2021 Maricopa Open • Round 1 • Back 9 • Adam Hammes • Anthony Barela • Cat Allen • Jennifer Allen

2021 Maricopa Open presented by Infinite Discs
Mixed • Round 1 • Back 9
Featuring: Adam Hammes, Anthony Barela, Catrina Allen, Jennifer Allen
Commentary: Mike Jewel & The Disc Golf Guy
Cameras: Curtis Van Slyke & The Disc Golf Guy
Edit: The Disc Golf Guy
Location: Copper Sky Rec Complex, Maricopa, AZ
Date: Saturday January 30, 2021
The Disc Golf Guy Channel is back in Arizona for the second time in three weekends. This is also my 7th trip to Maricopa for the Maricopa Open presented by Infinite Discs.
A few weeks ago we watched both Adam Hammes and Anthony Barela battle hard where Hammes came out on top but this place does hold a special place in history as it's the event where AB accepted his first ever cash and became a pro. Which young superstar has the upper hand and should we look to any others to make things interesting? Clint Calvin IS rated 1033 right now which is the second highest in the field.
The card also features Arizona's own Jennifer Allen along with off-season resident, Catrina Allen. Everyone was asked about being on this card first round and we are all expecting to see some great golf at Marciopa's Copper Sky Recreation Complex.
Huge shout out to both Pete Ulibarri (Maricopa Meadows) and Mike Jewel (Copper Sky) for helping with some drone previews along with all of my Patreon subscribers and supporters. Sam and Chuck Russ have again hired me to cover this event and I'm honored to do so. Thank you to them and all of the coverage sponsors and anyone else that helps with the production.
If you wish to look at the event's FULL RESULTS and spoil the outcome you can click here:
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    Recording is done and the front half should be loaded within an hour. We both had life things and plan to finish the back half recording later tonight. Back should be up with your morning coffee (or earlier).

  3. Chad Solberg

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    @thediscgolfguy Doooooo it!!!!!!

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    Awesome 🤘

  5. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguy24 days ago

    I'm literally at my pc, about to hit record with Pete Ulibarri for round 2 this very moment.

  6. shortweaver33

    shortweaver3324 days ago

    When is round 2 coming out ?

  7. HDTV Guys

    HDTV Guys5 days ago

    In The Bag: sandpaper and snake bite kit.

  8. Barbeqdbrwniez

    Barbeqdbrwniez9 days ago

    Anybody else see the happy house at 34:00?

  9. Jim KNudson

    Jim KNudson17 days ago

    Some people didn't spend enough time putting in the off season. Ouch!

  10. Michael Jordon

    Michael Jordon19 days ago

    Oh my god he threw a buzzz 320 straight what was he thinking.. Mind blown..

  11. Matt McGovern

    Matt McGovern20 days ago

    I love the split card. So fun to watch

  12. Brad Romans

    Brad Romans20 days ago

    Thank you for the coverage. Only 16 degrees where I am so its nice to see someone gets to play in the warmth and sunshine.

  13. benagoh74

    benagoh7421 day ago

    Enjoyed the round

  14. smtx

    smtx21 day ago

    If this course was my introduction to DG I woulda never started playing. Good god that looks terrible.

  15. threehorn1

    threehorn121 day ago

    That's painful to watch. Putting is the easiest thing to practice.

  16. Jason Butch

    Jason Butch21 day ago

    18 is just a dumb layout

  17. Jason Butch

    Jason Butch21 day ago

    The two portable outhouses ON the 13th green is a nice touch. Classy!

  18. TheRealSugarShane

    TheRealSugarShane22 days ago

    Also, Jennifer Allen has an absolute cannon. If she honed in her putting game, she could dominate.

  19. TheRealSugarShane

    TheRealSugarShane22 days ago

    Gotta feel for AB watching Adam sink long put after long put and having to follow that up haha

  20. Tim Naylor

    Tim Naylor23 days ago

    Thanks for the FPO coverage, glad to see some #respecthergame

  21. Michael Jones

    Michael Jones23 days ago

    7:22 he can't see it because it's clear. Duh.

