2021 Shelly Sharpe • Rnd 3 • Finals • Ohn Scoggins • Jen Allen • Hannah Stefanovich • Brandie Myers

2021 Shelly Sharpe Memorial presented by Spinners on the Green
FPO • Round 3 • Final 6
Featuring: Ohn Scoggins, Jen Allen, Hannah Stefanovich, Brandie Myers
Commentary: The Disc Golf Guy
Camera: Gary to the Oh & The Disc Golf Guy
Edit: The Disc Golf Guy
Location: Vista del Camino Park, Scottsdale, AZ
Date: Sunday, January 17 2021
We caught up with the women for the final 6 holes of the third round to see who would be crowned champion at the Shelly Sharpe Memorial. The tee times had overlapped previously but with a slight adjustment we were able to capture the end of the round to see our victor cash in her final putt.
Huge shout out to Pete Ulibarri for helping with some drone previews along with all of my Patreon subscribers and supporters. If it weren't for the support of Patreon, I would not be covering this event.
If you wish to look at the event's FULL RESULTS and spoil the outcome you can click here:
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  1. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguyMonth ago

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  2. daniel foote

    daniel foote11 days ago

    Thank you thediscgolfguy I wish that there was more coverage. Hole 18 I'm playing for the three all day.

  3. Brett Fritzler

    Brett Fritzler12 days ago

    Allen needs a putt. That turbo isn't getting it.

  4. Jack Kaufmann

    Jack Kaufmann16 days ago

    Masks are mind-control devices...nothing more.

  5. Tyler Higgins

    Tyler Higgins17 days ago


  6. dgprodigy 30

    dgprodigy 3017 days ago

    I would go for it all, full send lefty backhand.

  7. THE Hayride Driver

    THE Hayride Driver18 days ago

    I am playing for par on that one.

  8. Jim Byington

    Jim Byington20 days ago

    i will park it!!!

  9. Louis Brownell

    Louis Brownell21 day ago

    From the way I play try to get a 3 but will get a 4 safe

  10. Chaser 90EK

    Chaser 90EK24 days ago

    If I didn't have to go disc fishing on 18 I'd be ecstatic.

  11. Robert B

    Robert B25 days ago

    i'm runnin' every shot. Thx for getting this on vid, love watch Ohn whip those forehands!

  12. Benjamin Gerhardt

    Benjamin Gerhardt25 days ago

    You gotta try and park it! 😂

  13. agetori77

    agetori7727 days ago

    Entirely situational -- if need a birdie or no chance of dropping places, go for it. If not, take a par and go after an easier hole.

  14. Scott Lee

    Scott Lee27 days ago

    Thanks for the coverage! Always enjoy watching the FPO division.

  15. Playground Of Sound

    Playground Of Sound28 days ago

    Hannah 2024

  16. Seth Peake

    Seth Peake29 days ago

    I would be aggressive on hole 18. Leave it all out on the course.

  17. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguy29 days ago

    That sounds like a trick to me.

  18. Leonard Hannemann

    Leonard Hannemann29 days ago

    I think you should try to park it on the 18th and go for birdie!

  19. Micheal Grzywinski

    Micheal GrzywinskiMonth ago

    Great coverage and commentary Terry. Appreciate your efforts.

  20. Jesse Will

    Jesse WillMonth ago

    Definetly trying to park 18 for a birdie. It's the perfect backhand hole.

  21. Sofa Queen

    Sofa QueenMonth ago

    *** ALGORITHM BOOST *** Thank you for this coverage! Love watching the FPO. Terry, your efforts to make it possible are very appreciated. PS: Jeez, the place looks like a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Scary!

  22. Brian Perdue

    Brian PerdueMonth ago

    Can’t throw 381 so playing safe for sure

  23. Luke Richardson

    Luke RichardsonMonth ago

    I couldn’t reach the green on 18 like Jennifer so just trying to get it across! Thanks for the bonus 🦶 age

  24. Guillaume Figuié

    Guillaume FiguiéMonth ago

    Forced over backhand drive, short (hopefully) approach, small put, makes a 3 ...

  25. Tim Kiester

    Tim KiesterMonth ago

    I am always happy to just keep it dry.

  26. Dickie Brewer

    Dickie BrewerMonth ago

    Not sure how such a good player like Jen can have such a "needs improvement" putting game. She should be so much better. Great coverage Ter. Thanks.

