2021 Maricopa Open • MPO • R2 • Back • Adam Hammes • Nick Newton • Henry Manahan • Mike Lassuy

2021 Maricopa Open presented by Infinite Discs
MPO • Round 2 • Back Half
Featuring: Adam Hammes, Nick Newton, Henry Manahan, Michael Lussay
Commentary: Pete Ulibarri & The Disc Golf Guy
Camera: The Disc Golf Guy
Edit: The Disc Golf Guy
Location: Maricopa Meadows, Maricopa, AZ
Date: Sunday, January 31, 2021
Buckle up for a wild ride here on Championship Sunday at the 27 hole track, Maricopa Meadows. Considerably different look, feel and play can be found at Maricopa's original disc golf course and we're sure it will perfectly set the stage for us to crown our 2021 Maricopa Open Champion.
More than $1k is on the line for the first place podium position and three of the four players featured this round were here on the lead card during the 2020 iteration of this event. Hammes was able to best the field last year but he starts out tied with Nick Newton and plenty of talented players all lurking around that leaderboard with similar scores.
I promise this action is something you don't want to miss.
Huge shout out to both Pete Ulibarri (Maricopa Meadows) and Mike Jewel (Copper Sky) for helping with some drone previews along with all of my Patreon subscribers and supporters. Sam and Chuck Russ have again hired me to cover this event and I'm honored to do so. Thank you to them and all of the coverage sponsors and anyone else that helps with the production.
If you wish to look at the event's FULL RESULTS and spoil the outcome you can click here:
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    I'll put in another vote for chase card footage. That definitely added to the suspense at the end of the round. Nice seeing AB getting some strokes back from the first round. Keep up the good work.

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    I do like the chase footage. Adam's putting set him pretty far apart from those in his group.

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    Chase card check ins are the shizzzz

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    What a great tournament to watch! Good start for the season, I love it!

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    Loved the way the chase card check ins were done this round.

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    TBH: I wouldn't have done any check ins had at least one person wasn't pushing forward like AB was.

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    Adam & Michael are smashing chains!

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    🔥💯 Terry, coverage, graphics, commentary are above par. Thank you for providing the “fix”

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    Great coverage as always! You might wanna announce the location of the disc golf course (city, state, country) when announcing the course name. Keep up the great work!

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    great job Pete! you really sounded natural at commentating and Terry as always can work with anybody almost effortlessly!!! thanks so much for this.

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    We all wanna putt like Mike

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    the chase card is nice

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    Not sure about a course where houses, road, cars, pedestrians, and school parking lot are so in play.

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    I may be alone, but it'd be nice if they made a rule that you're not allowed to bump or smack the band or basket on your clearout lol... anyway, nice coverage!

  34. Adrian Phillips

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    Love the chase coverage but personally I'd love to see you edit each of AB's shots into the coverage sequentially. Flyover > Chase Card > Lead card. This way it's more true to how it went down and the pressure he's putting on Adam and Mike. Great coverage!

  35. cakeandpiday

    cakeandpiday19 days ago

    @thediscgolfguy I almost agree. I think the chase card could be edited in almost like a 5th player on the card, just throw up a label on the screen that says "Chase Card" or something. Either way, a little more seamless would be cool, but even still this was awesome.

  36. David Heath

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    yes, I agree... keeping the chase content 'live' with what the lead card knows as they tee each hole would be great.

  37. thediscgolfguy

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    In hindsight, that's how I should have done it. I agree with you.

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    Lassuy is a beast!

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    He most certainly is a beast.

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    Before the end of his round, I had already signed up for the Official Mike Lassuy Fan Club. DO NOT BE CONFUSED with the "Official Lassie Fan Club" which is obviously a very different kinda club.

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    Chase card stuff was well done! Made me think AB was gonna win though. Tricky Terry.

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    You're coverage has improved dramatically over time, keep up the good work!

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    What an exciting coverage. Some good disc golf there

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    Great battle til the end. Exciting stuff. And I love the watching these smaller tournaments because the spoilers aren't around every corner. Haha

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    BAOQIANG Li22 days ago

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  66. Chaser 90EK

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    6:05 I think you were right Terry. It flew like a seasoned Ion. It's gotta be that or an Anode given the black (MVP) rim. Entropies have the black rim too but are super OS like a Zone. A Proxy is Axiom and would have a non-black rim.

  67. Kieran Buhler

    Kieran Buhler19 days ago

    I was seeing a red rim, not black. Look at his drive on 20. 20:34 mark I believe. So I think Proxy is a good bet.

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    Proxy is also nowhere near as stable, my money's on Ion

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    @thediscgolfguy lol that's amazing. Sorry for the misunderstanding! Nice content. Like the chase cam. I personally like the way you did it, rather than show it hole by hole. Feels like more of a recap and less like watching a card of 5 golfers this way.

  79. thediscgolfguy

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    I literally had dinner with Paul and Pete Ulibarri's mom on Thursday night when I arrived in PHX. Friday night she brought over chili she prepared for me. There wasn't a joke or jab here. It was all legit because Pat (their mom) is like a mom to me as well. She's amazing.

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    WTF, did Adam Hammes turn from a boy (well, a young man) into a man in a few weeks? Barely recognized him. Gonna be a force this year.

  89. TheAnimeist

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    First hole, that's the first time I heard of the 45 degree rule, and being able to move the lie for a disc that was in bounds. Anyone else think this was odd? And do discs caught up in the chains now count as a basket?

  90. itsabadreed

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    Lassuy looks like Uncle Mike hanging out with the kids for a game of DG but man, he killed that round. Great tourney for Adam and Mike! Great footage. Loved the chase card checkups

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    That was some good coverage and it was amazing to see Mike out there, just seemed like he was just hanging out and he pushed Adam through it all. Very entertaining. Hey Great coverage thank you and keep it up!

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    I could never play a course so close to local traffic. The noise of the cars... I wouldn't be able to focus for one second!

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    I've enjoyed these Arizona tourneys to start the year...and I'll echo...a 5-10 mph headwind in the Plains is a calm day. Shoot that's when I break out the understable stuff in those headwinds.

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  107. Pete Ulibarri

    Pete Ulibarri23 days ago

    There are like ten trees on the course, and we wish they all would remain baby trees, but they don’t, they grow up and reach for the sky, swiping occasional hyzers from flight... One day when I’m old, I will have a front porch, and I’ll talk at length about trees, fescue, and the wind, while starting off into bygone fairways!

  108. Oblivion Lefty

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    Wicked Follow-Thru on hole 19 Nick! Cheering 4 yu G, all the way from Brengle Terrace in Vista!🤘🏼

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    Hammes killing things right now. Hopefully he continues this going forward because he is fun to watch.

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  115. Mac D

    Mac D22 days ago

    I'd assume most would keep their wallet in the right back pocket just because most ppl are right handed but idk.

  116. Earl Thomas

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  117. Justin TheBasket

    Justin TheBasket23 days ago

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  118. Pete Ulibarri

    Pete Ulibarri23 days ago

    I’m a right pocket guy. When I carry a wallet..

  119. Harry Lake

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    Some of these dudes dress very unprofessional and sloppy, it should be against the rules. It looks like two pros playing with two guys they just picked up at the park.

  120. Justin Warner

    Justin Warner20 days ago

    Let’s be honest, at best, this is a glorified rec league, since the payouts are laughable. If the money ever comes to disc golf, that’s when things will change.

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