  22. Derek Cooper

    Derek Cooper23 days ago

    Triscksy outs of boundses

  23. Alec Davis

    Alec Davis23 days ago

    16 Hole, graphic gave AB a par. Didn't he go OB on the road?

  24. ToothFairyRetributionManifesto

    ToothFairyRetributionManifesto23 days ago

    Can someone explain the theory behind lining up every putt on an extreme hyzer angle and then releasing your putts on anhyzer? Seems counter-intuitive and the results were good today. I can see how the spin anhyzer motion helps generate power for those 35-60 foot putts, but seems silly up close.

  25. awhislyle

    awhislyle23 days ago

    The mixed card was really a treat, I don't know how the players feel but I really enjoyed getting to watch a round like that!

  26. Blind DG

    Blind DG24 days ago

    Sidewalk straddlers... wasn’t that a ska band from the mid-90’s?

  27. Tucker Gamble

    Tucker Gamble24 days ago

    That hole 18 is an interesting layout to say the least....

  28. AJ Brown

    AJ Brown24 days ago

    That a Louis belt Adam is wearing?

  29. Ashton gade

    Ashton gade24 days ago

    funny course with all the ob and obstacles

  30. Yobroitsjoeable

    Yobroitsjoeable24 days ago

    Great coverage, but why does no one have a mask let alone wear one, including spectators?

  31. _ Moses_

    _ Moses_24 days ago

    The Legacy Enemy is an incredible disc. Especially the 2016 AM worlds run . My buddy Jeff gave it to me for Christmas.

  32. J Simo

    J Simo24 days ago

    are the allen women sisters? the thumbnail of the video looks like it.

  33. Jeremy Mcdonough

    Jeremy Mcdonough24 days ago

    Adam had a great round. Fun to watch

  34. E Can Throw

    E Can Throw24 days ago

    This is one of the easiest wide open courses I’ve seen and yet they score over par?

  35. Kai Benjaminsen

    Kai Benjaminsen24 days ago

    Thanks for the great coverage, again! :)

  36. kolbee911

    kolbee91125 days ago

    As one of the better FPO putters it was rough seeing Jennifer miss all of her easier looks for birdie.. BUT...I love that she was smiling throughout and engaging...don't have as much experience with Jennifer as to her person but after seeing how she is out there...instant fan!...she didn't win the tournament but she won the better prize...respect

  37. ToothFairyRetributionManifesto

    ToothFairyRetributionManifesto23 days ago

    Is she one of the better FPO putters though? I would argue thought she is one of the best off the Tee, but her putting motion has too many moving parts to be consistent.

  38. jorge pina

    jorge pina25 days ago

    You need to get Mike back in the booth, great co-commentary!

  39. Vsx 1

    Vsx 125 days ago

    Love the MPO/FPO mixed card! Great idea!

  40. The Pickle

    The Pickle25 days ago

    Can't wait to see when travels to the western Pennsylvania area...This looked like a good course, tricky 18th

  41. Lon Lonzinski

    Lon Lonzinski25 days ago

    Adam's drive at 22:22 has something weird in the picture that makes it look like it gets kicked down shortly after leaving his hand.

  42. Jeremy Farrell

    Jeremy Farrell25 days ago

    @thediscgolfguy where's the rest of this?

  43. Kari Sumner

    Kari Sumner25 days ago

    I like the mixed doubles format

  44. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguy7 days ago

    Hey Kari - please reach out to me via my 'about' page here on USlikes. Seems like I have a free item for ya!

  45. Daniel Adderley

    Daniel Adderley25 days ago

    Such a hilariously shit disc golf course. More building sites in disc golf!

  46. Ross Thomas

    Ross Thomas25 days ago

    What is the 2 meter rule?

  47. Tage Aaker

    Tage Aaker25 days ago

    Did Adam leave his putter at the base? Throw: uslikes.info/house/mZexuKygxKpqY5k/video.html Still there: uslikes.info/house/mZexuKygxKpqY5k/video.html

  48. Tony Gutermuth

    Tony Gutermuth25 days ago

    Great coverage. Great disc golf. But man, what an ugly course. Too much concrete and porta-pottys.

