2021 Love at First Sting • R1F9 • Paul Ulibarri Claims this is the Hardest Course in Charlotte.

2021 Love at First Sting
MPO • Round 1 • Front 9
Featuring: Paul Ulibarri, David Weaver, Kyle Deck, Devin Grady
Commentary: The Disc Golf Guy
Camera: The Disc Golf Guy
Edit: The Disc Golf Guy
Location: Angry Beaver DGC, Elon Park in Charlotte, NC.
Date: Sunday, February 7th, 2021
Is Paul Ulibarri right? Is this really the toughest course in Charlotte? North Carolina? The World? David, Kyle and Devin will join Paul for the quest to tame the beast known as the Angry Beaver.
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  1. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguy16 days ago

    You can win a set of 3 discs simply by liking and commenting? You gotta love that!

  2. Trav

    TravDay ago

    Prodigy p model glow is my go to putter

  3. Carlos Contreras

    Carlos Contreras3 days ago

    I also enjoy the Jawbreaker putter

  4. Pat Roach

    Pat Roach3 days ago


  5. Bradley Treadway

    Bradley Treadway4 days ago


  6. NorthXNorthWestServices Davison

    NorthXNorthWestServices Davison4 days ago

    ESP Challenger

  7. Stephen Shannon

    Stephen Shannon2 days ago

    Nasty spit out. I putt with warlocks

  8. David Geckle

    David Geckle2 days ago

    Why trees?

  9. bob anderson

    bob anderson2 days ago

    "I'm a pro but I throw thumber every time" Takes literally no skill to do this.

  10. Nathan Finley

    Nathan Finley3 days ago

    Yeti Pro Aviar for me - just switched to heavier putters and liking them!

  11. Mars OMG

    Mars OMG3 days ago

    Thank You !

  12. averkamp03

    averkamp033 days ago

    Wizard SS

  13. Chad Solberg

    Chad Solberg3 days ago

    My favorite putter is a tie between banger-gts and axiom envy

  14. Chad Solberg

    Chad Solberg3 days ago

    Oh noooooo! I missed it :(

  15. Tbone C

    Tbone C3 days ago

    I'm so late a luna ^^

  16. Tbone C

    Tbone C3 days ago

    Gawd I love disc golf lol thanks disc golf guy. Made my day bro haha

  17. zafotbeeb

    zafotbeeb3 days ago

    My favorite putter is the Kastaplast Reko K-3.

  18. BrewMonkey Video

    BrewMonkey Video3 days ago


  19. tyler finney

    tyler finney3 days ago

    My go to putting putter is the luna, but I also have a fierce that I like for longer, or anny putts

  20. NorthXNorthWestServices Davison

    NorthXNorthWestServices Davison4 days ago

    ESP Challenger

  21. Cole Trouberman

    Cole Trouberman4 days ago

    My favorite is the judge!

  22. DjDATZ

    DjDATZ5 days ago

    Definitely a P2. Luna in close second!

  23. Jeff Morrison

    Jeff Morrison5 days ago


  24. Matt Kilian

    Matt Kilian5 days ago

    Love my anode from MVP, soft and true lines

  25. Ricky penley

    Ricky penley5 days ago

    I like my prodigy PA3. It’s stable to get good putts

  26. Timothy Bouzek

    Timothy Bouzek5 days ago


  27. Ryan McGuigan

    Ryan McGuigan6 days ago


  28. Daniel Fintoski

    Daniel Fintoski6 days ago

    Looks like a challenging trac..my favorite putter is the Gumbputt..dga

  29. Connor Storms

    Connor Storms6 days ago

    My favorite putter is the Jawbreaker Magnet 🧲

  30. Sean Reese

    Sean Reese6 days ago

    Favorite putter is a Paige Bjerkaas signature Judge.

  31. Mike Young

    Mike Young6 days ago

    I love my beat in white judge

  32. Warren Foy

    Warren Foy6 days ago

    I've been using RPro Aviars for a number of years now. I've tried others but always fall back to the RPro's.

  33. Ben

    Ben6 days ago

    Favorite putter right now is the Gateway Wizard in $$$ plastic. Soft but not too soft and it ends well. I also really like the Dynamic Discs Warden in Prime plastic. Acts about the same as the Warden but a bit straighter. I just got the MVP anode in Electron Firm and that is now in rotation - we will see how I like it after a few months.

