had a ton of work to do when this popped up with Catrina's name in the title and I just had to watch :) Thanks for the coverage. Also: Spikeball!

  100. Andy Madison

    Andy Madison25 days ago

    Feeling jealous. Cold and windy here in West Tennessee. Great coverage.

  101. stidudiiduri

    stidudiiduri25 days ago

    Allen's are not the greatest putters

  102. stidudiiduri

    stidudiiduri25 days ago

    Who is she? 8:15

  103. James Rowe

    James Rowe25 days ago

    I didn't know that they had disc golf in Beirut! Nice (not)

  104. Dagny T

    Dagny T25 days ago

    In Charlotte you're likely to see Cricket being played

  105. revpgesqredux

    revpgesqredux25 days ago

    In Charlotte, Kilbourne used to be nicknamed Killdisc, but this course takes the cake for disc damage. LoL

  106. Craig’s Cuts

    Craig’s Cuts26 days ago

    Jenn Allen has form that no one should ever try to imitate , looks painful

  107. Paulo Solari

    Paulo Solari24 days ago

    We will pray for her to learn more!