2020 Ledgestone • Round 4• FPO2 • Hailey King • Valerie Mandujano • Lisa Fajkus • Vanessa Van Dyken

2020 Ledgestone Insurance Open presented by Grip
FPO Chase • Round 4 • All
Featuring: Hailey King, Valerie Mandujano, Lisa Fajkus, Vanessa Van Dyken
Commentary: Holly Finley & The Disc Golf Guy
Camera: Dustin Skorupinski & Paul Bowen
Edit: The Disc Golf Guy
Location: Sunset Hills Golf Club, Pekin, IL
Date: Sunday August 16, 2020
FPO Chase card for the final round of the 2020 Ledgestone Insurance Open presented by Grip. Let's watch and see if any of these women can make a push for a podium spot.
Big shout out to Holly Finley for also jumping on doing commentary with me (remotely).
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  1. Kyle Motz

    Kyle MotzDay ago

    Great to see chase card FPO coverage. Awesome work. Holly is great on commentary

  2. Craig Clingan

    Craig Clingan2 days ago

    You keep killing the bonus footage! Thank you and I love Holly's "feels" during her commentating.

  3. Alexandra Ferrgusok

    Alexandra Ferrgusok3 days ago

    Holly is awesome! Great entertaining commentary 👏

  4. Teresa Tafelmeyer

    Teresa Tafelmeyer4 days ago

    4 minutes in and I have to comment that I am loving Holly’s commentary!

  5. John Newkirk

    John Newkirk4 days ago

    You do a great job with the commentary, and I could listen to Holly talk all day with her energy and that accent.

  6. Sofa Queen

    Sofa Queen4 days ago

    Thanks so much for this coverage! Beautiful course, fantastic golf, great players and delightful commentary. Nothing missing from this. Except for one thing maybe - Terry, Have you ever thought about adding the hole length in meters as well as feet? Your international fans would appreciate it :) Here are some things that I dream of when watching this: * Playing a round with Holly - she is so frickin' cool. * Holly&Kona commentary (of course Terry&Holly are a great team as well) * Putting clinic from all the women on this card

  7. Jonathan Peterson

    Jonathan Peterson5 days ago

    Getting a second card FPO is awesome. Would love to see more of it especially if you can get Holly calling it. Love the proposal putt and other color commentary. She has a lot of love to spread around.

  8. awhislyle

    awhislyle6 days ago

    I am so glad you all did the work to film this extra footage but then also had the wherewithal to save it for the off-season - this week of coverage really has been such a treat, I really hope you do this kind of thing again in the off-seasons to come

  9. J & C Disc Golf

    J & C Disc Golf6 days ago

    I want to see you play some disc golf terry.

  10. Steve Franke

    Steve Franke7 days ago

    Thank you Terry and Holly. Awesome coverage!!!

  11. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguy7 days ago

    You are welcome - thanks for watching Steve!

  12. Joseph Tomecek

    Joseph Tomecek7 days ago

    Holly coins the phrase "proposal putt" for a putt thrown from your knee. ;)

  13. Mike Rogers

    Mike Rogers7 days ago

    Thanks so much for the extra footage, Terry! Ledgestone is one of my favorite events, so getting all this extra coverage has been great!

  14. Thomas Bertilsson

    Thomas Bertilsson7 days ago

    GREAT to see coverage with Valerie; such a great player with a beautiful form. Vanessa’s throw is BUTTER; so nice to watch. Hailey is just ridiculously talented and accomplished; love her putting and sidearms. Lisa’s spirit and game is amazing. What a card! And Holly’s positive attitude is really welcome; more of her in the commentary box, please! She’s great.

  15. Rob Feeney

    Rob Feeney7 days ago

    I also love the girl/guy commentary combination! Thanks Terry and Holly.

  16. VampMN

    VampMN7 days ago

    I really enjoyed getting to see FPO chase card coverage. Thanks for all you do, Terry.

  17. 77 Nizzova

    77 Nizzova7 days ago

    Very good then sir!!!!

  18. Lucas Goodding

    Lucas Goodding7 days ago

    Hailey is a Nebraska fan confirmed?

  19. Doc Xen

    Doc Xen7 days ago

    love everything about this just wish Terry and Holly would of argued a few times just to be like an old married couple lol. They agree too much. (kidding everything about this is awesome)

  20. William

    William7 days ago

    Ok, I have to admit having both girl and a guy commentators was really cool. I have been watching a lot of DG content over COVID and it has been mainly guys for the boys matches and ladies for the girls but a combo in this match brought out a deeper and more rounded conversation. Guys don’t normally talk about color coordinating colors but rest assured we do do it. My bag is mainly pink and blue disk because these are my favorite colors. 😁 Love it!

  21. Eddie Nylund

    Eddie Nylund8 days ago


  22. Disc Blaster

    Disc Blaster8 days ago

    Backwoods Bastard!