2021 Shelly Sharpe • Round 1 • Front 9 • Adam Hammes • Tristan Tanner • AJ Herr

2021 Shelly Sharpe Memorial presented by Spinners on the Green
MPO • Round 1 • Front 9
Featuring: Adam Hammes, Tristan Tanner, AJ Herr
Commentary: Gary to the Oh / The Disc Golf Guy
Camera: Gary to the Oh
Edit: Gary to the Oh
Location: Vista del Camino Park, Scottsdale, AZ
Date: Friday, January 15, 2021
Feature Card 2:
Excited to bring you some of the action from the first PDGA Pro A-Tier of 2021. It's going down at Vista del Camino Park at the Shelly Sharpe Disc Golf Course. This first round we had 2 different cards that we covered each with a solo camera. We'll see how the weekend unfolds as our recording format might change up.
We have a great card lined up for you.
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Intro: 00:00
Hole 1: 00:14
Hole 2: 03:18
Hole 3: 06:18
Hole 4: 08:41
Hole 5: 12:25
Hole 6: 15:12
Hole 7: 18:40
Hole 8: 21:45
Hole 9: 21:18


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  2. Keith

    Keith17 days ago

    Heyo from MKE! I can't wait to hit up AZ again, especially now with 2 weeks+ of below freezing temps and 2 feet of snow on the ground. Good luck and stay safe!

  3. Greene2108

    Greene210818 days ago

    Some rounds the struggle is real.

  4. Corey Cook

    Corey CookMonth ago

    Adam Hammes is one of the worst people on tour. Also I'm pretty sure that's not how you finish a hole on 7.

  5. chapii win

    chapii winMonth ago

    : )

  6. Tucker Gamble

    Tucker GambleMonth ago

    So excited for disc golf coverage to be starting again! Thanks for doing this one!

  7. Aidan Guthrie

    Aidan GuthrieMonth ago

    Man didn't look like tristan missed mando on hole 1. Hopefully was more obvious in person. even slowed down to .25 speed it appears he makes it

  8. redeye

    redeyeMonth ago

    Thanks for the coverage, gotta say this course makes me feel like im watching field practice. 🤦‍♂️

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    Coverage looks great and production value is fantastic! Got me all excited for 2021 season 😃

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    So glad to have fresh action to watch.

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  12. Caleb Starr

    Caleb StarrMonth ago

    Adam was trying to compete with Nikko for longest time to putt on hole 4.

  13. XxCrazyKBxX

    XxCrazyKBxXMonth ago

    Man, maybe unpopular opinion but I enjoyed watching a sidearm/thumber plays. One guy I used to randomly meet at my local would crush me with these 90% of the time and I was always surprised every round.

  14. Calvin Taylor

    Calvin TaylorMonth ago

    Great stuff Terry!

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    So nice to be watching fresh dg in the new year. Thanks dg guy!

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    Ter-ry! Ter-ry! Ter-ry!

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    Not a big fan of this course, but a fan of new coverage to watch. Thanks guys!

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    Sweet coverage 👌 Fun to watch

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    Tristan Tanner is my favorite player!

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    Thanks for the coverage!

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    Great coverage as always!!!

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    love seeing the guys wearing shorts the same day I played the Ice Bowl in KC in the snow

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    Thanks for the coverage, guys!

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    Let’s get this season started... hell ya

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    I love watching first rounds. Getting to see some tour players have to scramble gives hope to us all. ;)

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    great coverage!!

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    So stoked for new tournament coverage! Thanks Terry!!🤙

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    Great coverage as always, good to see 2021 get started

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    Zachary WildermanMonth ago

    You can tell this is the first tourney of the year... lots of rust to shake off!

  31. Christopher Arnodli

    Christopher ArnodliMonth ago

    Big shout out from Colorado to my man AJ. Dude looking great. Good to see you throw again, been a while.

  32. leigh hornbuckle

    leigh hornbuckleMonth ago

    Great commentary, thank you

  33. Dave Allen

    Dave AllenMonth ago

    I'm just going to plug a local tourney called the Campership Classic at the Victory Junction Camp where disc golfers raise funds for a cabin's worth of campers to stay at the camp for free. This camp is for kids with health or related issues that make it difficult to have a summer camp experience. It's really special.

  34. Steven Williams

    Steven WilliamsMonth ago

    Love the safety call that makes players grab the same spray bottle all round to spray the chains...

