2021 Shelly Sharpe • Round 1 • Back 9 • Adam Hammes • Tristan Tanner • AJ Herr

2021 Shelly Sharpe Memorial presented by Spinners on the Green
MPO • Round 1 • Back 9
Featuring: Adam Hammes, Tristan Tanner, AJ Herr
Commentary: Gary to the Oh / The Disc Golf Guy
Camera: Gary to the Oh
Edit: Gary to the Oh
Location: Vista del Camino Park, Scottsdale, AZ
Date: Friday, January 15, 2021
Feature Card 2:
Excited to bring you some of the action from the first PDGA Pro A-Tier of 2021. It's going down at Vista del Camino Park at the Shelly Sharpe Disc Golf Course. This first round we had 2 different cards that we covered each with a solo camera. We'll see how the weekend unfolds as our recording format might change up.
We have a great card lined up for you.
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Hole 10:
Hole 11
Hole 12:
Hole 13:
Hole 14:
Hole 15:
Hole 16:
Hole 17:
Hole 18:


  1. Kris Hurley

    Kris Hurley18 days ago

    I completely stop talking and just try my best 😆

  2. Randar works

    Randar works20 days ago

    Il have what shes having please!!!! 1:21

  3. Sacramentoidioto

    Sacramentoidioto23 days ago

    Is that really A.J?

  4. James Turner

    James TurnerMonth ago

    I don't have bad rounds- just bad scores at the end of them(lol). I always chalk it up to its all good practice. I remind myself that it's only a game.

  5. Tucker Gamble

    Tucker GambleMonth ago

    When I get in a funk I just take deep breaths and start taking less time to perform my shots so that I don’t have extra time to get into my head

  6. Clayton MacDonald

    Clayton MacDonaldMonth ago

    When I start spiraling I have to stop close my eyes and take some deep breathes. Also, congrats on reaching 50k!

  7. JNichols xXx

    JNichols xXxMonth ago

    "I did that in college once." Lol.

  8. mtp9214

    mtp9214Month ago

    I got in a funk just listening to Gary to the Oh’s commentary. Really obsoleted the usual upbeat commentary.

  9. Mikal Morris

    Mikal MorrisMonth ago

    Deep breathing and shorten up my routine.

  10. agetori77

    agetori77Month ago

    Go for a short walk, have a snack, and don't embarrass your sponsor :O

  11. Julian Molina

    Julian MolinaMonth ago

    I like to get an ace to get out of a funk. Unfortunately I've never aced before, therefore never gotten out of a funk 😥

  12. Trevor Scheibe

    Trevor ScheibeMonth ago

    Not sure how often I've been there, but I seem to commit more when things aren't going well. To putts, to lines, to disc selection... Just full go without fear of consequences

  13. jfoster2488

    jfoster2488Month ago

    The evolved disc golfer becomes one with the disc and imagines oneself flying through the air.. And above all don't show to much frustration thereby disturbing the peace of your card mates.. Really bad form..

  14. jfoster2488

    jfoster2488Month ago

    Clear my head, imagine it's hole#1, play it hole by hole.. Then drink a beer or smoke one..oh wait it's a tournament.. Keep blowing up most likely..

  15. Disc_Golf_Wisco

    Disc_Golf_WiscoMonth ago

    Damn -11 for A.H second round? 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Let’s get it #WiscoStrong🤙🏽

  16. Adam Duell

    Adam DuellMonth ago

    But who's sanitizing the sanitizer bottles that everyone is touching in order sanitize the chains that everyone is touching? 😂😂😂

  17. dn4mycrown

    dn4mycrownMonth ago

    I laugh at the bad shot. Laugh and move on. Clear the last hole from my memory banks and start fresh the next hole.

  18. Jonathan Peterson

    Jonathan PetersonMonth ago

    I get reminded of a Bull Durham quote, "This game is supposed to be fun G** D***it!" then shut and throw

  19. Lasr8

    Lasr8Month ago


  20. Hayden Edwards

    Hayden EdwardsMonth ago

    Deeeeeeeep breaths and some laughter

  21. Back of the Box Disc Golf

    Back of the Box Disc GolfMonth ago

    I focus on diaphragmatic breathing. It will slow your heart rate and relax your muscles. I also try to not dwell on bad results after a good process. At that point it’s beyond my control.

  22. Daniel Samac

    Daniel SamacMonth ago

    When I'm struggling I go straight to the Broadway playlist lol

  23. Creighton Tamerius

    Creighton TameriusMonth ago

    Go slower. Realize you can't rush making up holes slow down.