  34. Andrew Villarreal

    Andrew Villarreal6 days ago

    the marshall DD putter is great

  35. Austin Hagood

    Austin Hagood7 days ago

    Love my first run pro aviar!

  36. PaggeMan

    PaggeMan7 days ago

    Rocking THE "Swan" from westside disc!

  37. Zeus The Enlightened

    Zeus The Enlightened7 days ago


  38. BeerOutdoors Briggs

    BeerOutdoors Briggs7 days ago

    Love my fierce

  39. James John Abbey

    James John Abbey7 days ago

    CHING: JUJU soft putter: _°>>~~~°¥ #KaChing

  40. Doug Courbat

    Doug Courbat7 days ago

    First 9 holes look a little lefty friendly. plenty of holes finishing to the right?

  41. Hateplow

    Hateplow8 days ago

    My favorite so far is the dagger.

  42. garydank77

    garydank778 days ago

    I like my Star Colt but am willing to try new things.

  43. William Bloom Jr

    William Bloom Jr8 days ago

    Super soft omega

  44. Charles Briggs

    Charles Briggs8 days ago

    The putter I like is the Envy

  45. Keith

    Keith8 days ago

    Favorite putter is probably the Judge, but I have also been known to throw a Hydra or two.

  46. Andreas Lundström

    Andreas Lundström8 days ago


  47. Kyle Ackermann

    Kyle Ackermann9 days ago

    Thought I was listening to a Wood Chopping Competition

  48. Jamie Stacy

    Jamie Stacy9 days ago

    R pro pig

  49. Coleman Parker

    Coleman Parker9 days ago

    love the videos..Gateway Wizard SSS is my go to...

  50. Dave Cannon

    Dave Cannon9 days ago

    Favorite putter R-Pro Aviar

  51. M_Lama

    M_Lama9 days ago

    I like the link

  52. evan cyganowski

    evan cyganowski9 days ago

    my favorite putter is a jumbo size utz pretzel bin lid. Money...

  53. SR S

    SR S9 days ago

    PA 3!

  54. Garett Daley

    Garett Daley9 days ago

    Axiom Envy

  55. Lasr8

    Lasr89 days ago

    Judge 👊🏻🍻

  56. L Schat

    L Schat9 days ago

    Favorite putter - RPro Rhino

  57. Scott Speshok

    Scott Speshok9 days ago

    Favorite definitely is westside shield. Go for upshot and putts.

  58. M. A.

    M. A.9 days ago

    Going with the Ohm!

  59. Matt Manning

    Matt Manning9 days ago

    My go to putter is the Judge

  60. Jonathan Hallock

    Jonathan Hallock9 days ago

    Jawbreaker Roach always gets the job done

  61. Jason Hennard

    Jason Hennard9 days ago

    Liked, subscribed and my favorite putter is a pure. Zero medium

  62. Lefty Lines Disc Golf

    Lefty Lines Disc Golf9 days ago

    Rubber Blend Roach for sure!

  63. Riley Steiner

    Riley Steiner9 days ago

    Discraft Jawbreaker Roach!

  64. Andy Woodhead

    Andy Woodhead9 days ago

    I putt with the Zone

  65. NYQPI

    NYQPI9 days ago


  66. Christopher Veseth Nalum

    Christopher Veseth Nalum9 days ago

    Gotta be P2

  67. Benjamin Vondrak

    Benjamin Vondrak9 days ago

    Favorite putter is the Luna. Great coverage thank you!

  68. Austin King

    Austin King9 days ago

    Favorite putter for me has actually been a Westside Harp. I’ve had wizards, aviars, & shields but been most comfortable with the Harp so far. Thinking about trying the Roach out tho, any suggestions?

