2021 Shelly Sharpe • Round 1 • Back 9 • Anthony Barela • Jordan Castro • JC Kester • Reid Kemp

2021 Shelly Sharpe Memorial presented by Spinners on the Green
MPO • Round 1 • Back 9
Featuring: Anthony Barela, Jordan Castro, JC Kester, Reid Kemp
Commentary: Devan Owens The Disc Golf Guy
Camera: The Disc Golf Guy
Edit: The Disc Golf Guy
Location: Vista del Camino Park, Scottsdale, AZ
Date: Friday, January 15, 2021
Feature Card 1:
Excited to bring you some of the action from the first PDGA Pro A-Tier of 2021. It's going down at Vista del Camino Park at the Shelly Sharpe Disc Golf Course. This first round we had 2 different cards that we covered each with a solo camera. We'll see how the weekend unfolds as our recording format might change up.
We have a great card lined up for you.
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  1. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguyMonth ago

    Comment and like for your chance to win something neato like a disc or maybe a new DG Guy tee shirt!

  2. Terrence Latterby

    Terrence LatterbyMonth ago

    @A G I'm with you, looking at the distance I would have to throw a patriot to be sure I clear the water. Then again it looks a touch downhill, so maybe, just maybe I could get a Buzzz to it.

  3. A G

    A GMonth ago

    I would throw a leopard 3. I'm not a pro so it might not make it. But I throw that smooth and straight.

  4. Ryan Mcclure

    Ryan McclureMonth ago

    Hole 8 i would throw a Gstar Teebird.

  5. Michael Luberda

    Michael LuberdaMonth ago

    Wasn't a fan of the new commentator. Too many uhhhs, weird reactions to good shots.

  6. Tucker Gamble

    Tucker GambleMonth ago

    Loving the content so far!

  7. rienfifteen

    rienfifteenMonth ago

    It’s true....layups are boring. Well said

  8. rienfifteen

    rienfifteenMonth ago

    @thediscgolfguy I wish I could lay up like them!

  9. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguyMonth ago

    Well, sometimes they might be boring BUT...if they make sense and secure a win I guess I can let it slide :)

  10. rienfifteen

    rienfifteenMonth ago

    Legs for dayzzzz

  11. hotmustardseed

    hotmustardseedMonth ago

    That horn. Whomp whomp.

  12. Brenton Richards

    Brenton RichardsMonth ago

    So what league would be considered better I mean iv watch alot of jomez an never see those guys on hear is this a lesser league

  13. Last first

    Last firstMonth ago


  14. Back of the Box Disc Golf

    Back of the Box Disc GolfMonth ago

    Trumpet! I think jazz would be a unique background music for you to use. Do it!

  15. Team Fantasy Disc Golf

    Team Fantasy Disc GolfMonth ago

    Who else was suggested the "JC Kester Thumber" tutorial video after watching this round?

  16. aklevin

    aklevinMonth ago

    Thanks a lot for the coverage! I don't know what I liked seeing more, the warm weather or all those thumbers. Just wondering about the camera focus - seemed like quite often it'd be tracking a shot but focusing on the foreground instead. Maybe something to look into for next time?

  17. Christoffer Skovhus

    Christoffer SkovhusMonth ago

    Wish i could throw overhand like that :D And forehand like Barela! :D

  18. Steven Kornmuller

    Steven KornmullerMonth ago

    I proposed to my wife on right by the basket of old, old, old Hole 10 by the water(down from the hotel on the east side of lake under the trees) on November 16th, 2001. Grats to Devan and his Lady on their pending nuptials.

  19. Matthew Allen

    Matthew AllenMonth ago

    Love the coverage, as always!

  20. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguyMonth ago

    Thank you, glad you like it.

  21. cro4591

    cro4591Month ago

    Thanks Terry.

  22. Michael Jones

    Michael JonesMonth ago

    Get it JC. Yes, I'm using those initials to double my chances by betting on both Kester and Castro.

  23. BillFromAZ

    BillFromAZMonth ago

    Have you heard the guy who walks around the ponds singing?

  24. BillFromAZ

    BillFromAZMonth ago

    I hope Kester has a shoulder surgeon or therapist on speed dial. (Edited to correct Kester's name - thank you Austin Bernal)

  25. BillFromAZ

    BillFromAZMonth ago

    @Austin Bernal I saw your reply and couldn't figure out your comment...then I checked my post. I typed Kester and never saw that it got autocorrected.

  26. Austin Bernal

    Austin BernalMonth ago

    It’s Kester smart guy. And if you throw with the right form it doesn’t hurt

  27. Scott Strite

    Scott StriteMonth ago

    Can somebody please explain why we're spraying water on the chains?