  24. J4son J4rvis

    J4son J4rvisMonth ago

    I understand at times shots just don't do what you want them to. However, conducting yourself in a professional manner is a must. Disappointed in these professionals during this back 9. Loud swearing, kicking discs ect.... Do better for the disc golf community and the companies that you represent. Okay, old grumpy man off.

  25. Bobby Scott

    Bobby ScottMonth ago

    Usually when I’m shootin high... and I get in a funk, I just say “let’s just have some fun” and that’s when I throw my best throw of the round and the rest is up and down, again!

  26. Jared Rittersdorf

    Jared RittersdorfMonth ago

    Well this weekend I took last in open at a tournament I usually do decent at. I fixed my woes by playing more golf today and taking 3rd at league out of 117. New day, new flight! Otherwise I try to take it hole by hole and make mental notes on my errors to fix it the next hole, especially in the putting circle.

  27. Mike Schroeder

    Mike SchroederMonth ago

    When im having a bad round i like to stop, have some water and think about all the times i wish i could be out throwing but cant. Try to soak up all the enjoyment i can and usually that makes me play better too. Keep up the great work Terry!

  28. benagoh74

    benagoh74Month ago

    I step away from everything. Discs, bag, tee and talk to myself.

  29. Ridley Scott

    Ridley ScottMonth ago

    There is a way to stop the spiral? Haven’t figured that one out yet lol

  30. James Rowe

    James RoweMonth ago

    When I get to the point of WTF, I play angry. It won't get worse and maybe I'll get lucky. Angry always equals more distance, just usually in the wrong direction!

  31. kenny wheeler

    kenny wheelerMonth ago

    Sounds like a cliche, but all I do is try to have a short memory. Pretend that bad shot or shots never happened. The next hole I act like I’m starting from zero. Usually works.

  32. Caleb Walin

    Caleb WalinMonth ago

    Start collecting pars. Accomplishing something (even if it’s less than what I want) really helps me retake control of my round.

  33. Troy Oldbury

    Troy OldburyMonth ago

    In a funk, I remember how even the pros have bad rounds (DeLaveaga in the rain, Masters Tournament a couple of years ago pops into my mind). I try to focus on what attracted me to disc golf in the first place.... -being able to enjoy the outdoors -the opportunity to get some exercise -the satisfaction of watching a disc fly -participating in an awesome sport Then I’m usually good to go!

  34. VampMN

    VampMNMonth ago

    Thanks for the coverage, Terry! When I'm having a bad round, I try to stop focusing on score and just play one throw at a time.

  35. Patrick Bragg

    Patrick BraggMonth ago

    When I’m in a funk I get really tight. So I like to crack a couple of stupid jokes , laugh get some endorphins going. Calm down take some deep breath‘s and focus on basics.

  36. John Terlap

    John TerlapMonth ago

    Don't get into a funk. I'm playing to have fun.

  37. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguyMonth ago

    Plus, you're already funky JT.

  38. Bart G

    Bart GMonth ago

    I tend to just talk up my card mates and laugh it off if I string a couple bad ones together.

  39. Andy Smith

    Andy SmithMonth ago

    Try and remember that a round of golf, at its worst, is still a good time, thanks for a weekend full of some great golf to watch,

  40. Justin TheBasket

    Justin TheBasketMonth ago

    Had to stop after a couple holes. If I ever want to hear dudes crying after every bad shot I'll come back and finish this video. Not a good look on camera.

  41. AlyssaFoxx

    AlyssaFoxxMonth ago

    I like to remind myself of how glad I am to be out playing. It's a nice day.

  42. marscruz

    marscruzMonth ago

    Not a good feeling round for any of these guys. Everyone had an off day that day. I know the feeling. Even if it's cold or raining it's still better than sitting in front of a screen watching someone else that's outdoors.

  43. proton2186

    proton2186Month ago

    If I'm ever in a funk I just ask myself What Would Terry Do? and I'm right back to obliterating chains into sawdust.

  44. lkjsdf1

    lkjsdf1Month ago

    Out of a funk: just slow down.

  45. Brandon Beyer

    Brandon BeyerMonth ago

    I just pretend that I’m playing by myself when I start doubting my skills.

  46. Dan Gordon

    Dan GordonMonth ago

    At this point in my game I have trouble breaking a funk. Probably getting a drink or snack is my first try to break it.

  47. Brian Dulli

    Brian DulliMonth ago

    I laugh really loud at myself

  48. Kelly Jew

    Kelly JewMonth ago

    It means it’s time to start chewing some gum!

  49. NationalBohemian

    NationalBohemianMonth ago

    I just try to slow down and play shots that are safe. Tell myself there is no reason to remain mad because it will only ripple through the rest of the round. Remind myself to play loose because being mad and stressed out leads to timing/form issues.