  35. Dan Lewis

    Dan LewisMonth ago

    Tristan took off early last season because his bad form was getting him down. Unfortunate start for him.

  36. Caleb Walin

    Caleb WalinMonth ago

    Aaaaaaaaand we’re back

  37. Blue Skeleton

    Blue SkeletonMonth ago

    Lived in Abq NM from 98-2020 .... we use to always travel over into AZ for the Bob west which is now the Memorial. Love both courses! Shelley Sharpe is a great fun course, can easily get in trouble, but you also can make a good score... miss the big tournaments but theyll always be there after the pandemic is curbed... we now live in west state Colorado. Not too far from there, but this state is saturated with courses!! Love disc golf! 1977 to 2021!

  38. Patrick Bragg

    Patrick BraggMonth ago

    Love the coverage and commentary. Can’t wait for the season to start and see more. And Terry don’t forget the sunscreen ha ha.

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    So nice to have disc golf coverage to watch when it's too slippery to safely play yourself. Thanks for the coverage, Terry!

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    It's just rude showing us this weather!

  41. Justin TheBasket

    Justin TheBasketMonth ago

    Great job getting two cards!

  42. MM 15

    MM 15Month ago

    Adam has to control his emotions and not shake a basket vigorously like that.. not respectful at all.. horrible look for DG

  43. johnnydarter

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    He’s a “young” Nikko in the making 🤣

  44. Brad Ahrens

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    Weird seeing this course rn.

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    Yay disc golf is back :D

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    Thanks for the coverage. As a new player I've been excited for the season to start.

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    We're all winners here. Thanks Terry and Gary.

  48. Michael Jones

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    Dang, wasn't expecting to see Adam's putting look so rough. Knowing him, I'm sure he'll work it into shape as the season... begins? Continues? Whatever, thanks Terry!

  49. prattacaster

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    Adam's the best putter.

  50. Kelly Jew

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    Man, I’m in California and jealous of their winter weather

  51. Brian Warren

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    Everyone doing their part to sanitize the chains, while all grabbing them same spray bottle!!!!? Haha

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    Yep lol

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    Thanks for the great coverage. It is nice to see warm weather (I’m from Wisconsin also) and another season of disc golf underway. 👍

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    Love it Terry. Best of wishes in 2021.

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    Ty for the great coverage. i had to work i couldn't come watch myself

  56. Wes Warren

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    So Serious

  57. Dan Gordon

    Dan GordonMonth ago

    The spray bottle for the chains as a COVID measure does not make sense to me because it forces about 25 percent of the field to touch the same object. It would make more sense if a volunteer were assigned to a basket and stayed on that basket. Short of that, it seems like it does more harm than good.

  58. Frank Bisek

    Frank BisekMonth ago

    These guys had to work for every bit of their scores today

  59. BillFromAZ

    BillFromAZMonth ago

    Awesome coverage. I wish I had been able to be a volunteer this year. I had a blast volunteering last year and was the starter all three days.

  60. BillFromAZ

    BillFromAZMonth ago

    @thediscgolfguy yep..I enjoyed having the chance to meet you. I was hoping to volunteer this year, but we are moving into a new home this weekend.

  61. thediscgolfguy

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    I remember us talking at the starting hike by the bridge!

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    Awesome coverage. Glad to have some new coverage to watch.

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    Gary to the O commentary is really cool. Great job, Gentlemen.

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    Ya'll do the best single cam footage in the sport. I'm so glad you're back out there filming.

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    Thanks for the footage Terry!

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    This makes me jealous as I played 3 rounds in a sweatshirt and under armor today

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    YES! I was just talking about this tournament!

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    Adam takes all the joy out of watching disc golf.

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    Yaay! The 2021 disc golf season has begun!!! Thanks Terry!

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    Thanks Terry! Question - when does the other feature card coverage get released? Is it on your channel?

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    If it weren't for Adobe ... it would have been up by 3AM last night. As of 7PM on Saturday night I have the front half posted and the back half is hopefully coming VERY soon.

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    2021 season let’s go. Love the commentary team keeping it 💯 throughout this round.

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    Unless he's playing really well

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    The other commentator is awful. Why would Tristan lay up on Hole 4? There's no danger by the basket and he's confident he can make his comeback putt. Laying up has zero benefit in that instance

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