  28. thumbfar

    thumbfarMonth ago

    It's clorox. Covid protocols.

  29. Tomas Hernandezjr

    Tomas HernandezjrMonth ago

    I love playing at course

  30. Baysinger's Disc Golf Channel

    Baysinger's Disc Golf ChannelMonth ago

    Vista is sooooo skippy

  31. mychael washam

    mychael washamMonth ago

    Are we going to get a round 2 or 3 video?? 😁

  32. Tyler Sineath

    Tyler SineathMonth ago

    So glad I just put disc golf in on USlikes and found yall I was needing some fresh content to watch.

  33. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguy6 days ago

    It's been an insane day today. I wrote that at 330 in the morning so I apologize in just t getting caught up 16 hours later. I'm pumped to give you free stuff!

  34. Tyler Sineath

    Tyler Sineath6 days ago

    @thediscgolfguy bro I never got a response

  35. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguy7 days ago

    Hey Tyler - please reach out to me via my 'about' page here on USlikes. Seems like I have a free item for ya!

  36. Greg Fuqua

    Greg FuquaMonth ago

    You're the best Terry!

  37. HLG_TheShepherd

    HLG_TheShepherdMonth ago

    Dam did AB even thank the guy that got his disc out? Looked like he just grabbed it out of the retriever and walked away lol ?

  38. Curt Strampe

    Curt StrampeMonth ago

    He thanked him...you can just barely hear him say it.

  39. Kevin McShane

    Kevin McShaneMonth ago

    Man J.C. makes it look like thumber is the only throw worth learning!

  40. Chad Clark

    Chad ClarkMonth ago

    Across all different sports media I've noticed a trend of only referring to an athlete as their last name. Boxing/mma/basketball/football/baseball/wrestling/discgolf... Was there a memo that went out some time last year?

  41. pistolwhipfarva

    pistolwhipfarvaMonth ago

    My man on 10 trying to bring ska back

  42. Chi Slicer

    Chi SlicerMonth ago

    Kester is insane. Consistently throwing 450-500(?) overhands... I can't even comprehend it. Huge weapon for him and the sidearm ain't too shabby either.

  43. thumbfar

    thumbfarMonth ago

    The ones I bombed were close to 500.

  44. Chi Slicer

    Chi SlicerMonth ago

    @thumbfar Lol. Nice handle. So what is your distance on these thumbs?

  45. thumbfar

    thumbfarMonth ago

    Thanks dude!

  46. Jim Wagers

    Jim WagersMonth ago

    Thanks for game!

  47. Tyler Liebman

    Tyler LiebmanMonth ago

    Thumbfar thumbs far

  48. Gene Hunt

    Gene HuntMonth ago

    Nice “Family Ties” reference on 16.

  49. ryan haggerty

    ryan haggertyMonth ago

    Do non patreon’s ever win?

  50. Luke Butch

    Luke ButchMonth ago

    good work trying to follow all those thumbers

  51. Amy West

    Amy WestMonth ago

    Great coverage and commentary. Love watching before heading to the course feeling like a pro then wormburning my first tee shot 😂

  52. Philip Olivares

    Philip OlivaresMonth ago

    Most people: Well, I need to get up and over, so I guess its a grenade or a thumber. J.C. Kester: It's an open field, you know what that means!

  53. Steezdiscgolf

    SteezdiscgolfMonth ago

    Great coverage as always!

  54. Daniel Klingelsmith

    Daniel KlingelsmithMonth ago

    The trumpeter practicing in the background on 14 I think it was, was a nice touch.

  55. thumbfar

    thumbfarMonth ago

    I requested the Jurassic Park song, but he didn't know it. :(

  56. Chad Clark

    Chad ClarkMonth ago

    I wonder if it was someone's personal protest against the tourney? haha..

  57. brian6speed

    brian6speedMonth ago

    Not a fan of all raised baskets 1-2 per course at most. That gives taller players yet another advantage.

  58. Terrence Latterby

    Terrence LatterbyMonth ago

    @brian6speed I get the feeling you have a lot of beefs within your DG community. You guys are all one in the same.

  59. Andreas Stam

    Andreas StamMonth ago

    @brian6speed than*, oh yeah let's throw some politics in when a legitimate counter argument isn't a strong side...

  60. brian6speed

    brian6speedMonth ago

    wow look at crybabies in comments. it it easier to putt straight or slighty down then up, but liberals aren't very bright.

  61. Chi Slicer

    Chi SlicerMonth ago

    Get over it

  62. Andreas Stam

    Andreas StamMonth ago

    So you mean that average height people have an advantage on the other 16 then? Then that's unfair...