  49. Jud Martin

    Jud Martin25 days ago

    Wouldn't Jen's putt after her out-of-bounds shot on the last hole be a violation of stance for having her back foot out-of-bounds as well?

  50. Jud Martin

    Jud Martin25 days ago

    Nm... went and looked again and realized the line bends to the right.

  51. aticsmtb

    aticsmtb25 days ago

    Lol at the thumbnail. I am supposed to respect her game when she cant respect the sanctity of marriage? This chick adding strokes to her game on purpose.

  52. Quentin Smith

    Quentin Smith25 days ago

    We're cracking up the commentary is pure *chef's kiss* So much phrasing 🤣🤣

  53. Maxwell Stark

    Maxwell Stark25 days ago

    I feel bad for all that plastic with this rough terrain.

  54. casey gardner

    casey gardner25 days ago

    Awesome coverage as always and a great commentating partner can’t wait to seethe conclusion

  55. Chill Okapi

    Chill Okapi25 days ago

    Is Jennifer trying her best to miss every short putt with those turbos?

  56. Palkd

    Palkd25 days ago

    FPO is always good for the light chuckles

  57. K V

    K V25 days ago

    Is there not a better course around?

  58. David Redden

    David Redden25 days ago

    Yes the 2 meter rule should be followed ALWAYS!

  59. Guillaume Figuié

    Guillaume Figuié25 days ago

    Rocky course ... Perfect for beating new disc(s) !

  60. Frank Buttacavoli

    Frank Buttacavoli25 days ago

    Tough round for the Allen sisters. I'm sure they'll pick it up on the next one.

  61. Jeff Freeman

    Jeff Freeman25 days ago

    Winners throw Whamo!

  62. Alley

    Alley25 days ago

    This course is a bit unsightly

  63. Thomas Kerr

    Thomas Kerr25 days ago

    @5:33 Crinnnnnnngggeee - god, don’t do that...

  64. ToothFairyRetributionManifesto

    ToothFairyRetributionManifesto25 days ago

    Holy Hell, I'm starting to get scared about my next tap-in. YIKES.

  65. Zachary Wurth

    Zachary Wurth25 days ago

    This course is hysterical.

  66. Victor Monreal

    Victor Monreal25 days ago

    Great weather and coverage!

  67. lkjsdf1

    lkjsdf125 days ago

    Man, I really loved watching everyone on this card!

  68. Brad M

    Brad M25 days ago

    The worst disc golf course layout I have ever seen.

  69. Ron Lincoln

    Ron Lincoln25 days ago

    More AB "fan" please.

  70. Bart G

    Bart G25 days ago

    I'm sure Jen will figure it out. She is so good of a thrower. Play long enough and it happens to everyone. Losing confidence is the worst.

  71. James Segerberg

    James Segerberg25 days ago

    Skateboarding I love all the references

  72. Disc Blaster

    Disc Blaster25 days ago

    Cmon Terry, where is the second round broseph?

  73. DNA

    DNA25 days ago

    "Yaaaas queen get it" 😆 🤣

  74. cameron kubala

    cameron kubala25 days ago

    Great content ! Like to see some of the smaller tournaments getting covered by good camera work.

  75. gogopossum

    gogopossum25 days ago

    10:40 I did a double take, they put the graphic over Jennifer’s name plate, but correctly put the +3 on Caterina.

  76. josh gutierrez

    josh gutierrez25 days ago

    I could be wrong but I don't see an advantage to the turbo putt in these conditions. I understand that it can come in handy when there is brush or woods you have to go through and can't do your normal putt but this makes no sense to me. Jen would be killing it if she could consistently make these short putts. Am I missing something?