  69. Lukas Kreutzer

    Lukas Kreutzer9 days ago

    my favorite putter is the gateway wizard

  70. Trevor Ross

    Trevor Ross9 days ago

    P2 d line. Best putter

  71. Christopher Sheldon

    Christopher Sheldon9 days ago


  72. Kevin Beaudry

    Kevin Beaudry10 days ago

    Kc Aviar

  73. MCSski313

    MCSski31310 days ago

    Prodigy PA-3 350G

  74. Sean Stadler

    Sean Stadler10 days ago

    Favorite putter is a discraft soft focus

  75. Matt Gibbons

    Matt Gibbons10 days ago

    The reko

  76. John O'Neill

    John O'Neill10 days ago

    My favorite putter is the P3x...thanksTerrBear

  77. Josh Day

    Josh Day10 days ago

    I’m a voodoo man myself. Haven’t turned into a frog yet

  78. Braeden Sides

    Braeden Sides10 days ago

    My favorite putter is the 5x luna! Such a great disc!

  79. Jeremy Briggs

    Jeremy Briggs10 days ago

    I really dig the Keystone. I use it for putts and short approach shots because of the straight flight!

  80. Robert Barden

    Robert Barden10 days ago

    Sensei active premium. Just getting into the game but have been loving it so far!

  81. james zabierek

    james zabierek10 days ago

    Current favorite putter is a soft judge. Thanks!

  82. Jeremy Rodriguez

    Jeremy Rodriguez10 days ago

    I'm loving the Judge from Dynamic Discs!

  83. Jim R

    Jim R10 days ago

    I still use my original Aviar putter!

  84. Connor Philistine

    Connor Philistine10 days ago

    These guys suck so bad except Paul

  85. Travis West

    Travis West10 days ago

    Yeahhhhh buddy!

  86. DionVandi

    DionVandi10 days ago

    My fave is a soft rhino. Sadly they were a limited edition

  87. jeremy mundell

    jeremy mundell10 days ago

    I love the discmania link

  88. Blacklisted87

    Blacklisted8710 days ago

    My go to putter is the Pilot!

  89. PriMe Su2pEcT

    PriMe Su2pEcT10 days ago

    I use 3! a wizard and a Sensei and reko k3!

  90. Jacob Bodai

    Jacob Bodai10 days ago

    love the vids and content, go to putter for me is the luna. love the feel and the versatility. it just glides exactly how i expect it to every time and feels great with the rounded edge. also bag an axiom envy that i can really put power into off the tee for sub250ft holes. love to watch those two discs glide. putters are easily my favorite disc to throw.

  91. Scott White

    Scott White10 days ago

    I like forehand putting with my Innova Birdie if I have to

  92. Steve

    Steve10 days ago

    *whatever putter Terry was the putting World Champion with

  93. scottroweso

    scottroweso10 days ago

    Kastaplast K3 Reko!

  94. mscudde2

    mscudde210 days ago

    KC Pro Aviar fo sho

  95. Micah Roberson

    Micah Roberson10 days ago


  96. WC 'Strawberry' Fields

    WC 'Strawberry' Fields10 days ago

    A 166g McPro in the summer A 172g Discmania P1 in winter Last of the P1s! Thanks Jussi 😑

  97. James Turner

    James Turner10 days ago

    Other than Uli these guys don't seem like MPO, and btw- DGA powerdrive gumbputter very grabby on the chains, rarely rolls and if you hit a tree it drops straight down with no skips off of the tree. "Flip flat flies straight" E.H.


    MURDERED X10 days ago

    Aviar is still the way to go best putter in the game

  99. Chad Emond

    Chad Emond10 days ago

    I still put with my old aviar and it’s still doing the job for me. I’ve tried others but I just keep going back to ol reliable.

  100. Theis Tronholm

    Theis Tronholm10 days ago

    For the time i putt with a PA3 in 350g, just feels right

  101. shelbyroberts12

    shelbyroberts1210 days ago

    Love the coverage, and love my MVP wave

  102. Abraham Gould

    Abraham Gould10 days ago

    Prodigy P Model S - Awesome flat-topped putter

  103. Shadrach Springer

    Shadrach Springer10 days ago

    Ohms love the overstability

  104. Dustin Hoffman

    Dustin Hoffman10 days ago

    streamline Pilot

  105. Randy Strickland

    Randy Strickland10 days ago

    Favorite is a Challenger OS. Good for approaches and for my putts. Just feels right in my hand.

  106. Jacob9587

    Jacob958710 days ago

    Loving the Dynamic Discs Judge right now for throwing and putting!