  63. marscruz

    marscruzMonth ago

    It sounds like Devon has been baking cookies and he ate a few too many.

  64. marscruz

    marscruzMonth ago

    @Trazz Matazz That's why I said "baking"

  65. Trazz Matazz

    Trazz MatazzMonth ago

    Definitely medicated cookies

  66. Wes Warren

    Wes WarrenMonth ago


  67. Wes Warren

    Wes WarrenMonth ago

    Stellar display J.C. !!! Great sportsmanship by this card, that’s how it’s played gentlemen. Zenjoy !

  68. thumbfar

    thumbfarMonth ago

    Thanks homie!

  69. chapii win

    chapii winMonth ago

    : )

  70. Filipe Zavarsky

    Filipe ZavarskyMonth ago

    which disc does J.C. throw on hole 9? what a massiv throw!!!!

  71. thumbfar

    thumbfarMonth ago

    Z flx machete

  72. kenpai

    kenpaiMonth ago

    Having played the xl layout a couple of times in the past it's amazing seeing the power and accuracy of these shots. Thanks Terry for the great coverage as always! Are you hitting the maricopa open as well?

  73. David Bardell

    David BardellMonth ago

    thediscgolfguy i give you thirty minutes to one hour to get closed captions and I trusted you. I guess I a wrong you didn't turn it CC on please turn closed caption on for deaf community and hard of hearing

  74. Andrew Jones

    Andrew JonesMonth ago

    “Is that a sax?” 😂

  75. Daniel McCachern

    Daniel McCachernMonth ago

    It’s definitely a trumpet 🎺

  76. Ray Zerhusen

    Ray ZerhusenMonth ago

    Love the Violent Femmes reference for Jordan's blister in the sun, tdog.

  77. Disc Blaster

    Disc BlasterMonth ago

    Not JC Kester again?!!!!!!!!!! Lol

  78. Cedar Morgan

    Cedar Morgan25 days ago

    @Disc Blaster if you’re looking for max distance 350-400ft on your overhand, I might be able to get you there. Hit me up on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll try hitting those DeLa overhand lines. @thumbfar if you sign up for Masters Cup this year, let’s get a practice round in 🤙🏼

  79. Disc Blaster

    Disc BlasterMonth ago

    @Cedar Morgan my thumber is pretty damned good, its just not a distance shot for me. Maybe 330’, z machetes and nuke os overhand for me. Want a CryZtal nuke os to see if it pans slower

  80. Disc Blaster

    Disc BlasterMonth ago

    @Cedar Morgan lol. Don’t you think JC would do well at dela? I mean im down for a lesson. My forehand sucks too. Backhand is pretty good after 5 years of work, still needs help though

  81. Cedar Morgan

    Cedar MorganMonth ago

    @Disc Blaster ummm what's up?? JC I know we have talked about this... Don't want to step on any toes here, but I offer overhand lessons as well haha

  82. Disc Blaster

    Disc BlasterMonth ago

    @thumbfar sign up for Masters Cup!

  83. John Bell

    John BellMonth ago

    Just watching all those overhand shots make my shoulder hurt.

  84. thumbfar

    thumbfarMonth ago

    I feel great!

  85. TheScramble 210

    TheScramble 210Month ago

    Yup, coming from an ex baseball player, just the thought of throwing forehand hurts my rotator cuff. I know for a fact they have to be sore throwing like that.

  86. Springy Sloth11

    Springy Sloth11Month ago

    Solid steel rotator cuff is required... 😂

  87. Biz

    BizMonth ago

    Terry, how about the FPO leaders at the end too?? Thanks.

  88. Biz

    BizMonth ago

    @Springy Sloth11 never said anything about filming it, just a scoring update like at the end of the video, like the top 10.

  89. Springy Sloth11

    Springy Sloth11Month ago

    To be fair this is the MPO coverage, the FPO coverage is either covered somewhere else or not at all. Not enough fans and maybe not worth the effort to film it and produce it for the return.

  90. Tanner Allen

    Tanner AllenMonth ago

    Makes me want to throw some over hands.

  91. Aaron Arellano

    Aaron Arellano16 days ago

    Dont expect it to work like JC

  92. Sam Keopraseuth

    Sam KeopraseuthMonth ago

    Top notch Terry. Been waiting for this upload all night!

  93. Unfcknblvbl

    UnfcknblvblMonth ago

    Homeless playing a sax... Welcome to Vista.

  94. Landon Giles

    Landon GilesMonth ago

    Love the coverage

  95. Von Hyzerberg

    Von HyzerbergMonth ago

    Thank you guys🙏🏼

  96. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguyMonth ago

    Our pleasure.