  77. Joe Hand

    Joe Hand25 days ago

    Do you know the story behind the two meter rule? I heard it's from some guy who was super tall and was like into yoga and he was able to like make pots and do crazy stuff with his foot behind his desk and that's where the two meter rule comes from cuz he couldn't reach it

  78. Kolte Breck

    Kolte Breck25 days ago

    Adam and Cat look like siblings haha

  79. Scott Vallejo

    Scott Vallejo25 days ago

    Cat finding the OB was a heartbreaker. She's so talented she easily could have made that distance to the pin.

  80. Dickie Brewer

    Dickie Brewer25 days ago

    Did Airborn sponsor hole 12? (The shade on the fence looks like the Airborn emblem :)

  81. Tyler Liebman

    Tyler Liebman25 days ago

    This is hands down the ugliest course I have ever laid eyes on lol

  82. Jason Butch

    Jason Butch21 day ago

    Is this even a real course or just a spot they could throw down a bunch of baskets and call it good? 2 rounds on the other course would have been better

  83. Tim Cummings

    Tim Cummings24 days ago

    i bet you lubbock texas has one that's worse... but yeah.

  84. Reid Kemp

    Reid Kemp25 days ago

    Tyler Liebman funny enough... if u watch the second round. Possibly the most beautiful course you’ll lay eyes on.

  85. Jacob Abel

    Jacob Abel25 days ago

    Did airborn disc golf sponge hole 12 backstop?

  86. Dave Spotts

    Dave Spotts25 days ago

    Jen Allen is a Mom, a physical therapist, a professional disc golfer and a springy workout warrior ! What an impressive woman!!

  87. OjiStatus N8ive

    OjiStatus N8ive25 days ago

    50/50 is/was indeed a soda, it was one of my favorite sodas as a child lol

  88. Bobby Swain

    Bobby Swain25 days ago

    Nice job

  89. Cory Allan

    Cory Allan25 days ago

    Half expecting to see punks on motorcycles and leather clad freaks in custom circus trucks terrorize this landscape and force everyone to birdie 😗

  90. redeye

    redeye25 days ago

    Mad Max: Beyond the Domey Thunderbird

  91. Gay mOnGoose

    Gay mOnGoose25 days ago

    very weird course... great coverage as usual!

  92. outwildest

    outwildest25 days ago

    Great footage! Keep it coming

  93. Ben Link

    Ben Link25 days ago

    Props to the MPO FPO split- was cool

  94. DiscGolfer93

    DiscGolfer9325 days ago

    Please tell me Cat misses some 10ft putts haha then I’ll watch.

  95. Chad L

    Chad L25 days ago

    glad to see covid gone in Arizona, amazing. Not even pretending to follow PDGA guidelines in this tourney?

  96. tpalmer1986

    tpalmer198625 days ago

    Thanks terry, love what you do! Can't wait for meadows, better course to rep az!

  97. Ken Sherlock

    Ken Sherlock25 days ago

    Hoping that Jennifer can cure herself of "the yips". The rest of her game is top FPO level.

  98. Brent Gaul

    Brent Gaul25 days ago

    Jen needs to use her legs when she putts. There's no power coming from her lower body.

  99. Justin TheBasket

    Justin TheBasket25 days ago

    Yep. And I think Katrina needs to bend less at the waist (I do the same thing)and lose the hyzer putt. People say she has bad luck with roll aways but that's what happens when your disc hits it's target at 45 degrees or steeper. I'd love to see her completely retool her put. She is possibly the best in the game off the tee, and possibly the best on approaches inside 175 or so.

  100. OjiStatus N8ive

    OjiStatus N8ive25 days ago

    I was thinking the same thing. She seems to putt with strictly arm momentum/power, which sometimes ends up like a noodle arm putt that produces about as much accuracy as it does power and consistency. No real pull back/down on the putt backstroke, and no follow-through up towards the basket on the release, plus add in the lack of the inclusion of her hips and legs to get that extra bit of power to push it to the basket. Just a simple bend and curl at the elbow and then snap arm straight out with hopes of it hitting metal. I feel she missed out on at least 5 strokes off her score as a result of her putt game this round.