  27. Bill

    BillMonth ago

    the graphics showing scores are too small for those of us who live in a limited data world. I have to watch everything at a low resolution. The names and numbers are a blur

  28. Jose Torres

    Jose TorresMonth ago

    Jennifer Allen all time FPO crush

  29. Matt Anderson

    Matt AndersonMonth ago

    3 would be a dream......making it left of the "trees" and no water would be my shot. basket would be the third goal. See you down in Maricopa!

  30. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguyMonth ago

    Sounds great Matt - see you there.

  31. Dennis Robertson

    Dennis RobertsonMonth ago

    Nice coverage!!!!!

  32. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguyMonth ago

    Thanks Dennis - glad you enjoyed it.

  33. Josh Ehrendreich

    Josh EhrendreichMonth ago

    I'm not used to seeing Jen Allen struggle with putting. Was hard to watch. I've seen enough video of her to realize she is way better. Here's hoping she bounces back soon!

  34. David Redden

    David ReddenMonth ago

    Oh my gosh the power that Jennifer Allen has!! Really enjoyed being able to her the players talk to each other and how they were encouraging one another and giving advice! TRUE SPORTSMAN!!

  35. Aiden Saari

    Aiden SaariMonth ago

    I would be trying to get the birdie with a hyzer with a force. I would play it to the right side of the circle to try and keep the water out of play

  36. Glenn Riser

    Glenn RiserMonth ago

    Thanks for the coverage Terry! Love the masks, don’t quite understand the high fives? I’m definitely throwing driver on 18!

  37. Scott Vallejo

    Scott VallejoMonth ago

    Great coverage! I'm for sure trying to park 18, i'm sure i'll be in the water off a skip, but still worth it lol

  38. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguyMonth ago

    No guts, no glory!

  39. Jacob9587

    Jacob9587Month ago

    Always love seeing the FPO coverage, even if it is limited! Appreciate the work you did to make this happen!

  40. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguyMonth ago

    Glad you enjoyed. Hopefully we see bigger fields and more women in the future and I'll keep my fingers crossed on getting more coverage out there as well.

  41. Will Wu

    Will WuMonth ago

    Hyzer-flip over the water with the hopes that it fades and skips closer to the pin.

  42. lkjsdf1

    lkjsdf1Month ago

    I'm definitely going for it, and definitely getting scared of the water and missing the mando...

  43. No Apologies

    No ApologiesMonth ago

    I'd go for it whether I was up or down. PM would go for it. PP would play safe even if she were leading by 10.

  44. Deputy Smoke

    Deputy SmokeMonth ago

    heck yeah I'd play for par on 18! Clearing water and not ob wold be great. Thanks Terry!

  45. Persiah 777

    Persiah 777Month ago

    Great teachable moment at 22:01, brought to you by Rule 803somethin 😉

  46. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguyMonth ago

    I shouldn't have been taking a random guess so with full due diligence, here it is. 806.02 E www.pdga.com/rules/official-rules-disc-golf/80602

  47. ty richards

    ty richardsMonth ago

    Thanks for the film today Terry! I would be trying to throw the same line as Jen Allen. She hit the pole i think. Mine would not go 380 though, maybe 360 if im lucky.

  48. Allen Weed

    Allen WeedMonth ago

    Thank you very much for hustling and catching this footage. I will say this is more than worth it and your hustle earned a props and kudos. These gals kick it and had fun. And just my $0.02, Always go for it, and don't over think it.

  49. Antonio Juarez

    Antonio JuarezMonth ago

    Great coverage; really wish we had more women’s coverage.

  50. John Krzyzanowski

    John KrzyzanowskiMonth ago

    par is always good

  51. awhislyle

    awhislyleMonth ago

    I'd have to see 18 in person, but as a lefty backhand player it looks like a very risky birdie, I'd have to feel really good to go for it. 19 times out of 20 I'm laying up.

  52. Federico Sorenson

    Federico SorensonMonth ago

    ALWAYS: go for it!!! :D

  53. Devon Meiners

    Devon MeinersMonth ago

    I couldn't make it over the water on 18 pry lol pry lose a disc trying but im all for it

  54. daviswavis

    daviswavisMonth ago

    I would hang my LHBH out over the water and have it dump in right by the tree. Really like watching the FPO love to watch Jen she really puts a lot of umph into it.

  55. Tucker Gamble

    Tucker GambleMonth ago

    No way I am making it over that water!

  56. Lindsey Westberg

    Lindsey WestbergMonth ago

    Certainly clearing the water. I don't have to sauce like Jen Allen does!

  57. Trevor Scheibe

    Trevor ScheibeMonth ago

    I'd be staying to the right with a flex RH backhand... Don't have 350+ in the tank. Yet.