  50. Lloyd Schultz

    Lloyd SchultzMonth ago

    I drink a beer to get out of a funk. 😬

  51. Sean Martin

    Sean MartinMonth ago

    If I get into a funk, I just have to have a friend start giving me a harder time than I am giving my self. Because then I can’t be mad anymore, I just have to laugh at how bad the shot was and move on.

  52. casey gardner

    casey gardnerMonth ago

    Visualizing a good shot I had on the hole I’m on after a few funky holes helps me turn things around when things aren’t going my way... thanks for the coverage Terry can’t believe 2021 golf is here already

  53. Jeremy Farrell

    Jeremy FarrellMonth ago

    When I blow up I just yell "fuck!' real loud and then breeze and compose myself and remember that its all fun and games.

  54. BillFromAZ

    BillFromAZMonth ago

    The mando on "18" is just for the tournament...that hole is also just for the tournament.

  55. Chase Chamberlain

    Chase ChamberlainMonth ago

    Get myself out of a funk, birdie the next hole.

  56. Khan

    KhanMonth ago

    Thanks for the footage!

  57. dylan niedzwiecki

    dylan niedzwieckiMonth ago

    Gotta laugh it off always

  58. BillFromAZ

    BillFromAZMonth ago

    OB to the right of me...OB to the left of me...here I am stuck in the middle with my disc.

  59. BillFromAZ

    BillFromAZMonth ago

    Deep breath....realize those holes are in the past. If I just get hung up on a bad round, I start playing more for fun and less for a great score....sometimes that change of attitude changes the round.

  60. Austin Dale

    Austin DaleMonth ago

    Ummm. Usually I don’t succeed, but you have to remember all the hard work you’ve put in. All that hard work has made success inevitable. “I. Am. Inevitable.” The way I worded that phrase I just had to do it. 😛

  61. Frank Bisek

    Frank BisekMonth ago

    The course looks super fast. Very dry

  62. Xhalonick

    XhalonickMonth ago

    I get out of a funk by rippin my onnie

  63. Scott Yelton

    Scott YeltonMonth ago

    Way to represent 520 AJ.Team Elevate!

  64. Unfcknblvbl

    UnfcknblvblMonth ago

    The dam/damn hole.

  65. Sinclair Disc Golf

    Sinclair Disc GolfMonth ago

    When I (Sara) am in a funk during my round, I try to take deep breaths and enjoy nature. I look up at the trees, watch the birds, etc. and try to just enjoy my surroundings.

  66. John Bell

    John BellMonth ago

    To get back in control when everything seems to be going wrong... I'll intentionally play for par on the next hole, or two. Even if it's a short hole, throw to a landing zone that's very reachable and very easy to hit. Then throw to the green. Then make a putt. This proves to myself that I can do *something* right. I can execute a plan. It calms me down and resets my anger meter back to zero.

  67. Unfcknblvbl

    UnfcknblvblMonth ago


  68. Josh A

    Josh AMonth ago

    The way I normally get out a funk is just realizing its supposed to be fun and just let loose and joke around. No one ever throws well all tense

  69. Steezdiscgolf

    SteezdiscgolfMonth ago

    If I'm in a funk I like to remind myself of the lucky breaks or good shots I've had so far, and consider it a 1:1 trade off with the disc gods lol. Seems to allow me to accept the funk and help me start over!

  70. Frank Buttacavoli

    Frank ButtacavoliMonth ago

    Just gotta keep smiling til it feels good

  71. Tylor Gregg

    Tylor GreggMonth ago

    When I get in a "funk" I will try to take myself out of competitive mode and start playing for just fun by trying shots that I normally wouldn't on holes that dont need them just to get some comic relief.

  72. Kimmah L

    Kimmah LMonth ago

    All day today for this tournament I just stepped on the pad... close my eyes took a deep breath and told myself I was just throwing fields at my home course and then opened my eyes and throw whatever disc I had already picked in my hand

  73. Naaman Dunn

    Naaman DunnMonth ago

    When things come apart, just remember you could be in a million worse places doing a million worse things. If you are blessed with the physical ability to play just enjoy being out on the course throwing plastic.

  74. Greg Fuqua

    Greg FuquaMonth ago

    Big fan of Adam and Tristan but they're not looking sharp or playing their best, yet. Funk? Need to play some jams

  75. Taylor Palmer

    Taylor PalmerMonth ago

    Remind myself that I’m disc golfing, life could be worse

  76. k p

    k pMonth ago


  77. wayne johnson

    wayne johnsonMonth ago

    i try to take a breath and tell myself im starting over

  78. 77 Nizzova

    77 NizzovaMonth ago

    The past is the past, gotta keep moving foward and think possitive!!!!