  101. Josh A

    Josh A25 days ago

    If I learned onething watching this, its that I would not do well here! I never get to throw spike hyzers in my wooded courses near me

  102. aklevin

    aklevin25 days ago

    There's something to be said for watching pros play 250-350ft holes. It's fun watching them try to rein in their power where I'd need a full crush + favourable winds. @Terry, the consistency-fanatical side of me is wondering about the shortening of Cat's name in the video title - was it because there wasn't enough space?

  103. scott c

    scott c25 days ago

    Thanks for the coverage Terry 👍

  104. Keanu Deeter-Combs

    Keanu Deeter-Combs25 days ago

    Me waiting up at 5oclock for round 2.... is it there yet??

  105. Tanner Allen

    Tanner Allen25 days ago

    Note to self, practice putting more.

  106. Mary Beth Moody

    Mary Beth Moody26 days ago

    Great coverage! Love seeing MPO and FPO playing together!

  107. Dan Gordon

    Dan Gordon26 days ago

    My thought on the two meter rule is that I am generally out of favor with it. With that said, if a course was designed to use it, then I think it should be used. A couple of benefits that I see for it are that it may protect the trees a bit by discouraging throws into them and likewise may help pace of play. The thing I don’t like about the rule is a lot of times the outcome related to a whether a disc sticks in a tree above two meters feels lucky. It seems best to have a score reflect skill rather than luck.

  108. David Kolarik

    David Kolarik26 days ago

    Imagine how good score would Cat have if she made at least half of the putts that she missed

  109. Kent A

    Kent A24 days ago

    It's agonizing to watch Cat put. Reminds me of having an off day.

  110. Fozzdawg

    Fozzdawg26 days ago

    Really love the MPO/FPO split Feature Card for the first round! Hope we can continue to see more of it in the future

  111. Josiah Lonsway

    Josiah Lonsway24 days ago

    Fozz: Yeah, it's so cool to see the split card! It is very enjoyable to learn form both the MPO and FPO fields! Mark: I don't think Barry thought what you thought he thought! lol Barry: I agree that male vs male and female vs female defined by DNA is the correct route for competitive sports. Basic genetic science is an easy guide to follow while confronting feelings-based arguments.

  112. Mista Glista

    Mista Glista25 days ago

    Agreed. Very cool approach for lower-key events.

  113. Mark Russell

    Mark Russell25 days ago

    @Barry Gwinn They're not competing against the men, their score stays in the FPO field only, that is unless the TD decides to not include an FPO field but that's become pretty rare. This approach is pretty typical when one person/crew is covering the tournament, it gets both MPO and FPO coverage for the first round instead of one or the other.

  114. Barry Gwinn

    Barry Gwinn25 days ago

    I enjoyed it as well, but I hope we can maintain integrity and common sense moving forward, concerning female athletes being required to compete against anything other than other born female competitors. Femininity will quietly walk away and leave yet another activity for men only, if not. Many women will gradually fade away, others will quit abruptly, neither voicing their displeasure, always putting others feelings ahead of voicing their own opinions. I know there are plenty that agree that wouldn't hit a like for the same reason, not wanting to offend that certain someone. Men and women are very different, let's just say physically for the sake of argument. Uhhhh, yes I really enjoyed the mixed card first round, at least from a viewer's perspective. I think it's more important to get the player's input on such matters, the men and women of course.

  115. brian6speed

    brian6speed26 days ago

    Nice try calling that pile of poop a "hillside". what an awful course.

  116. Reid Kemp

    Reid Kemp26 days ago

    No offense to copper sky, but this place is the ugly duckling compared to meadows 🌿🌳😍

  117. nolan gherity

    nolan gherity26 days ago

    13:57 just like the disc golf guy and guy fieri ARE related

  118. Disc Blaster

    Disc Blaster26 days ago

    Jen and Cat need a half pound of psilocybin and a two week stay on a deserted island with 1000 putters and some baskets

  119. Kuantrz

    Kuantrz25 days ago

    They are both good throwers but need to change their putt technique. Jenn could be at -4 with just a decent putting round. Cat could be a 5x world champ with a good putt...