  58. Kari Sumner

    Kari SumnerMonth ago

    Checked a bunch of times to finally see some FPO coverage. Thanks but about time

  59. Kari Sumner

    Kari SumnerMonth ago

    @thediscgolfguy I'm not mad at all, not knowing how coverage of DG events works I just thought it very odd to see multiple videos of MPO and no FPO. Thanks for taking the time to explain why and thanks for pushing the tee times to allow for some FPO coverage. I enjoyed the video content of the FPO card you posted.

  60. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguyMonth ago

    I'm sorry you were so anxious Kari. For what it's worth, I wasn't contracted at all to cover anything what so ever. Not men OR women. I took it upon myself to get the men's footage and then advocated to push back tee times to get this women's footage. I'm sorry you're mad but I'm not sure it's me you should be upset with (if anyone).

  61. Wasim Rahim

    Wasim RahimMonth ago

    I'm going for the bird on 18....no guts no glory!

  62. Andy Smith

    Andy SmithMonth ago

    You are the dude, what coverage, and top it off with some FPO action, you are off to a great start for the 2021 season , and I am taking a Par on #18

  63. Son Soli

    Son SoliMonth ago

    Scared Money Dont Make No Money!! I'm Runnin It On Hole 18 GaurantEED!!! Thanks Terry For All The Efforts and Hard work To Gettin All These Dope Coverages!!! 🔥🔥

  64. Vsx 1

    Vsx 1Month ago

    So nice to see the ladies playing! Thank you the coverage!

  65. Pat M

    Pat MMonth ago

    Hmm Ohn is a killer out there but Jen really seemed to be mentally defeated by the time Terry got there. Laying up from 25 feet multiple times, turbo putting inside the circle with no obstacles (and missing twice) it really seemed like she conceded the match in her mind long before... kinda disappointing to see :(

  66. Pat M

    Pat MMonth ago

    @thediscgolfguy It's just very strange for me to see. She laid up on the first hole you filmed (hole 13) and she was only down 3 going into the hole, and had 24 strokes ahead of 3rd. There was no way she was getting any worse than 2nd, you might as well go for it! In my mind, if you are a pro and you are down less strokes than there are holes to play, you should not even be thinking about giving up.

  67. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguyMonth ago

    She was certainly struggling as she was coming down the stretch. I can't speak to it too much nor do I know many details but it did seem like she knew she wasn't catching Ohn and she just wanted to then maintain and stay secured into that second place position.

  68. tomppa t

    tomppa tMonth ago

    4:50 "get in" i fell from a chair🤣

  69. Joe Flo

    Joe FloMonth ago

    Oh I’m going to try and get it close for sure haha on hole 18!

  70. William T Vaughan IV

    William T Vaughan IVMonth ago

    Just trying to clear the water

  71. Ashton gade

    Ashton gadeMonth ago

    park it

  72. Joseph Johnson

    Joseph JohnsonMonth ago

    I don't even think I could park it lol I'd have to be ok with the par 3. Bonus birdie for sure.

  73. Trazz Matazz

    Trazz MatazzMonth ago

    Solo terry commentary is top tier. Thanks for more content brother

  74. Jen Moore

    Jen MooreMonth ago

    I'd absolutely play 18 for the 3 and not losing a disc. But I can't throw like Jennifer Allen 🤷‍♀️

  75. Shain Goodman

    Shain GoodmanMonth ago

    That's for the coverage. Always enjoy you and your coverage.

  76. Ken Sherlock

    Ken SherlockMonth ago

    When watching MPO, I was wondering... How would an MA55 player who can only throw 275 would play this course? Thanks for helping me answer that. Would be among those just happy to be in play on #18. Haven't seen Jennifer Allen in a while. Is there something with that last name in FPO that equals putting problems?

  77. Jason V

    Jason VMonth ago

    Personally I would just focus on staying safe... parking it is a privilege.

  78. XinMing Kuon

    XinMing KuonMonth ago

    Let’s gooooo

  79. Jim Plattes

    Jim PlattesMonth ago

    It must be difficult to focus with all the pedestrians around. Good job!

  80. Tom Pusateri

    Tom PusateriMonth ago

    Love the bonus coverage! I would absolutely be playing 18 for par, something safely across and lay it up.

  81. hairlessyettie

    hairlessyettieMonth ago

    Great coverage once again! I'm lefty so I would definitely go for it on hole 18.

  82. Timothy A Halley

    Timothy A HalleyMonth ago

    Hole 18 I'm going for the birdie, hyzer-flip forehand over the water baby! thanks for the coverage!

