2021 Love at First Sting • R2F9 • Michael Johansen • Paul Ulibarri • Alex Ziros • Tal Wambeke

2021 Love at First Sting
MPO • Round 2 • Front 9
Featuring: Michael Johansen, Paul Ulibarri, Alex Ziros, Tal Wambeke
Commentary: The Disc Golf Guy
Camera: The Disc Golf Guy
Edit: The Disc Golf Guy
Location: Eager Beaver DGC, Elon Park in Charlotte, NC.
Date: Sunday, February 7th, 2021
Can either Angry OR Eager Beavers wear SuperBowl rings?
Not sure we'll find out but there is an "x" on MJ's back as he takes his first round, Angry Beaver lead into the much easier, more birdie-friendly, Eager Beaver Course. Alex, Tal and Uli all know the title is in their grasp because with this course playing thousands of feet shorter, stringing together birdies is much more obtainable. The question will be - will MJ's Eager Beaver aggression be enough to place a dam in front of them? Let's find out!
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  1. thediscgolfguy

    thediscgolfguy15 days ago

    How will the Eager Beaver prevail this round? Make sure you follow the prompts from within the round to be eligible for MULTIPLE GIVE AWAYS! Thank you for all of the support: www.patreon.com/TheDiscGolfGuy

  2. discgolf94

    discgolf9410 days ago

    Hole 2. I like them short holes

  3. Matt Sponaugle

    Matt Sponaugle12 days ago

    Hole 4!

  4. Tony Looper

    Tony Looper12 days ago

    I'd say hole #5

  5. JBreezy87

    JBreezy8713 days ago

    Favorite is hole 6

  6. Dgettify

    Dgettify13 days ago

    The tight gap on hole 4.

  7. tyler finney

    tyler finney3 days ago

    My favorite was hole one. Always nice to have a great shot at starting the round out with a bird

  8. Julian Molina

    Julian Molina3 days ago

    Definitely hole 8. You have that left and right fairway option

  9. Matt Kilian

    Matt Kilian5 days ago

    Hole 8 love the forehand or backhand option off the tee

  10. Sean Nichols

    Sean Nichols5 days ago

    Hole 4, the ULI - Basket staredown

  11. Chris SH

    Chris SH6 days ago

    hole 7

  12. Ken Riddleberger

    Ken Riddleberger7 days ago

    Got to be hole 4. The basket chains were welded together by that stare from Uli. What a small gap at the tee!

  13. Joh

    Joh8 days ago

    Hole 4 was my favorite because I wouldn’t be able to hit that gap if I stood right between those trees, insane that 3/4 even hit it much and even get a c1 hit. And Uli looked so disappointed in that spitout, I felt like I stole a cookie from him just seeing his hands-on-hips stance

  14. Joh

    Joh8 days ago

    Love that Happy Gilmore reference

  15. Blacklisted87

    Blacklisted878 days ago

    Hole one was my favorite to watch. I wasn’t expecting to see that really smooth standstill side arm by Tal and it was a beaut!

  16. Jared Fletcher

    Jared Fletcher8 days ago

    Multiple giveaways! Sign me up!

  17. trentsell

    trentsell9 days ago

    I like the simplicity of hole 9 while switching up the length

  18. Lasr8

    Lasr89 days ago

    Hole 5 👊🏻🍻

  19. Randy Strickland

    Randy Strickland9 days ago

    Hole 9 has looked fun. Gap with a late tunnel. I love those kind of shots that make you shoot straight.

  20. Mitch Blank

    Mitch Blank9 days ago

    Hole #8 was my favorite. Loved the line Alex took off the tee

  21. NYQPI

    NYQPI9 days ago

    Favorite hole was hole #8 because of Alex's "Great Content" and great put!

  22. NYQPI

    NYQPI9 days ago

    Thank you for the coverage. I have missed watching disc golf!

  23. skiking1163

    skiking11639 days ago

    Hole 7 looked fun. Always digging good NC woods golf.

  24. Kyle Motz

    Kyle Motz9 days ago

    Hole 3

  25. Marko Alakylmänen

    Marko Alakylmänen10 days ago

    I think hole 4 makes you really commit to the shot, so that's my choice :)

  26. Edward Lipton

    Edward Lipton10 days ago

    Didn’t have a favorite hole, but really enjoyed watching great players play on a par 3 course that is likely similar to what most of us regularly play

  27. Baysinger's Disc Golf Channel

    Baysinger's Disc Golf Channel10 days ago

    I wish I could just be working on things and play as good as MJ haha

  28. Jay Bowser

    Jay Bowser10 days ago

    My favorite hole on the front 9 at the eager beaver is hole 6 - although I take a completely different line than the 4 of these guys with a forehand up the left side with a zone

  29. Jay Bowser

    Jay Bowser10 days ago

    LOVE watching coverage of my home course! I used to live down the road from Elon park and have played eager beaver hundreds of times. Just a really fun course to get a quick round in! Thank you Terry Miller, the Disc Golf Guy, for this coverage!

  30. Jen Moore

    Jen Moore10 days ago

    Hole 8 looks like fun!

