2021 Shelly Sharpe • Rnd 2 • Back 9 • Drew Gibson • Anthony Barela • Garrett Tapken • Levi Hancock

2021 Shelly Sharpe Memorial presented by Spinners on the Green
MPO • Round 2 • Back 9
Featuring: Drew Gibson, Anthony Barela, Garrett Tapken, Levi Hancock
Commentary: Gary to the Oh & The Disc Golf Guy
Camera: Gary to the Oh & The Disc Golf Guy
Edit: The Disc Golf Guy
Location: Vista del Camino Park, Scottsdale, AZ
Date: Saturday, January 16 2021
Drew Gibson carries a one stroke lead into the second of three rounds here at the Vista del Camino XL layout. However, Garrett Tapken, Levi Hancock and Anthony Barela loom within a few strokes and with the amount of OB found on that course, a few strokes means nothing.
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    Wow AB is aggressive.

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    Star bogey is a "Stogey".

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    Heartbreak Hill is at about mile 20 of the Boston Marathon, Terry 😂

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    "Rolling coins" refers to making groups of fifty coins and putting them in a sleeve. Example: "Here are two rolls of quarters for your cash register -- that's $25" Counting two rolls is way easier than counting 100 coins.

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    I roll coins to take to the bank and cash in for paper, .50 cent roll of pennies, $2 roll of nickels, $5 roll of dimes, $10 roll of quarters. Literally rolling coins.

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    Pair of Northern Shovelers and an American Coot.

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    Great coverage, love to see some people enjoying nice weather, while I'm deciding if it's worth it to go throw in the snow... Hard to tell how far these guys are throwing. Not sure if it's the camerawork or the course... But you know when Gibson is pulling out midranges for his second shot on 700+ ft holes then the first one had to be good.

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    Maybe rolling the dice, but your odds are 50/50 ha

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    Rolling coins is when you donate to a children's hospital using one of those fun coin funnels.

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    Anyone else remember the skins match where Drew relentless teased and pestered Adam to the point where it was clearly not all in good fun? Yeah - I bet Adam didn't forget that either, and I'm sure it felt great to put the smack down on Drew and rip this tournament from his grasp.

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    Excited for the new season

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    Does anyone know if Drew is having some kind of injury? Guy is usually a bomber but seems to be throwing at 70% power at most in here.

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    Rolling coins? Reminds me of Feather Bowling in Michigan

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    Rolling coin is when you throw a flick roller with your putter.

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    Rolling coins is when a throwler goes into a pond, and you gotta buy a new disc.

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    Rolling Coins - heading out to party in your beater car with 13" tires...

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    Rolled coins. It's like your tire falling off and rolling away on the highway

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    Man, that's a rough last hole...

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    Rolling Coins sounds like Simon's next video, haha

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    Rolling, rolling, rawhide....I mean coins. It's rounding up all your coins and driving them to the bank.

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    I always call an all bogey hole a Rec Frame

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    "Be quiet. That's enough out of you" - Terry when Gary says he doesn't like candy. Had me dying

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    I mean and I let THAT guy room with me all weekend? Geesh.

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    Rolling coins-turning silver into green by rolling them and taking to the bank. (Easier to write name & phone number BEFORE rolling.) :) Old school.

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    Drew puttin in work!

  43. Tim Lucas

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    It was probably already said somewhere, but when Drew was fishing out AB's disc, you can see him drop his own mini into the water by accident.

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    A great primer for the upcoming season! Thanks!

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    Rolling coins is; preparing for a fight, rolling coins in your fist for extra damage. Terry you shouldn’t give out all your street cred in your coverage.

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    Oy, that rough patch for AB was hard to watch.

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    Would love to see AB make a run at some tournaments this year. So entertaining when he is playing well.

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    I hate when people walk in the door and catch me rolling coins. Super awkward.

  49. Ben Rowland

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    Starframe is when everybody cards a birdie or better. Parframe is a play on starframe that means everybody on the card had a par. Bogieframe would be the correct term if you kept the etymology consistent. Rolling coins is what you call it when your bag tips over on a hill and it's like a change purse exploded.

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    That hard ground an short grass just skips disc's

  51. Brenton Richards

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    Well we can call it grass ...

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    Great video.

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    Thanks, as always, Terry! If you could make a small change to your filming, I'd be most appreciative. Would you kindly include the footwork of all players on the teepad? The final two steps are absolutely critical, as footwork is the most important thing in disc golf after the grip. If we can't see their feet as they're reaching out and planting, it is difficult to analyse each throw Drew makes in frame-by-frame. Because there is no doubt: Drew "Daddy Backhand" Gibson has the best power backhand form of all time.

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    Rolling coins is just what I did back in the day when my piggy bank was full. Roll em up, cash em in.

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    Great play and smooth, concise coverage, thanks. Heading out for some throw in the snow shortly. EDIT: 'rolling coins' sounds like you're cleaning up in Vegas. Like, "Bob never lost a hand, he was really rolling coins".

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    Gibson's put this year is looking 100 X better that 2020.

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    Drew being testy? Nah man, that dude is super chill whenever I've seen him on camera! /s

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    I’ve pitched coins, made a few coins, and when I was broke and had no folding money I DID ROLL loose change... #rollingcoins

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    Rolling coins: when a disc rolling away actually costs you money in the event purse.

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    I was counting Wisconsin references again and had to wait until 18, but was rewarded with a Green Bay reference. Those rolling coins almost got you past without even one.

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    The only thing I can think about when I hear rolling coins is something I encountered as a kid at a science museum. You would put a quarter in the slot and it would just roll around this big circular thing that had the shape of a warped space-time continuum and the quarter would roll around it FOREVER on edge. So fascinating.

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