  83. B Fox

    B FoxMonth ago

    I’m laying up because I can’t crush like Jen

  84. Brad Eccles

    Brad EcclesMonth ago

    the smart play for 18 is staying dry. would love to have some extra distance to go for it.

  85. Blind DG

    Blind DGMonth ago

    I think I’m going for it unless some weather is making it super challenging!

  86. Morgan Hart

    Morgan HartMonth ago

    Thanks Terry for all that you do for disc golf. Was wondering what type of camera equipment you use.

  87. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguyMonth ago

    A pair of Sony cameras, Rode mics and editing in Premiere Pro on an MSI laptop.

  88. Chris knapp

    Chris knappMonth ago

    Jen lookin good

  89. Keith Vance

    Keith VanceMonth ago

    On 18 Im definitely just trying to clear the water , theres no way on a good day i could ever throw 381 feet..I prolly wouldnt even throw a drive for fear of losing a disc , i would just take a couple extra strokes and go right to the drop zone..Getting a 3 on that hole is a far fetched fantasy for me lol Id be happy to walk away with a 4 or 5 and all my discs

  90. Al Borowski

    Al BorowskiMonth ago

    3 all day, every day.

  91. robertrsc3

    robertrsc3Month ago

    Played safe all 3 rounds, big hyzer to middle pitch up then putt.

  92. Balance Achieved

    Balance AchievedMonth ago

    Layups are for basketball

  93. Balance Achieved

    Balance AchievedMonth ago

    run every shot in disc golf!

  94. Stevie Fresh

    Stevie FreshMonth ago

    You should add a rules tip in every video! And yes I’d give it a run towards 18’s basket, but cannot yet throw 381’. Good footage

  95. Daniel Wessels

    Daniel WesselsMonth ago

    I'd try and park it everytime

  96. Stephen Wolfe

    Stephen WolfeMonth ago

    Definitely hoping to stay dry but giving it a go with a star wraith!

  97. Kelly Flynn

    Kelly FlynnMonth ago

    Regretfully, limited by my forehand it would be a layup for par!

  98. Jeromy Caballero

    Jeromy CaballeroMonth ago

    Hole 18, I'd try to get as much distance as I could, throwing out wide and letting it hyzer. I'd be content with a 3 as I don't have a reliable 380' of distance.

  99. Benjamin Linn

    Benjamin LinnMonth ago

    Personally 100% just trying to keep my disc out of the water on 18 😂

  100. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguyMonth ago

    Yup - when in doubt, keep it dry and keep your disc!

  101. Benjamin Linn

    Benjamin LinnMonth ago

    Imagine having a camera crew show up while you're having putting woes... I guess professionals get used to it though

  102. PRO TrOLL

    PRO TrOLLMonth ago

    I play vista all the time and I do not even throw that shot. It is so much longer than it looks on video. Definitely lay up for me, it’s a weird angle for the double mando. A PRO shot.

  103. Sue In Raleigh

    Sue In RaleighMonth ago

    Definitely laying up on 18!! Thanks for the coverage.

  104. hassonk9276

    hassonk9276Month ago

    Glad to get this bonus coverage and ecstatic to have post coverage again!

  105. Robert works

    Robert worksMonth ago

    On 18 I'm going for it... and it's in the water.

  106. Joseph Tascione

    Joseph TascioneMonth ago

    I'm just tryin' to make it over the water!

  107. AutobahnSHO

    AutobahnSHOMonth ago

    great camera work! good start to 2021!!!!!!!! :-D

  108. Joshua Lindsey

    Joshua LindseyMonth ago

    I can't sit and watch people disc golf with muzzles on their faces. Maybe next time I can watch without wanting to projectile vomit on my TV. This is not freedom or normal.

  109. Lynn Bellomi

    Lynn BellomiMonth ago

    Yes! Thank you Terry!

  110. RRep

    RRepMonth ago

    On 18 I'm going for it every time - and thats why I'm not a pro~

  111. Matt Dahlem

    Matt DahlemMonth ago

    I'd love to try and get up to C1 lefty flick Teebird3, but that might just put me in the drink XD

  112. BillFromAZ

    BillFromAZMonth ago

    These ladies are all better than me.....I'm definitely just trying to get close enough to putt....I'd be happy with a bogey on that hole.

  113. BillFromAZ

    BillFromAZMonth ago

    The ladies sure do have more camaraderie and fun than the men do.

  114. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguyMonth ago

    Plenty of chatter and laughs, that's for sure. It's always great to see that on any card.