  31. Lyle Witt

    Lyle Witt10 days ago

    My favorite? #8. I liked the two well-defined options.

  32. Mike Schroeder

    Mike Schroeder10 days ago

    Being that my best shot is with a putter id have to say hole 8 would be my favorite on this front 9. Lol

  33. lkjsdf1

    lkjsdf110 days ago

    Hole 1 no question. It's one I have a chance to birdie. 😎

  34. Wite1Sprei

    Wite1Sprei10 days ago

    Hole 2 was best

  35. snbosler

    snbosler10 days ago

    I always love the first hole on a course. It sets the tone for the rest of the round. This one doesn’t disappoint!

  36. Jeremias Wallenius

    Jeremias Wallenius10 days ago

    Lowest amount of viewers for super bowl since 2007, C-tier disc golf taking the public away :D

  37. Jacob Cain

    Jacob Cain10 days ago

    My favorite hole was hole 5 as I think it’s a shot every player should have in their bag and arsenal. I love wooded tight straight shots with no bail out.

  38. Corey Bell

    Corey Bell10 days ago

    I feel like Hole 8 lures you into confidence with how short it is, but quickly beats your soul from your body with its guardian trees.

  39. Gary Nelson

    Gary Nelson10 days ago

    Hole 9. Michael closing strong.

  40. Alan Nadeau

    Alan Nadeau10 days ago

    hole 9

  41. MrSnowboard15

    MrSnowboard1510 days ago

    Hole #3

  42. David Hedstrom

    David Hedstrom10 days ago

    I liked the double fairways on hole 8 and the shot on 9 was fair and a decent hole but I would say hole 4 is my favorite on this front 9. A pure test of "can you throw straight?" Also provides good feedback on form: your reach back and pull through being on a straight line. The gap looks like its 50' or less off the tee so it's tough but still fair IMO. As always, thank you for doing what you do Terry and bringing great coverage of our beloved sport to us all :)

  43. Jørgen Madslien

    Jørgen Madslien11 days ago

    Gotta like hole 8 with double fairways!

  44. Ryan Dittmann

    Ryan Dittmann11 days ago

    Definitely liked hole 8 the best bc of two different lines

  45. Derek Ballou

    Derek Ballou11 days ago

    Alex throwing discs with glow tape....

  46. Hayden Fletcher

    Hayden Fletcher11 days ago

    I played this tournament but my favorite would be hole 4.... nice little back hand with a FD #parked

  47. Corey Dawson

    Corey Dawson11 days ago

    I always love a double fairway. Gonna go with 8.

  48. Ben Ports

    Ben Ports11 days ago

    Favorite was hole 8, two totally different paths to approach the basket.

  49. Bubba Hall

    Bubba Hall11 days ago

    Hole 4

  50. Mountian Mike

    Mountian Mike11 days ago

    My favorite is none of them

  51. Joseph Browning

    Joseph Browning11 days ago

    Hole 2, could watch Tal's anhyzer forehand on that hole all day. *chef's kiss*

  52. Ryan Swanson

    Ryan Swanson11 days ago

    Hole 9, Uli with the working man's par

  53. Sergiy Kramesh

    Sergiy Kramesh11 days ago

    Hole one was entertaining with two very good shots and two not so good ones by pros.

  54. Anthony Gutierrez

    Anthony Gutierrez11 days ago

    hole 1

  55. Springy Sloth11

    Springy Sloth1111 days ago

    I am a big fan of hole 4. Tough gap off the start but not too much distance to spell disaster. Great course design, and even better coverage!

  56. Codey Inman

    Codey Inman11 days ago

    Hole 8! I like the 2 complete different approach lines you can take

  57. Caley Allen

    Caley Allen11 days ago

    Front 9 favorite hole - probably 6. it was a fun one to watch.

  58. Tony MacDonald

    Tony MacDonald11 days ago

    I like hole 9, seems like a nice straight mid range shot!

  59. PaNzErgsp

    PaNzErgsp11 days ago

    Hole 6 with MJ and his look away right after the throw

  60. Nathaniel Zirkle

    Nathaniel Zirkle11 days ago

    Hole 4 for sure.

  61. Scott Vallejo

    Scott Vallejo11 days ago

    Hole 9 is my favorite deceivingly simple, but easy to cause problems lol Great content! Keep it coming!

  62. Scott Byne

    Scott Byne11 days ago

    Hole 8, two ways to approach the basket and you have to make your line.

  63. Josh A

    Josh A11 days ago

    I kinda really like hole 8, so short but so hard to actually get there

  64. Kyle Tschumperlin

    Kyle Tschumperlin11 days ago

    I liked hole 8. MJ makes that line look so easy!

  65. Chaser 90EK

    Chaser 90EK11 days ago

    Hole 9 looks fun. I really like uphill hyzerflips.

  66. Adam Haggerty

    Adam Haggerty11 days ago

    My favorite hole was hole 4. That tight gap looked difficult!

  67. Devin Cleary

    Devin Cleary11 days ago

    Hole 7! looks like a sweet little ace run!