  79. Miguel Tomas

    Miguel TomasMonth ago

    You gotta MOVE ON. Think happy thoughts lol

  80. Harris Woody

    Harris WoodyMonth ago

    Whenever I’m spiraling, I just remember I’m playing skins and not overall...fresh start every hole, especially sweet on the pushes.

  81. Richard Me

    Richard MeMonth ago

    I always take a second by myself off to the side to reset, maybe rehash the throwing motion that has been giving me fits and move on. I also try to quit taking it so seriously. Disc golf is fun, so remember to have fun!

  82. Sue In Raleigh

    Sue In RaleighMonth ago

    I try to follow Tiger’s 10 pace rule, if I throw a bad shot, I give myself 10 paces to get over it.

  83. Ashton gade

    Ashton gadeMonth ago

    i putt/throw harder to get out of a funk. but sometimes it doesnt work

  84. Kyle Powers

    Kyle PowersMonth ago

    Listening to these guys complain they entire round got old. So pumped to watch this coverage this weekend. Let's swap out these competitors for a more enjoyable watch.

  85. Brian Schweberger

    Brian SchwebergerMonth ago

    He threw tomahawk not thumber on 18

  86. Dave Baker

    Dave BakerMonth ago

    Great stuff! Although I admit that having only one camera isn't ideal.

  87. Kevin McShane

    Kevin McShaneMonth ago

    I always get in my own head and try for a birdie the next hole. What I should do is play a smart play and make an easy par to stop a spiral.

  88. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguy7 days ago

    Hey Kevin - please reach out to me via my about page here on USlikes. Seems like I have a free item for ya!

  89. Warren Mackey

    Warren MackeyMonth ago

    Just finished watching me a clip from Deliverance- sqeel? like a pig. Highly recommended I saw one interesting comment where the gentleman said said movie had quite the impact on the lad. Starting a strenuous weight lifting campaign, took martial art classes and carried a gun.

  90. JustTulsa

    JustTulsaMonth ago

    Excellent footage, fellas. You all continue to knock it out of the park with the videography and commentary!

  91. Warren Mackey

    Warren MackeyMonth ago

    Smoke a bowl brah

  92. DMrKarl

    DMrKarlMonth ago

    When I am playing with friends and we are having a bad round. We initiate the Small-Victories-Protocol. After every hole we need to tell each other one thing that was good about the hole. This could be in how we played it or just that it was beautiful scenery on that day.

  93. Alexander Boeri

    Alexander BoeriMonth ago

    Too Many OBS

  94. Doug Farler

    Doug FarlerMonth ago

    I think of a song and get it stuck in my head... no more thinking lol

  95. Tim Gossage

    Tim GossageMonth ago

    I shoot for top of the box.

  96. scott c

    scott cMonth ago

    Funk ??? I get the entire card involved...Pars or better only. “You got this” positive vibes in and out 👍👍👍 Thanks Terry

  97. Tanner Allen

    Tanner AllenMonth ago

    When I start spiraling, I lean deeper into the spiral and completely fall apart.

  98. Andy Madison

    Andy MadisonMonth ago

    HEY! I resemble that remark!

  99. BreakfastBacon

    BreakfastBaconMonth ago

    Super relatable haha.

  100. Ron Jones

    Ron JonesMonth ago

    I saw this and thought I had already commented.

  101. Trazz Matazz

    Trazz MatazzMonth ago


  102. Matt Dahlem

    Matt DahlemMonth ago

    I like to get out of a funk by laughing it off! Keeping it light makes it easier for me to score a bounce-back birdie!

  103. Disc Blaster

    Disc BlasterMonth ago

    Terry is addicted to cia propaganda. Covidgate is about taking away free speech, assembly, travel, business, arms. Shutdown is thousands of times more harmful than covid, thats why evil Bezos and company are pushing it down your throats on their media misinformation channels

  104. Matthew Allen

    Matthew AllenMonth ago

    If I'm not feeling it, I usually just spend a minute or two with some mindfulness practice; deep breathing, noticing the breath and the heart beat. Triggers the vagus nerve to slow the heart rate, tricks your body into loosening up and focusing on the moment instead of all the exterior pressures. Then I just smile and keep playing!

  105. Ralph FINNEGAN

    Ralph FINNEGANMonth ago

    AJ! Thanks, Mr. Miller!

  106. Taylan Doherty

    Taylan DohertyMonth ago

    When I start spiraling during a casual round I always take a snack break. Clear my head, get a little energy back, and start fresh.