  68. Lavaflow1000

    Lavaflow100011 days ago

    Thanks again for all you do Terry!

  69. ToothFairyRetributionManifesto

    ToothFairyRetributionManifesto11 days ago

    Lots of fun gap shots, interesting to see the forehand play on a lot of left turning shots, allowing players to keep their eyes focused on the gap. I'll say hole 4 is my favorite though. Thanks for the coverage DDG.

  70. Lou

    Lou11 days ago

    Favorite hole 9

  71. Joe Johnson

    Joe Johnson11 days ago

    Hole 2 looks fun. Honestly they all look fun compared to the gauntlet of the other course. Thanks for the content!

  72. Joseph Garcia

    Joseph Garcia12 days ago

    hole 5 def looks fun

  73. Juan Sanchez

    Juan Sanchez12 days ago

    1) I dont know if i am mistaken but i believe Tal parred hole 8 but was still given the birdie, just wanted to point that out haha 2) My favorite hole was hole 9 simply because it looked pretty fun to play, slight uphill with trees on both sides but close enough where a good shot can get you the birdie

  74. Owen Powers

    Owen Powers12 days ago

    My favourite hole is 4. I enjoy holes that force you to focus and take it easy in order to have a smooth, well executed shot. Those gaps aren't the hardest to hit, but they are definitely easy to mess up!

  75. Blaine Wood

    Blaine Wood12 days ago

    Hole 9! It reminds me of one of the holes at my home course and makes me feel better to see that it’s not as easy to birdie as some people say it is.

  76. Ichthus Disc Golf

    Ichthus Disc Golf12 days ago

    This last hole - it's crazy straight, tunnel shot, uphill... awesome shot

  77. Clay Smith

    Clay Smith12 days ago

    I would have to say hole 9 is my favorite. It looks easy but its deceiving

  78. discNkayakfishN

    discNkayakfishN12 days ago

    Hole 8

  79. Pierce Monroe

    Pierce Monroe12 days ago

    Hole one seems like a great way to open the course! Slight forehand flex with my puddle top AviarX3 for the ace run all day.

  80. Colton Fritz

    Colton Fritz12 days ago

    Hole 8 watching Alex’s nice putt 👍🏼

  81. agetori77

    agetori7712 days ago

    Fav hole #5. Nice long tunnel. Accuracy and length req!

  82. James Reiter

    James Reiter12 days ago

    Hole 6 is my favorite so far.

  83. Zack Pagac

    Zack Pagac12 days ago

    Hole 7

  84. Nathan Berens

    Nathan Berens12 days ago

    Hole 1 looks birdieable even for me, so that's gotta be mine.

  85. bittner75

    bittner7512 days ago

    Hole 4 is my favorite. Nice tunnel shot!

  86. Thomas Grooms

    Thomas Grooms12 days ago

    Hole 4 for sure

  87. Moronoscope

    Moronoscope12 days ago

    fav hole so far was Hole 4. narrow tee off through trees requires nice straight throw! cheers.

  88. Tim Vall

    Tim Vall12 days ago

    My favorite hole was hole 3 great layout

  89. Terrell Wiebe

    Terrell Wiebe12 days ago

    I liked hole 8 the most because of the two distinct routes.

  90. Ben Wood

    Ben Wood12 days ago

    Hole 9 is my favorite on the front, takes a well shaped shot to reach

  91. Logan Holland

    Logan Holland12 days ago

    Going with hole 1! Interesting to see the two biggest names in the tournament miss one like that. Reminds us that they are human!

  92. Mitch Lowe

    Mitch Lowe12 days ago

    Hole 2

  93. Tim George

    Tim George12 days ago

    Hole 6

  94. Jared Pullis

    Jared Pullis12 days ago

    Favorite hole was hole #6

  95. Missie R

    Missie R12 days ago

    Hole 1 has to be my favorite, something I’d have a good chance to birdie!

  96. rungakutta

    rungakutta12 days ago

    I’d say 8 with the two paths to victory

  97. Toby Wanyeki

    Toby Wanyeki12 days ago

    Hole #5 was definitely it for me!!👌🏾💪🏾

  98. Danny Trammell

    Danny Trammell12 days ago

    Hole 6 - super short!

  99. Benjamin Brooks

    Benjamin Brooks12 days ago


  100. peyton gatti

    peyton gatti12 days ago

    Favorite hole is hole 4

  101. Chris Anderson

    Chris Anderson12 days ago

    Definitely hole 6. Nice finesse shot!

  102. Mike G

    Mike G12 days ago

    Hole 6 was the favorite but any hole in the woods with MJ throwing his comet makes me happy.

  103. Noah Capello

    Noah Capello12 days ago

    This course looks impossible for me so it’s amazing seeing these guys work through it. That being said I love holes like hole 8 that have a route for both forehand and backhand

  104. Czizes Gonti

    Czizes Gonti12 days ago

    For me, hole 7 as it looks like it is the easiest and obviously I would be +1 on that one as well... lol

  105. gettybfree

    gettybfree12 days ago

    Hole 1...winners throw Whamo!